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  1. crazybama

    The best trading plan

    A scavanger huh? No good stinkin' scavanger! Make money like you have a starship for pete's sake. Don't go around waitin' for trash! Go earn some goodies...
  2. crazybama

    Postcards from the edge

    Here's my first pics of a science/exploring adventure. First, I thought I'd stop off at Earth and do some training with my crew. We're on a mission to find interesting things (for pictures) in the vast universe. The first city we landed in, we found something very interesting. Picture of the city http://img34.photobucket.com/albums/v102/C...UCpics/City.jpg The "interesting" thing was this one. One marine said, "How do you get in those doors up there?" I said, "Jetpack stupid!" http://img34.photobucket.com/albums/v102/C...eamtraining.jpg Stay tuned...
  3. crazybama

    Took over Pixan

    Good grief, 50???
  4. crazybama

    Question about space drift

    It's not a current. It's the base moving, not you. You can sit still, the base moves (orbits) about 200.
  5. crazybama

    Drones destroyed on extract

  6. crazybama

    RC4 Patch Comments

    I like the FPS stability myself. Feels much smoother on the planet. Is that my imagination? Also, I like how it's easier to leave the planet. I was having an awful time in the past.
  7. crazybama

    Universal Combat Shipping

    Bought mine at a local EB too. A lot of times, ppl that work in EB seem to "think" they know it all, but don't. The two here in my town just like to hear themselves talk. I don't pay them any attention.
  8. crazybama

    Wrist laser not respondng

    Good, I was missin' the ole trusty wristlaser. Looking forward to it's return.
  9. crazybama

    Terran Female Commander

    I like the UC 1st person character better than the BCMG one. I also like how the faces on the bridge appear in the "green screen", instead of regular colored pics. Wonder what it would involve putting my own pic in there. Can it be done?
  10. crazybama

    Stations and Orbital Defense

    So from what I understand, an ODS is damaged, it will repair over time? That's good to hear. They really like tearing them up it seems in UC, more than in BCMG. Stations too! It would be cool though if you could repair and deploy them. At least we can trade them though. Good profit!
  11. crazybama

    RC3 Patch Comments

    I got the new patch last night (RC3). I like the 1-9 speed control being back and I really like that the stations are orbiting. Nice touch! Putting them back farther from the planet is cool too. Well, thought I'd pop in here and say what I thought. Back to the game!
  12. crazybama

    UC Review - Gamespot (2)

    Review is up at GameSpot. "Their" review.