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  1. Why aren't these guys going absolutely nuts over this. Don't they realize how much America is hurting over these Gas prices. What will it take to make them wake up! :santasliegh:What's worse is that The Democrats Appropriations chief David Obey, AGAIN, shuts down the appropriations process to keep drilling from a vote. When are Americans going to be outraged over this??? Linkage http://www.nosocialism.com/2008/07/those-s...gas-prices.html Digg http://digg.com/political_opinion/Those_Si...s_Prices_Stupid
  2. I'm training for the Roqual right now (should have it in about 30 days), not so much because I want to go strip mining, more so becuase I want a Capital Ship with Jump Drive to move stuff to 0.0. Currently in IRON, Drone Regions, where are you guys Cruisin?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: ... Fighting Al-Qaida should foremost be a stealth job done by spec ops, with no publicity and with tons of intel. ... I saw a special on the National Geographic channel that had something like this. They were following a group of Special Ops units trying to hold the line in Afganistan. Basically, they have a little Fort, manned by about 25 men, providing training and security for an area the size of Rhode Island. In the middle of filming, they went out to one of the areas kind of on the fringes of the area they're supposed to secure. It was so far out, that by the time they were on their way back, it was night time. The vehicle carrying the radio translater was hit by an IED, (they found 7 others but apparently missed this one since it was night time). 2 Special Ops guys died, 3 injured and 2 of the National Geographic guys were injured. This is the best we can do. We're the frikin U.S. of A. I mean come on, we can't do any better than a 25 unit task force to secure an area the size of Rhode Island? It's like I said before, we're not winning because we're doing the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM. We don't want to disrupt the economy, we don't want to anything that will put our military spending anywhere near 5% of GDP. (Keep in mind even Saudi Arabia spends 10%). We don't want to do anything that will require a draft, or anything that will create any kind of shortage of goods or supplies. We're fighting this war on the cheap and THAT is the reason why things are not going well. Oh and BTW, if you think the villagers WANT the Taliban back in power, you're mistaken. Elders from at least 25 villages came and BEGGED them for more security, but how is that going to work? They tell them that many times they have NO CHOICE but to do what the Taliban wants because otherwise, they will kill them! But you know, we should just pack it up, bring our troops home because we're not doing this thing the "Right" Way so we might as well give up.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: Can you travel with less restrictions ? No. Can we lover the degree of alert of our conterterrorism services ? No. Did we even remotely hurt the fundaments of the philosophy Al-Qaida relies on in order to get legitimacy in the eyes of the muslim populace ? Not at all. Did we even remotely hurt their recruitment capacity ? Nope. And so on. It's the contrary that is happening: counterterrorism chiefs worldwide are convinced that what Al Qaida has in mind for its next action in the US is bigger than what was 9/11. There's something where you got it all wrong: despite wearing all the marks of a terrorist group, Al Qaida has succesfully turned into a loose worlwide-phenomenon of anti-western suicidary guerilla which does NOT respond to a central command. .... I'm sorry dude, but what Al-Qaida does, it does it well. That's why we are still here talking about the matter, after... how many years of fighting, how many casualties and billions of USD ? And yet, during the Clinton years, our lack of putting "Boots on the Ground" and pussyfooting around Al Qaida did NOTHING but to embolden them. Year after year we had attack after attack. First the WTC, then our embassy's, then the Cole incident, followed by attack after attack after attack. Truth is though, we're fighting this half assed. I mean during WWII we had Millions of fighting men and were spending 40% of GDP. We fought to win, now, we're fighting "On the Cheap". We're fighting with the bare minimums. If anything, we need to do whatever it takes for a decisive victory, or get the hell out of dodge. Once we do though, we need to build a 20' tall wall around the entire U.S. topped with Barbed wire, because they WILL be coming after us. [/QB]
