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  1. Hey, I've been playing Xcom: UFO Defense for awhile (and of course love it), however because it is on the PS1 it's a little slow on the loading times for Tacticals.. Does anyone know about a newer "version" (clone works) of Xcom: UFO Defense?
  2. Freyar

    Terror in Jordan

    I agree.. It's getting to the point where I'm wondering if the rest of the world is deaf to this little battle we have.
  3. Freyar

    San Francisco Voters Pass Gun Ban

    quote: Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Why the hell was this passed? Gun laws piss me off more than a good deal going on in the world. There are many things that should knock some sense into those idiots. 1. Only the lawfull will follow this law. Criminals will have easier targets now. 2. You also have a right to defend yourself, and it makes it hard to fight a firearm with only a knife. 3. Guns were actually meant for defense against the government. This is to prevent the government from being too dominant. As with the military recruiters: If the kids in the High Schools aren't smart enough to research everything thier recruiter is saying, then they deserve the eight years of hell they got. It's simple, there is a contract you sign. READ IT, everything that is there will and must happen, whereas everything outside of it should just be forgotten. Hell, this makes me want to wear my shirt reading: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." maybe I should add after that "like San Fransisco."
  4. Freyar

    France Unrest

    I feel that France is effectively under attack. "You guys won't 'give' us housing that is better than we are." It feels similar to that. If the people rioting there worked hard enough they could move to a place that they would be more happy. There has to be a bit of agreement between both factions, I understand, but the extremes these people are going to are rediculous.
  5. I love that! It sounds like something that would be done if the world were more lighthearted.
  6. Freyar

    One Dead, 2 Hurt in Tenn. School Shooting

    And watch... Thompson will jump all over this case too! (It's GTA's fault!) It's sad, but it happens.. and the biggest question here is actually, where did he get the firearm, and if it was from home, how the hell did he managed to get it out of there?
  7. This particular movie was something that scared me more than something like SAW would. The idea that things can get so far and things can become so fearfull that someone can make a list claiming someone is doing something wrong without actual proof. I feel that this movie is one that should be seen by everyone, as even though some of it is fiction, there is a good deal to learn by it. As citizens we have a duty to learn about history to keep it from repeating as it is now. This may be just a grayscale movie, but it worked just as well as Sin City's color scheme worked. Give this movie a try, and learn about what happened 50 years ago, and what is starting to happen again.
  8. Freyar

    X│: Reunion

    I'd like to get X3 but.. I've got a major limit on my cash.. Hell, I've not even been able to gather the finances for UCAWA let alone saving for GCO. Is it relatively open-ended as well?
  9. I'd fit it on my Firestorm when I'm out mining or something.. not neccisarily for water things, but just to give those incoming aircraft a nice headache before they attack.
  10. Freyar

    Jack Thompson....

    Thompson should be bound or something. This guy is out of his mind and obviously feels towards video games, what old churches felt about theater in Shakespear's days...
  11. This is rediculous... Publishers need to be fair.
  12. Freyar

    Report Predicts $58.4 Billion Games Market

    Not if SC stays in it.. I'll be stickin' to the BMC and UC series as long as they are here.
  13. Freyar

    Best carriers (...at least I think so)

    I've enjoyed working in the Firestorm.. It's a pain in the arse to set down on a planet for mining, but it's plenty strong.
  14. Freyar

    Night at the movies - Jarhead

    Is it really that good? I'm worried they are going to glorify the violence and what-not as well as using it as a tool to say the "War in Iraq is bad".
  15. Freyar

    A Night at the Movies- Good Night, and Good Luck

    I think you would like it, Sir.
  16. Freyar

    Night at the movies - DOOM

    I liked it as I had extremely low expectations. All in all everything has been said, but I give it a B Average.
  17. Freyar

    Turner's GameTap Gaming Service

    What services do these things provide...?
  18. Freyar

    Jokes of the day

    I love that one! hahaha!
  19. Freyar

    On being considerate to your wife

    Heh... What an idiot... I hate people like that.
  20. Just like there is a Soldier of Fortune II limitation in violence for Germany and Tiawan I think.. (or is it the Phillapines?)
  21. Freyar

    Battlefield 2

    What do you guys think about the server bannings for people hacking the demo code to unlock time-limits and weapon kits?
  22. Freyar

    The Matrix Online

    I could never really manage to stay in large battles because of the latency. I usually went for stealth and grabbed bases that weren't defended... (Of course... after calling in support and get some help to defend during the countdown). anyway, enough off topic... back for SOE's deal. I really don't care about this. It sucks, but there's nothing we can do.
  23. It's the government trying to get people to be responsible for thier violations, though interpreting what is a violation is hard to have across the board.
  24. Freyar

    Battlefield 2

    quote: Originally posted by Matchoo: quote:Originally posted by Darkling: This is insane! They now have a Keboard specifically for BattleField 2. I guess they think this will be BIG! I think the keyboard is a gaming keyboard that comes with different templates you can lay over the top of it for different games, as well as game-specific drivers to map the keyboard to those games. It's been out for awhile, but I don't think the company will stay in buisiness for too long. why not use a standard keyboard instead of adding $15 to your purchase price of BF2?