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  1. Well i have a question : What is BCTC ? ..... ......... just kidding *jumps off the balcony* *darn,i missed the concrete!* (geez,im so lame today...or anyday...)
  2. Well,im straight ... ok ok,got too far ,stupid comment:) No, but seriously now,i respect his work.I like to criticize(in objective way),but darn...he doesnt respond verry much ( i guess i like to tease people)... I wanna get over the newb ritual (siddown) ... although im not a newb (since when BC3K came out the verry first time...i was the first one in my country to have it ).But...just to get what everyone gets sooner or later Cheers,and support (Lasko Beer rules! Beer lovers must try this one)
  3. SC,to contain myself? was this for me? ...emm,u want to destroy what i am? ...okay (anyway,u took offence there?duh,dunno whats wrong in being in delirium for waiting BCG...what a guy - dont be so serious ) Anyway,its not fair...this game is/will be just too damn much good!... Anyway,the weapons effects r cool...tnx for posting what i requested (although,i dont think that you did this because of my request ). The jungle is just...oh man,so sweet...now u could do some REAL COVERT OPS for taking-over a base for example(whoa,u gotta have you instincts on MAX!like in OFP!yeah,perfect!)...geez,its going to be verry nice,no doubt.ahhh,wtf,dont read this crap...its goin' to be S-W-double E-T . Ok,thats it for now...ill post when BCG is done (or at least when the demo is out).Till then,have a nice time not having me torn your nerves ,people! (expectations are nerve munchers) CheerzZz (hot weather can do strange things to a human's mind) p.s.:Multitasking system:reading news while on the toilette
  4. quote:Can I tell you something?... NO! (SC style rox!! Now i know why is he like that ...a few times better than fitness for overwhelming tension ) Just kidd'n' Cheers
  5. WHAT????????? DEMO??? ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! july/august? i will get diabetes!this is too sweet!! ... oh geez,my girlfriend will kill me ... emm ,again Peeeezdamatrna ow,komaj cakam!!meni se bo strgalo ce je nebom skinu cimprej!! (I wont translate this )) - its the waiting-for-the-game delirium...). Oh well,noone pays attention to my weird MindFever-ish quotes... wait,i can criticise SC and noone will never know! Derek,plz post some more pix...do u have some pix of the weapons(like missiles,laser shots) and other new cool bases or even some OTS/STO WEAPONs in ACTION,plz,can you,huh?can you ? Oh well,if all of this was allready posted then ---> MindFever au Flambe ...dinner for everyone! [ 06-05-2003, 10:28 PM: Message edited by: MindFever ]
  6. ... ... ...... ........ THATs ComPLETELY insane!!! This is just toomuch teasing !! ... oh well,my life is screwed now...I like,laugh in sleep,dreaming about flying a Bc mk1 GENERAtIONS Edition,and my girlfriend thinks i am freaking out... did this happen to anyone? No but seriously...this is sadly true:) :yesterday in my dream you were shooting at me with a twin-lasergun (with LASER effects FROM BCMG !!!!!) from a wooden platform--like builders have it for house constructios-- (weird...) and runing like a weasel arround it with some chicks Ok,now u must release in schedule BCG /w time spared ...or else,i will get another drink Ok,gotta go play with BCStudio...its the first time i use this...no help needed,i will figure it out how it workzZz. CheerzZz ppl. [ 06-04-2003, 02:06 AM: Message edited by: MindFever ]
  7. MindFever

    BCG @ E3

    Oh another thing SC, I would love to see in BCG this:when u cloack,the shields would go off in a few seconds. Im sorry,i know this isnt the right thread to post this,just a reminder.anyway,i cant wait to have BCG in my hands.is the pre-order avaiable for Europeans ? please say yes Epsilon5,hehe ...it will be fun [email protected] in september.i cant wait to see their faces ,or should i say, chars my social life will be off for quite a while (and because of the BCG playing hours)... i fear my girlfriend .what a sissy! WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? I am a proud BC PLAYER! ... ooops,sorry,gotta go.my GF is watching...
  8. MindFever