  5. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: Cool down Dark. To start with, you did not take millions of european "refugiees" over the centuries since it's that very people who created your country, so you could rather be thankful for those peeps who made the place you live in today. Umm, I was being facetious here. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: Second, in WW2, it's only after the USA got attacked in Pearl Harbour that your country entered the war...Except that we were providing the UK with Guns and Ammunition during this time. The President DID want to enter the war, but, as usual, the Congress didn't want to act. Only after we were attacked did they finally do something. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: .... why the hell do you have to fund, maintain and operate a military whose budget is bigger than all other military budgets combined of the over 200 nations that form the UN. ... First, as a percentage of GDP, we actually spend less than Saudi Arabia (they spend 10%). This is a historical low for us, during WWII we spent upwards of 47% and during the Vietnam war, we spent about 9.5%. Just like the Average Vehicle price here in the U.S. is over 30K, everything in the U.S. is more expensive because of all the safety and technology features that we demand in our products and our military is no different. Second. The world is a dangerous place. Just as the Cold War was winding down, war broke out in the old Yugoslavia. (Hmmm, why weren't the Europeans able to handle that on their own... Oh yea, not enough military resources). Shortly after that, there was the incident in the Middle East when Saddam tried to Annex Kuwait, which led to the Gulf War. Let's face it, as much as you liberals want to trumpet peace and say, "Hey can't we all just get along", it doesn't exactly work out that way. The moment the Romans started reducing the size of their military, they began to shrink and eventually faded away to nothing. I can guarantee you that if not for the U.S. and our "Oversized" military budget, the world would be an even more dangerous place. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: Fifth, basically, what happens with the US attitude in the world is quite similar with past european powers, be it Portugal, Spain, Holland, France of the United Kingdom. Expansion, arrogance, militarism, ...I only wish this were true. Hell, after WWII we could have annexed Germany and Japan and made them into the 51st and 52nd states of the U.S. But being the "Good Guys" we helped them rebuild and they're now one of our biggest competitors on the world stage. If the U.S. would have continued it's expansionism that it started off with, all of the Americas today would now be part of the U.S.A. along with the Philipines and who knows what else. The Poverty and bleak lives that these people have today would never have happened and they would be living in relative prosperity today. Let's face it, even someone on Welfare and Food Stamps in the U.S. lives better than the Middle class do in many countries. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: An excellent paper by Mr. Scheuer (former chief of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit at the Counterterrorist Center) has been published in "The American Conservative", and I must agree with him. http://www.amconmag.com/2007/2007_05_21/article1.html ...It was this type of thinking that led Carter to basically do nothing after the hostages were taken by Iran in the 70's. He felt that any Military Action they took, would only make things worse. Every attempt at appeasement was only met with more and more demands. By Paradox, Regan PROMISED a swift military response the MOMENT he became president. He won by a landslide and within Hrs. of him being sworn in, the Hostages were released. There are some who believe that a military response only creates more people "Mad at you" but it's my belief that a LACK of military response makes your enemies bolder. This is why the World Trade Center incidents happened, because our enemies wholeheartedly believed that the U.S. would NEVER come looking for them directly in another country. AND in addition, if we did come, as soon as a couple of body bags came home, we would turn tail and run. Here's to hoping that the Americans have the resolve NOT to turn tail and run.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: .... there are approximately 400'000 individuals who disappeared. ....Right, those are just the ones that disappeared. When you count all the ones that were jailed, beaten, tortured and so on, yes, it DOES add up to a couple of Million, hence the word "Millions". Listen, I never said that the U.S. played the "Saint" here, sure we've made TONS of mistakes. What I AM saying however, is that the U.S. is the ONLY one being pointed to. Everyone knows the "EVIL PRES. BUSH", but when someone like Saddam goes on a killing spree, where's the worldwide outcry? Same for the WarLords responsible for the Darfor Massacres, do you even know the names of those leaders? So basically this is how it works, every cruel dictator around the world that suppresses his populace by ANY means necessary gets a free pass. They can do whatever they want. Kill, Torture, Rape, Jail, Gas, whatever... it doesn't matter. The moment the U.S. gets involved everyone starts screaming bloody murder. Yeah, THAT makes a lot of sense. