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    Assets.ini relocked in BCMG?

    This post talks about it, I think it's also disabled for BCMG too...something about added security against cheating in multiplayer or something. It was cool when it was enabled, I remember trying to get a warmonger to have a research engineer and a cloaking system
  2. I've been messing around with the bcsfx.ini file and I've tweaked some of the CC particle contrails. I tried making them have a longer decay distance so the particles slowly separate and fade away. It looks really cool on some of the CCs, especially the Calnon. I tried to stay with the "theme" of the ship, so the BCMK3 has a firey contrail and I made the Generis have more afterburner looking effects since I've always thought of the Generis as being some sort of advanced jet plane that flys like a normal plane would in the atmosphere...I think the effects really add to the game, they give a different feel to the ships as they cruise along and leave this pretty trail of particles. Here's some shots: Warmonger BCMK3 BCMK2 Starwarrior Calnon Generis In case you're wondering, I changed the skin of the BCMK2. I think it looks cooler and more ominous being more gray than blue Plus, it's the ship I normally use... I suppose I could put the edited version of the ini up for download if anyone really wants to try it out and if it's alright with the moderators.
  3. Has anyone had any luck running UC in a window? I've read the Troubleshooting FAQ and the target field in the shortcut I use to run UC looks like this: "C:Program FilesUniversal Combatuc.exe" -w1 -n I know that windowed mode isn't supported, but it works this way for BCMG. I like being able to browse the net while my shuttle is on autopilot doing trading runs between bases. I aslo tried searching the forums for any posts related to this but I haven't been able to find any info...
  4. AlephZero

    Running UC in a window?

    quote:It is /w1 not -w1Thanks a lot! It's working fine now. this is what it says in the FAQ though: Q. DOES THE GAME RUN IN A WINDOW? A. Yes, the game runs in a window or in fullscreen. To run in a window, edit the shortcut and add the -w1 or -w2 parameter. Does it need to be updated?
  5. AlephZero

    Planet Surface & Jumpgate Textures Flicker

    well, when I'm running at 2X AGP the station and jumpgate flickering goes away but the terrain flickering still happens. I tried turning off the "planet detail map" but it diddn't do anything...I'll try messing with some other settings to see what happens
  6. AlephZero

    Planet Surface & Jumpgate Textures Flicker

    I have this exact problem. I've got a Geforce 4 Ti4600 and it shows up in a lot of other games. It's disappointing because no one ever said anything about this problem when reviewing the card and I assumed it would run fine. The flickering has showed up in games like Diablo 2, Harbinger, Black & White...It seems that the problem occurs when there are two surfaces that are almost overlapping eachother. It's like the card get's "lazy" and flips them in and out... I've tried diabling z-buffer compression and tweaking some other settings with no luck. The only thing that seems to work is switching from 4x AGP to 2x AGP, which is a pain because I'd rather be running in 4x... As far as the "veering" goes, hasn't that been fixed in RC7?
  7. I've ran into an issue when destroying enemy bases. I deploy an APC from a shuttle, sneak up to the base, and drive around destoying all of the buildings. They're replaced by a transparent structure like space stations when they're destroyed. I'm able to destroy whole bases at a time while doing this, with no ground based opposition at all. Which is strange because when I bring marines in, the base goes on alert and launches it's marines and fighters. I've taken out several other bases with just one APC, racking up tons of experience points.I noticed that the more bases or structures that I destroy the slower the game gets. I even leave the the planet and land somewhere else across the globe and the game is still running more slowly than it had before I destroyed the buildings. Am I doing something wrong? Are you supposed to be able to do this? I'm caught between two strategies, why bring in a shuttle full of marines and fighter support when I can sneak in an APC and take everything out? I guess what I'm asking is if this happens to anyone else or am I just playing cheaply and slowing down the game in the process? Do destroyed ground structures take up more CPU useage than the default state of the planet? Is there another way I should be going about attacking enemy planetary bases where I could avoid the slowdown I experience while playing as a one man army in an APC? I've tried searching the forums for people asking the same thing but I haven't been able to find anything. This only affects the planet that the bases are destroyed on, once I fly into space or land on another planet everything runs fine. I've also tried filtering the TACOPS view, thinking that having it display all of the destroyed structures was causing some extra load on the CPU but that diddn't help. I also tried landing the CC on the planet and launching from there versus launching the shuttle to the surface from orbit without a change. I read in one thread about probes and mining drones making sectors "active" even while you are away from them, does this apply to destroyed structures too? This is for BCM gold by the way...the mission zone was on Earth in TER/RAI 34.
  8. AlephZero

    Bad saved games

    I've noticed this before, but I've always been able to come back and load the game, granted I haven't played a long time and done a whole bunch of things. I've noticed on my machine that you can't full save the game and immediately load it again, you have to wait a little while for it to load right if you just exited to the main menu. I noticed this when I died, and then went to the main menu and immediately restored my game, the game loaded correctly, but a screen popped up saying I was still dead. So maybe try waiting about 20-30 seconds for everything to "clear" and try loading again? It works for me when I have probelms similar to what you're describing, but it might not be the same thing. Good luck!
  9. AlephZero

    deploying marines from shuttles

    I believe you have to send the marines you want deployed to an away team, and then deploy the team, I'm still new to this, but I've done something along the lines and I've had a squad of marines standing around outside of the shuttle waiting for orders, only thing is they didn't have any weapons! I guess I forgot to prep them for combat...still trying to figure that part out.
  10. AlephZero

    Is it just me?

    Yeah, everyone has their own tastes an opinions, personally, I was getting fed up with some of my other games. I've heard of the battlecruiser games in the past and I decided to download the BCM demo just to test it out and I was hooked, I bought BCM gold and now I'm having a blast with it. Yes, to the person used to normal mainstream games, BCM probably seems boring or bland, but if you feel the need, it's a really challenging game that not only requires intelligence and planning, but also your imagination, which some of these extremely graphicly intense yet poor in gameplay titles just don't seem to offer...