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  1. Cargoship Comanders need not apply. All Will Join or all will Die......Personaly i like the second idea
  2. I have patched..It gets rid on the intruders but the prisoners stay on board! oh well I useualy jsut shut off life support when I get intruders and take a shuttle with myself on it for a while I can clone who I need later
  3. for me BC3000AD was an impulse buy after getting my joystick..I saw it there and it looked like a good action/adventure space game so i thought id try it...I was disappoited when I first played it, I was like this has NO action ..But as I kept playing it the depth and non-misson based objectives got me to LOVE IT , needles to say three nights of playing it and reading the manual I was HOPLESSLY hooked and I had a sight induced orgasm when I saw the AD for BCM at the local EB.
  4. My first ship was destroyed, quite quickly. Of couse ive been a little bad boy my whole life so as I start the game. I instantly Turn around and Blast Galcom to test out the ships weapons oops.. he he he bless Battlecruiser Millenium. can anyone tell me where I can get the BC-3000AD opening movie its bad arse.. P.S. I still do this, just to destroy the station. But now I know to cloak first
  5. How long do I have to be at the station before they are tranxfered. I sat in a station(allied) for 12 minutes repairing damage the little (insert colorful words here) did. and when I left the station they were still on board in the brig. I dont know why but they never got off. I should judge them to a long walk on pluto as I fly away and never look back
  6. I useualy use the PTA, and missles if they tick me off. or I jump in one of my fighters and kill them too. Little bug's like insects flying around my ship. I never Tractor a ship i blow it up even if its my side..I give them a warriors death
  7. baddies? such a light word. How about a Fleet of Phycotic Genocidal Maniacs with evil in their hearts and trigger's in their hands. Gawd I love what this could become. Phycos!Loonies! Evil Lovers! join us, follow the Brotherhood, join and hunt with immunity a fleet of Phycos watching out for phycos and kill those who don't join. The only way to protect yourself from us is to join us. If you cant beat them join em I believe is the phraze.
  8. XOR you dont clone marines, just higher new ones, I like seeing their unsure looks when I have to higher a whole new crew load. I always make an example of one (beam down to the planet with him and grenade him)when they come aboard just to make sure the others know not to step out of line. . BTW I have a intruder related Question.. How do I get them off my ship. I had 40 in the brig and 10 watching them and no station would exept them.. How can I get EP for them??
  9. Rise Raiders and Join the Raiders Brotherhood. A band of Blood Thirsty, Money Hungry, Trigger Happy, Warmongers. I am starting this brotherhood in hopes of allowing Chaos and Disruption to linger. As goes the phrase "Honor Amung Thieves" will be granted Raiders in the brotherhood will be given immunity from the brotherhood. I shall make a list of everyone willing to join me in this Brotherhood of Evil. To join send me a Name and E-mail. Also Devine Retribution will be taken against anyone who messes with any member of the brotherhood no matter their segificance. As things go there is no higher ranking here. Newbs will be treated as well as long timers. Come all and Join me in annilating this pathetic universe. The Evil one Always VLAD [email protected]
  10. I have a new suggestion for the Nutzo and Insane like me add some SIX FEET UNDER (not the show, the band). Ive Added Metallica-One, and AC/DC Highway 2 Hell. The Bush Sugestion was great too Thanx. Also I have encountered a problem with some of the Mp3's. I add some of them and when its their turn to play the sound completely turns off, and I cant get it back on. Ive checked they are all 128Kbps. but the game Halts the music and even if i turn the music of and then back on the music doesnt come back. any suggestions for a fix? Ive been just ousting the songs and dealing with it. DEATH METAL forever
  11. I have a suggestion for Prisoners. Sendem to a planet using the transpoerter. Access Tactical/Loadout/TP/Then roseter up the Prisoners. then OTS the place where you beam them (pref an enemy)...Throw in resnig too just for the heck of it >:-D. Do I have too much free time or what.
  12. Well that Bites. 8 mill is easy to come by as a Raider/Pirate but significantly harder as a Terran Military Commander. Guess my first carrer was better. Time to betray Galcom again... Why did they mention that in the manual then. Thats a tad annoying. Oh well, Time to kill for the fun of it, not for strategic militarial advantage. P.S. if your wondering where it says that its in the Installed Apendix 8. R.A.N.D.O.M - RANDOM ACCESS NUCLEAR DISRUPTOR FOR OBSOLETE MATTER Use: This is a very devastating weapon. It works as a normal OTS weapon and must be launched from TACOPS. On impact, it will destroy everything on the planet leaving it totally barren and altering its topology, weather, ozone layer etc. The weapon itself is indestructible and this allows you to go back and retrieve it for later use. Use with caution. If you use this weapon, you will be court-martialed.
  13. Nah not a R.A.N.D.O.M. Just do what I did to the asteroid around Mars. BLAST the Sucka with the PAID IOD. Although I do Love the R.A.N.D.O.M. it can not Target Unorbitable items. Other wize Id be R.A.N.D.O.M.ing ships, OoOooo I like that thought. Well I better start stocken up on Beer. Better live it up before 2014 aye?
  14. Ok Harder Question, I have recently used the R.A.N.D.O.M. on a planet [(Gamma 2) HPS dont fail me now!!] and the manual says there is a way to Retrieve it but I dont know how I have launched myself on a shuttle to the Blast Sight, But havent figured how to Retrieve it. Please tell me so i can Silence those Evil Voices in my head again. Tell Me I need to kill again and again and again. Yours in the Ter/Mil Commander VLAD of the new GCV-Bloodaft. My not so Alter-Ego.
  15. I had a similar Experiance, but the opposite way. I was in a shuttle in lyrus. Mining YEAH I WAS MINING. Radium cost to F'n much. Sorry (pops a Methadone). Anyways I was Targeted by a BattleCruiser MKIII Ter/Ins So like a good little chicken ****. I turn tail and fled and when i got back to my CC I noticed my EP had fallen by 500 points. Was this cause I fled? possibly. Anyways just thought id share my view. BTW im already deep in crap with the Ter/Mil for my actions -250000 EP.
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