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: Concerning China & Russia, it's not like if these countries are SECRETLY massively jailing people on a daily basis since they simply don't care about human rights complaints anyhow. Except for the fact that after "Glasnost" in the old USSR, we found out that the USSR had jailed FAR MORE political prisoners than we ever thought possible. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: ... I've abandoned long ago the dream that any government might ONCE intervene somewhere based on genuine humanitarian grounds ... Well, it's a good thing you abandoned that idea, because that will NEVER happen. Governments only do things that are in the best interest of themselves, or their own people and I highly doubt that will ever change. As for Iraq, in the climate after 911, yeah, they looked like they might be a threat so we went after them. Turns out we were behind the mark, but once we went in, well we had to finish the job so there. What was that, don't tell me you're one of those that believes we went in for the oil wealth???? Blood for oil and all that!!!! We probably have MORE oil reserves here in the U.S. than IRAQ, but we CHOOSE not to drill for it, because of environmental and other reasons. The average American Family uses about 1000 Gallons of gas a year, at todays prices that's roughly $3000.00 a year. At our average family income of roughly $65,000.00 a year, that's NOTHING to us. That's why you HEAR people complaining about gas, but you don't SEE anyone actually buying smaller cars, hybrids or anything like that. It doesn't really matter to us. Besides that, the U.S. Government is spending so many Billions on this war, that we could NEVER recover what we've spent from Iraq's oil, that's just foolish thinking. No we went in on a mistaken belief that Saddam was next in line, after Al-Quada to attack us, and this time, we weren't going to wait for it to happen. There was also a bigger picture that we were sending a message. Saddam had signed a cease fire agreement that he REFUSED to honor for over 10 years, we were sending a message that we weren't playing around anymore. It's the reason that Libya decided to have the U.S. come in and pick up their Nuclear program after we invaded, because they realized that Washington changed, there was no longer a paper tiger in the White House. As for all the people we have in jail here, the majority are there over Drug charges. Yes we take that VERY seriously here in the U.S. We don't have the massive transportation systems here that you have in Europe and the Orient, so people must drive themselves around. If they do so while impared by drugs, then they can easily hurt or kill someone, so yes, we take that VERY Seriously. You talk about how we fall for the BS that our government provides us, but you're just as guilty for falling for the BS that the media provides. Why is it that the Media doesn't do more to cover these BRUTAL dictators around the world, and all of their sob stories and all the stories of the heartbreak and degradation of living in those conditions. The reason is because YOU don't really care. I don't really care, my next door neighbors could give a rats ass. NO ONE cares that there's all this suffering on a daily basis. As long as it doesn't hit home. As long as it doesn't happen to us or someone we know. The rest of the world, especially Europe, is EXACTLY the same way. Unless of course, it's the BIG BAD U.S. OF A. Then everyone cares, everyone unites against us. No matter that the U.S. is the only one that had Europe's back in the last 2 World Wars. No matter that we've taken in Millions of European "Refugees" over the past several centuries. Personally, I think that the main reason is that here we've taken in Europe's "RifRaff" and made a greater country out of the "Scum" of Europe than any European country has ever been.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: ... For example, the Israeli-Arab conflict is pure BS. This could be settled fast, provided there was interest in settling the issue. However, most ME governments aren't interested at all since it allow them to deflect the attention of the populace to external problems, and ditto with the Satanization of the West ... True, look at what happened in Egypt. Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel, and immediately the populace turned inward to their own leaders, Killing Sadat and others. The lesson to other leaders? Make peace with Israel at your own risk.
  8. And the Women who were raped beaten and tortured by Saddam's men, I guess they kept their honor??? It's alarming to me how everyone seems to forget the millions that Saddam Tortured, Killed, Gassed, Jailed and other atrocities to stay in power. Yet because we went in to prevent more bloodshed and the bloodshed continues, NOW it's our fault!!! If we would have never gone into Iraq, by now Saddam would have been all peaches and cream. A Cuddly, Wuddly little fellow that just blows kisses to everyone.
  9. Multiplayer in UC requires some planning, it's not a game that is easy to just "Jump In and Go" so most MP matches are done by the various Fleets on the board. Your best bet is to join a Fleet and take it from there.
