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  1. MustardCat

    UC: CC crashes when entering planet's atmosphere

    Im having this same exact problem, no matter what speed and or distance I try to establish planetfall. As soon as the ingress animation is finished I've crashed into the ocean. Happens everytime if I do it this way: Start a new roam Enter AE and craft names, select all defaults. Launch animation plays Select Earth shift+9 Y (Reply yes) Landing animation plays Ship is damaged and announced Manual control returns But Farten's solution/workaround works. I just make a waypoint for the CC on the planets surface turn on the auto pilot and hit Shift+9, then the ingress animation plays but now when I regain control im in the sky (like im supposed to be). But if the rest of you guys do it like I first discribed then you don't crash instantly?
  2. MustardCat

    Docking, then logging in problem.

    Whoops I already did, http://www.3000ad.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?u...c;f=26;t=000007 didnt mention I should only send when requested, sorry. So should I just give up on this one and start a new game altogeather?
  3. MustardCat

    Docking, then logging in problem.

    Well I landed the ship on Earth and deployed some mining drones with my shuttles and was messing around with marine deployment (It was real late at night) and at some point I fell asleep at the computer. :-) Woke up and collected my drones then headed to CalcomHQ and thats when it started. I will try doing that again tonight on a new game. Also going to send the save to [email protected] In the meantime anyone know where I can mine radium? I cant buy any and im running looooow.
  4. MustardCat

    Docking, then logging in problem.

    Ok here are both, http://mustardcat.brinkster.net/player1.sgd http://mustardcat.brinkster.net/player1.sg0 Can someone try docking at the station and going to log in? So I can tell if its my save or computer. Thanks.
  5. MustardCat

    Docking, then logging in problem.

    Yes I do have a save, if anyone wants to try it.... http://mustardcat.brinkster.net/player1.sg0 [ 04-28-2003, 12:26 AM: Message edited by: MustardCat ]
  6. Hey just got this game a few days ago (BCMG) and its sweet, but I just ran into a problem: I go to a space station then dock, and when I hit the log-in button, the game closes, with no error message. I have restarted my computer, and it still does it. I also tried loading all my goods into a shuttle then docking with that but it still occurs. I've also traveled to other stations and it happens at all of them. I started a new game then went to some stations and the problem doesnt occur. Its not always done this, it just started the last time I tried to sell the minerals my drones colected. Any ideas? Thanks. Damn n00bs [ 04-28-2003, 05:36 PM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]