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  1. Ok, I posted this once already, but now its gone... So I'll assume I didnt post correctly. I'll try again. I allready did a search on the term 'Co Pilot' But didnt get any real answers. How does removing the co pilot from a fighter effect how well it does its job? I had already had a pilot killed, and the co pilot did not take control to bring the fighter home, so what does he do? If I put 8 pilots in 8 fighters with no co pilots, how will that be worse that 4 fighters with 2 pilots?
  2. Is it possible to keep my fighters close by? I set them all to escort me, but they seem to want to fly off and killed by whatever base is nearby.
  3. So when I prep the Marines, how long do they stay preped? Will they get bored and leave their rifles in the head? Or is it a one time thing at the start of my career? What happens if they kill off all my marines? Is it possible to send other crew members out hunting?
  4. Where the hell are all the boarders coming from? I was boarded right as my career started, in front of GalcomHQ. I was boarded in Tau-ceti, I was boarded TWICE in Majoris, once during combat while my EMD was active. Only the last time in Majoris was a ship anyhwere near me. Where are they coming from? Why cant I board other ships in return? Why do I have to command each Marine, individualy, to prepair for combat? Dont they have a sergent? Shouldnt they carry their weapons when on duty? I cant fly around in cloak all the time, I can barely affoard fuel costs as it is without adding that in. EMD didnt keep them out. Is there a way to shut down my suttle launch, but still keep fighters active? How can I re-arm fighters without all my shuttles flying away? Why does it take 5 marines to kill one boarder? I sat on Perscan and watched 1 boarder in the shuttle launch bay, 2 marines showed up and died, without hurting the boarder, 3 then came in 2 died with the boarder blow 50%, and the last marine captured him. What kind of Corp is this? Semper Fidelis? My ass, more like Semper Cassus. Sorry about the rant TOPIC CHANGED: Damn n00bs [ 04-28-2003, 02:30 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  5. I've noticed you cant lock on missles with the EMD on, do your birds in the air lose lock when it goes on?
  6. Sheesh, You need a freaking masters for this game. A couple more questions for the BC Gurus. 1. Where are all the intruders coming from? I'm sitting alone in space, nobody within light years of me, and I get boarded. I cant fly around in cloak all the time, how do I put a stop to this? 2. How can I make my marines more effective? 3 intruders killed 5 marines and took another 3 to below 50% health. 1 of my marines sat in crew quarters and ignored my command to go searching. 3. I think this one is a glitch, I was playing around with setting up way points for my shuttle to drop off a drone when I was attacked. I ran through the wormhole real quick to get away and gave up on the way points for a bit. After I was boarded, and killed off the intruders, my #1 shuttle was red, when I hover over it I'm told its 1 system behind me, with no crew on it. I went back and tried to tractor it aboard and it exploded and took my tractor percentage to 60%. 4. I'm still having trouble with my losing my target. I hit K to bring up the tac, but its still happening. Any other suggestions? 5. Does the CTL guidence require me to keep my target in the recticle untill it impacts? Thaks folks
  7. Yea, I just noticed I put this in the wrong forum. Bummer. From time to time, I will lose my target and have to reaquire. Thats kinda annoying, by the time I've got him targeted again he's out of view and I have to slew around to get him again. I use mouse flight, so its not the hat switch, and like I said its any target not just capital ships that can cloak. One more question. >>CTL Continuous Tracking Logic >>The target must remain locked until the missile >>hits the target. If the lock is lost, the >>missile will lose the target and fly aimlessly >>until it self-destructs. Does that mean if the target is not in my recticle, the missle goes useless? What good could that be?
  8. Just a few quick ones concerning BCM Gold. Does this game need any of the patches? Why do I lose my target during combat? I thought it was cloaking, but its happening to fighters, transports, shuttles, even cargo pods. Where is this debris field everybody is so happy about. Is there a print compatible version of the ship lists from the appendix? Why does Alpha majoris look like earth? Thanks alot.
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