    BCG @ E3

    quote: ...and this is where I almost (?) commit career Hari Kari. hehe anyway Derek,its called HARA KIRI. Anyway,geez... u know (if u remember my posts),what were my critics about this game and some other things.but i hope ppl,u never thought that i dont like SC's products (i really like em,since 1996...). about BCG (tha MONSTA`!!) ... i wont say anything because there are no words to describe my joy The new interface is cool.Very neon-space-neural-net-kind-of-transparent-plasma-touchscreen-look ,wich is great offcourse Cya in space.And again,i will be the first one in my country to buy this game,yeah ! [ 05-18-2003, 05:49 PM: Message edited by: MindFever ]
  9. Damn! ... please,pleeeeeeease ...just tell me that this preorder CAN be valid for ppl in Europe...pleeeeease...ok,if not,just say so !
  10. quote: Oh please, thats nuthin'. Wait'll you see the shots that are coming out of E3. You'll wet your pants. heh OMG! !!!!!!!!! Hmm,for the thingy about not puting computers on its knees...why not make the forest like in Operation Flashpoint ? (kewl thingy there...nice gameengine for that "era" of games.runs great with slow systems.anyway,just reminding you...i dont know how it works for the games,since im not a developer of anykind...gameengines etc.).Or maybe the LOADING-AREA thingy...like in Morrowind (then,it would be frustrating to wait the loading time of areas...but its a solution :)i really dont support this one for this type of game ) .In anycase(box of chocolates .bcg is just SWEET),im confident in BCG's success (who doesnt?!)... cant wait for August to come... damn,why dont we have in real life a /cheat parameter to make time fly faster . Its soo unfaaiir! *ZOIDBERG QUOTE* And anyway... that pix u posted me there... curses!...u know why Yeah,make a luMberjack caste in the game too ! CheerzZz p.s.:ignore my spelling of a "few" words please:)just to remember someone [ 05-12-2003, 03:24 PM: Message edited by: MindFever ]
  11. Did u learn something from that?? No but really,i speak verry well...but my spelling,geez...i make too many "shortcuts" for words...u know what i mean ? Anyway my italian is perfect (not my native lang. either ).Ok ok,ill shutup now... Cya in few weekz guyz. Yep,u got rid of me...but not for long! HUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wolferz:your signature...A Derek Smart Simulation lol. Sim-Smart the Flambe' of noobs I want this game
  12. OMG,OMG!!! Those are some kickass PX and a damn kickass GAME! YEAH!! BCG will make other space-sim developers wet their pants!... geez.cant wait for bcg...a few months only! Im waiting for this one for a looong time. I checked and rechecked pix of BCG for the last year(s). The shield effects ... debris fields... oh man ...one word: KICKASSGAMEFORKICKASSPEOPLE Its so beutyfull,it makes me cry! ...no wait,that was a movie Sorry,i just had to comment about BCG
  13. quote:Well, you'll learn to never take me seriously. Yes, it was meant to be a joke. Cheers! LOL,it would be nice if u told me this BEFORE! Before i got ridiculed from those people WHO DONT UNDERSTAND THAT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE IS NOT ENGLISH.anyway,maybe they DONT KNOW THIS allready. anway,i knew u werent too serious...well,i posted those things in anycase (anybox ?) quote: LOL!! I was just thinking the same thing LOL.do the elementary schools of yours there in USA take 20yrs old guyz from europe wanting to learn spelling grammar properly ? Oh well,i guess ill just be quiet in space... NOT! Well,at least my speech is NOT bad as my grammar(and not WORSE either).those apostr...apooostr...apostrophes! '` are making my keyboard crazy (im too lazy to type them i guess) and some other things too i just make it short p.s.:thou=ment to be an easyer version of ...emm...tho...thu...thougehzsf...khhhm,the word that is written in a different way
  14. Race, 1st of all ,thanks for the warm welcome:)... i did NOT intend to change your opinions on DEREK.was i saying something that could change this ? I wasnt convincing anybody agains anyone...btw,I enjoy the game,dont worry. Well,i take him as he is ,offcourse (where did i say something against that?)...I just mentioned i dont like his style, thus ,this doesnt make him a person i will hate or something like that. And the last thing: where was i talking about his character .Was i trying to change other people's opinions on him or was i changing other people's minds?I spoke for my opinion. What u said what is fertile or not...i will take this advice as a good one:) I will be more diplomatic than that. I surely didnt want to put any ghosts from the past in here... you missinterpreted my comments.Cya in space soon! . Cheers ! quote:"Translation: take him as he is cause he can live without you." I dont care. what he says on behalf of myself, is unsignificant to me.Im here because i bought (two times) his game and i like it,and i like this comunity also.PERIOD.Where did i topic that or even cared?He has far more important things to do i think p.s.:if he is offended by all this,i would gladly debate about this with him. [ 05-07-2003, 06:28 PM: Message edited by: MindFever ]
  15. Im sorry,but i dont RATE people/him (or should i like them iether) in the same way as when i rate a GAME (human=he/she , thing(ex.:game)=IT...see the difference?). Your are saying that if i dont like SC so much as i like his game,then i dont like BC series enaugh? Well,this sounds dictatorship to me.I think you are terribly wrong Anyway,to rate his work i would rate it as i explained my devotion to his game. If then i must like him verry much aswell,then why this isnt in the manual ? (joke) Ok,but to conclude this... I think you wanted to say that the game reflects himself (well,kinda weird to immagine SC driving a SL convertible in a SPACE-SUIT ).Thou,maybe i took your comments too literaly Cheers! p.s.:Anyway rating something or JUDGING SOMEONE are two different things and arguments. Cya! p.p.s.:I wanna get a siddown ,soon! p.p.p.s.:SC,im sorry about that comment before to LB.wont happen again (t'wasnt verry pollite ).I just woke up ...and u know how things go when u dont have a nice cup of coffe near you...*sheesh* [ 05-07-2003, 05:27 PM: Message edited by: MindFever ]
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