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  1. Nope no way to speed up gametime that I know of. But mining speed could go faster if you find a system with a higher mineral concentration. If you dock with the local station in that sector you go to tradecom and then to info and it should have the percentage of the minerals in that system...the higher the better. I havent found better than 42% (Rinaal system...insurgent owned) but im sure there is somewhere out there. Sometimes I wish there was a way to take core samples of planets to find out the percentage and concentration of minerals before I sit around for hours waiting on them to fill up.

  2. Scary stuff.

    I gained my riches by running trade routes in a shuttle. Find a couple stations out there selling high priced items and just buy low sell high. Once you get enough cash to manage to buy 20 OTS missiles you start getting somewhere. Ive got about 477 million credits right now. Which doesnt quite feel like enough but can start getting boring after a while. Specifically...I started an insurgent firestorm at new frontier near the Gammy sector. Then took over space station Cyclone just in Gammy space...and once I had that secured I parked my CC on a safe spot on a planet and bought OTS at Cyclone and sold the next system over at Adonis spcae station....using a MK1 shuttle without an OC on board cause it has 5000 cargo space. Basically I made my own close range supply and demand by capturing a hostile station and then buying its cheaper OTS weapons and sold at the next door neighbor where they are about 3 million credits more expensive.

  3. OOOO cant wait! cant wait!

    Shuttle MK1 is my favorite.

    I think overall the graphic enhancements for BCG are exquisite. But I hope there will be updated graphics for the firestorm and warmonger to compare to the latest few models. Oh and while commenting on models the station enhancements are sweet as well. Must admit I like flying my shuttle or fighter at super speeds through the superstructure of the exisiting BCM stations...the more complicated and hard to navigate the better .

    But uber kudos to the individuals workin the texture magic.

  4. Man Spiro you are scaring me. Who knows what trauma you are putting on poor SC hehe .

    Oh and as far as SWBell is concerned I would suggest calling in every other day just to make sure things are still going smoothly. Keep in mind I work for their DSL tech support (dynamic dsl specifically) and you would be suprised how haywire things can go. At least confirm that the dispatch is scheduled cause sometimes they get lost in the shuffle.

  5. Bah, I dont even have a TV...not that I really mind not having one. I kinda got addicted to not having one if that sounds weird. But, if I did get a TV I would probably try to hunt down some star trek episodes...watch some history channel..and maybe whatever movies are on at the time that I feel an interest in watching. But since I dont have a TV it doesnt matter. Only electronic entertainment I have is just my computer. Oh, and a radio.

  6. This is a game that is indeed work to learn. First time I ever played it I felt like giving up multiple times. But this is a game that once you learn it...it will be the standard of freedom that you judge every other game out there that attempts to call itself freeform.(cough*freelancer*cough)

    Dont expect scripted battles or storyline unless you are playing the campaign and even then you are still left to your own devices and judgement. You can always go awol and the game wont make you do one thing or another. Depending on what kind of gameplay you are looking for you might want to consider what ship you wanna fly. I dont suggest flying the firestorm, aestrom or stormcruiser unless you are comfortable sitting back and commanding the battle from afar under cloak. If you want quick fast battles where you get in down and dirty...fly a sunflash or warmonger. Or if fighter piloting is your cup o tea then start a fighter scenario or park that fat carrier and take one of its fighters for a spin. Pretty much all I did yesterday was run trader runs in a shuttle and fly a fighter around whackin whatever baddies were dumb enough to pop into my system. This game is the pinnacle of freedom and it scares people that arent used to it. Of course its not flashy compared to today's standards but what do you expect...this isnt BCG . This is the gold version of an already super game. As far as im concerned the gold version is icing on the cake as far as BCM is concerned. Now the next couple pages in BC history are gonna rock the gaming community more than they would care to know hehehe.

  7. For one you might want to have put this in noob discussions since thats what they are . *edit(well that or at least BCMG general)

    So far there are no patches for BCMG.

    Dont know about losing target. Could be multiple factors...you might want to describe in detail.