  10. quote:Originally posted by aramike: Actually, one of the prime reasons (if not THE prime reason) for the politic upheavel in the middle east is that there is a complete lack of a system regarding peaceful transfer of power.I don't think that's the reason at all. I think the reason is because of things like in Saudi Arabia, the Royal Family basically takes the Nations oil wealth for themselves. They treat the National Treasury as if it were their personal piggy bank and the U.S. Government supports them, just as they supported the Shaw of Iran, a HUGE mistake in retrospect, but one that we're repeating with Saudi Arabia. The biggest problem with U.S. Foreign policy is that we basically supported ANYONE who was against communism. While that made a bit of sense during the Cold War, while we were facing nuclear anialation from the Soviets, it doesn't make a dammed bit of sense in todays environment. The only nations we should be supporting and building alliances are nations were freedom is highly valued and multi-party systems are in place. But of course, money talks and BS walks. The Saudi's have invested TRILLIONS in the U.S. economy, by some estimates, they own almost 10% of all U.S. assets. Of course, they say they have these investments for the day that Oil runs out, but to me, it's money that COULD have been invested in their own country. Just as thousands of U.S. Naturalized Chinese entrepreneurs went back home to China to help grow a booming Chinese economy, how many U.S. Naturalized Middle Easterners would have gone back home to help a region brimming with the economic activity of Trillions of dollars being invested at home? Instead they want to come here, because there is no opportunity back home. Of course, those who CAN'T come here or have no other hope, end up as Terrorists. They have nothing, and therefore nothing to lose.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: ROFLMAO ! I don't want to enter in a futile debate concerning the scientific legacy the muslims brought to Europe. Algebra is fantastic, and I'm not saying that the Muslims didn't invent it and introduce it into European Society. What I am saying is that a lot of the more practical things that they brought to the table, Like Plumbing, had already been mastered by the Romans a thousand years prior. I'm not trying to take anything away from the many contributions that the Muslims brought to the table though, because they were in fact many. Truth is though, practical use of Algebra didn't begin until more modern times. However, that was more of a side note, and not really relevant to the conversation at hand, My point still stands, Scientific achievements came to a standstill once free thinking was clamped down on by the Muslim Extremist. Keep in mind that those Muslims in Spain were attacked NOT BY CHRISTIANS, but by the Radicals and extremists that wanted to destroy the Christians. Only AFTER was the area re-taken by Christians. The Muslims in Spain had a FANTASTIC experiment going that invited EVERY culture to participate and contribute, and that is definitely to be applauded. If only the Radicals hadn't destroyed them, the future relations between Muslims and Christians might have been very different. Truth is though, that some Muslims won't tolerate other Muslims having anything to do with anyone of any other faith, and THAT is what poisoned their relationship with EVERYONE else. Nothing that ANYONE does can change that. If you think that you're now safe because you've somehow appeased these guys, you're wrong. The only thing that would appease them is your conversion or your death.
  12. quote:Originally posted by mysticshadow: Well, this seems to be the only relevant forum to the original UC so I figure I'll ask here... Anyways, I'm having troubles with probes... As in... I can't launch them for some reason... I have the latest(and final) patch and everything else works fine... But I can launch the damn probes no matter what I've tried! They're there, I can see them, I can transfer them to my shuttles and sell them off but I CAN'T LAUNCH THEM! I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden, but even in new games I still can't launch them. If anyone has a fix for this or knows something I don't and can help me out, I would be VERY VERY grateful. Thanks in advance, M If you can transfer them to your shuttle, it means that you have them in your ships Cargo Hold, and not loaded. You need to go to Tactical, Loadout, CC (Command Craft) and load Probes in before you can fire them. You either already launched all your existing probes, or somehow unloaded them from the launcher and into your Cargo Hold.