    Debris fields are not in BCMG that I know of...I thought that was only BCG. Only ones I knew of in BCM were test only and were removed in later patches.

    I dont think there is a printable version of the appendix but I dont know anyone who will stop you from printing it.

    I dunno about Alpha Majoris havent noticed yet but ill look the next time I fly by.

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  8. Ya like I said im not sure but it wouldnt suprise me that im so wrong I might as well be playing solitaire instead of BCMG. I'll find out once I get off work tonight hehe...but until then always assume I dont have the slightest idea what im talkin about.

  9. Forgive me for digging this one outta the back of the fridge but this topic is one I was eyeballing ever since SC started it. I have only one gameplay feature or enhancement I would like to see in BCG...and that would be the elaboration and freedom of "piracy". Of course piracy is a broad term but more specifically i'd like to be able to disable a ship/station/base/building/ect.. and send my marines over to kill/capture any suriviors. And once the ship(or whatever) is secured i'd like to empty the fuel tanks, cargo bays, ect... And if SC would see it as possible in the BC universe id like to send system engineers over to strip the ship of all systems that might still be around 90% functional for their spare parts. Basically loot everything that isnt tied down and cut out everything that is. (might not be a good idea with stations...maybe leaving them exempt would be a good idea) Towing a ship to a spacestation is cool enough to get a quick buck...but it doesnt quite have the same feel to it to personally take out a replacement nav computer from the very enemy that destroyed yours in the first place. (only an example of course) Of course it wouldnt be easy. Depending on the AI or class/race of the ship they could booby trap the ship to explode while you are runnin around in there. Perhaps it could be a time limit for you to get in and get out with whatever you were wanting before it blows. Maybe it could be an automated defense if the internal sensors detect there are no longer any crew members on board and only intruders it would start a countdown to self destruct. But thats a feature that would change the whole game for me. And would be a great thrill especially in BCO. (first person perspective..... /em drool...)

    Of course I might be far too late for this to be even a consideration since BCG is relatively around the corner. Maybe useful for the distant future.

    edit: oh and instead of posting again ill just add to this one.

    I also would like to pitch in the possibility of progressing in ships. Actually having to work my way up to a super carrier instead of start with one would add only more depth to this already unfathomable game. I know it was mentioned already but just addin my own 2cp in agreement. And as a raider would be nice to be able to have the remote possibility to disable a ship and upgrade to it...since raiders dont have any restrictions or government rules to adhere too.

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  10. You are correct to buy the fighter assets to replace destroyed fighters. Once you buy them you go to Logistics>Crafts>FC? (pick your fighter you want to replace) then hit the replace button. If you have the fighter assets in cargo it should be replaced. I dont have the game in front of me right now but im fairly certain im correct.

    [ 04-17-2003, 10:02 PM: Message edited by: Forever Light ]

  11. Man..fighter to fighter combat is one of the reasons I stick mainly to capital ship class ships. PTA turrets are the best. Gotta love the Sunflash....if only for that one reason

    I tried a couple times to kill another fighter without using missiles and I couldnt hit squat. Perhaps I just need to practice more in light of my last comment but I envy the AI that make it look so easy. I usually end up jousting like EP5 mentioned but will probably attempt my "mouse work" maneuvers in a dogfight sometime.

  12. Well...im finally on the boards after much pain and hardship. (yeah right...just a little annoyance is all but that was my fault) Like a few others that have come to the boards recently I too have been frequently ghosting about the boards for the last 2 years or so...mostly due to the fact ive never had the luxury of owning a BC game. (darn EB exclusive...thank you Dreamcatcher ) I first heard about BCM sometime after I "awoke" to the idea of a freeform universe from (oddly enough) a top down 2D macintosh game called Escape Velocity by Ambrosia Software . Man that game is fun but its worst flaw is that its 2D and on a mac. It was shown to me by a friend on a mac emulator and it eventually ended up with me finding about BCM. But to make a long story short im finally here and consider it an honor to be on these boards.

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