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: @Darkling You see, I live in an area in Spain, Andalusia (in arab Al-Andalus) which was under muslim rule for 700 years. .... And do you know why they are no longer in power? It't BECAUSE of the fact that they wanted to live in peace with the Christians that the Middle Eastern Muslim Dynasties sent troops to destroy them. They felt that they had been "corrupted" by the "Infidels". The Christians were only able to take the area back when this infighting began, which was started by the more Radical Muslims. By the way, the Muslims didn't introduce many "New" technologies, they simply better preserved the knowledge of the old Roman Empire. The people in Europe were in awe when they brought in Plumbing to the area, but the truth is that the Romans had built much more technologically advanced structures over a Thousand years prior. As for Negotiated agreements, they usually came to the barganing table with thousands of troops backing them up, so it's kind of like, "Your money or your life" quote:Originally posted by Nomad: The problem is that the islamic Middle-East is captive of a vicious circle where 1) Resources & benefits aren't fairly shared among the populations, thus maintaining large segments of the populace as technically uneducated and financially unfavorised.You're absolutely correct on this part, and this is where most of the hatred comes from. But here's the problem. In the US, when the Democrats want to blame someone for US Problems, they blame the Republicans. Especially when it's a problem they knew dammed well there was a solution to, but for whatever reason don't want to implement the soution. Same thing happens Vice Versa. Over there, there's only ONE guy, usually some sort of King or other "Almighty Ruler". So who do they blame when things go bad? Or when people are starving while they're robbing their populaces blind? Well the Good ol' US of A that's who. Instead of fixing the problems or figuring out a more equitable distribution of the vast oil wealth, they would rather point to the US and say, "It's because of the GREAT SATAN over there". Of course this helps no one and if you're going to sit there and tell me that it's because of our support for one group or another, PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK! Here in the US, when we didn't like our UK Rulers, we kicked their asses out and created our own country, with our own rules and in the process created and dealt with our own problems. Muslims can't do the same? They can't overthrow these robbing Kings that steal all the Oil wealth for themselves? Please! If they're too stupid to see the problem right in front of their faces, they don't deserve Democracy, they deserve to live out their lives as meaningless serfs, working for their overlords.
  14. quote:Originally posted by aramike: There are other forms of extremism present in the US. Remember Timothy McVeigh?While true that there are definitely extremists like McVeigh and the Branch Davidians, they don't represent the norm in the US, they're a very small Minority, while studies have shown that as much as 10% of the Muslim Populations sympathise with the Extremists.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: ...There are Christian extremists, that you like it or not. And they have existed in every century. What do you think the essenian christians of Massada were made of ?Essenian Christians? You mean from the 1st century?? You're joking right? When you go back hundreds of years ago, there were a lot of people that took advantage of the uneducated to bend the Bible to their extreme views. Today, you don't see that in Christendom, precisely because of the fact that many, many, many Christian leaders went through great trouble to MAKE SURE that EVERY Christian knew exactly what was in the bible, so they COULDN'T be taken advantage of again. What's the excuse of the Muslims? Most of those who slammed the planes into the WTC had college degrees and were educated. The big difference, since you're too blind to see it, is that Christian Extremists that KILLED others for "The Faith" simply are no longer around, or at least in VERY small numbers. While the number of Muslim extremist ready to strap on Bombs is in the Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. quote:Originally posted by Nomad: What do you think crusaders were doing ? Unless you're Muslim, you should thank the Crusaders. Around 800AD, all the areas that once belonged to the "Holy Roman Empire" were Christian. They had been that way for over 400 years. This included all of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, the Middle East, Europe, Jerusalem and all the surrounding areas. By around 1100AD, only Europe was left Christian. Do you think the Muslims came in and said, "Hi guys, We would like all of you to convert, pretty please!?!"... No, they came in killing, looting and basically made it VERY clear that those who didn't convert would be put to death. The remaining Christians in Jerusalem sent out a DESPERATE plea, for the Europeans to help out, and THAT my friend is how the Crusades were started. Oh and by the way, if it wasn't for the Crusades, all of Europe would be Muslim Today. That is why I say, if you're not Muslim, you should thank the Crusaders for that. As for your other examples. Every time that something like this happens the ENTIRE Christian Community condemns such acts. Where the condemnation from the Muslim community when Muslim Extremist bombed the Marine Barracks in Saudi Arabia during the Reagan Administration, or the WTC Bombing, multiple embassy Bombings and Cole Bombing during the Clinton Administration, or the Bombings in the WTC, Pentagon and attempt at the White House at the beginning of the Bush Administration? The silence is defening, no instead we see Palestinians and others in the Muslim world CELEBRATING!!! BTW, I haven't even touched all the Terrorist attacks by Muslim extremist in Europe. No sir, it's NOT the same thing. It's like we've moved on and tried to become more civilized, while they want a replay of the Middle Ages. How you can equate these madmen with Christians today that may have a different view from the mainstream is absolutely insane.
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