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  1. Cargoship Comanders need not apply. All Will Join or all will Die......Personaly i like the second idea
  2. I have patched..It gets rid on the intruders but the prisoners stay on board! oh well I useualy jsut shut off life support when I get intruders and take a shuttle with myself on it for a while I can clone who I need later
  3. How long do I have to be at the station before they are tranxfered. I sat in a station(allied) for 12 minutes repairing damage the little (insert colorful words here) did. and when I left the station they were still on board in the brig. I dont know why but they never got off. I should judge them to a long walk on pluto as I fly away and never look back
  4. I useualy use the PTA, and missles if they tick me off. or I jump in one of my fighters and kill them too. Little bug's like insects flying around my ship. I never Tractor a ship i blow it up even if its my side..I give them a warriors death
  5. baddies? such a light word. How about a Fleet of Phycotic Genocidal Maniacs with evil in their hearts and trigger's in their hands. Gawd I love what this could become. Phycos!Loonies! Evil Lovers! join us, follow the Brotherhood, join and hunt with immunity a fleet of Phycos watching out for phycos and kill those who don't join. The only way to protect yourself from us is to join us. If you cant beat them join em I believe is the phraze.
  6. XOR you dont clone marines, just higher new ones, I like seeing their unsure looks when I have to higher a whole new crew load. I always make an example of one (beam down to the planet with him and grenade him)when they come aboard just to make sure the others know not to step out of line. . BTW I have a intruder related Question.. How do I get them off my ship. I had 40 in the brig and 10 watching them and no station would exept them.. How can I get EP for them??
  7. Rise Raiders and Join the Raiders Brotherhood. A band of Blood Thirsty, Money Hungry, Trigger Happy, Warmongers. I am starting this brotherhood in hopes of allowing Chaos and Disruption to linger. As goes the phrase "Honor Amung Thieves" will be granted Raiders in the brotherhood will be given immunity from the brotherhood. I shall make a list of everyone willing to join me in this Brotherhood of Evil. To join send me a Name and E-mail. Also Devine Retribution will be taken against anyone who messes with any member of the brotherhood no matter their segificance. As things go there is no higher ranking here. Newbs will be treated as well as long timers. Come all and Join me in annilating this pathetic universe. The Evil one Always VLAD [email protected]
  8. I have a suggestion for Prisoners. Sendem to a planet using the transpoerter. Access Tactical/Loadout/TP/Then roseter up the Prisoners. then OTS the place where you beam them (pref an enemy)...Throw in resnig too just for the heck of it >:-D. Do I have too much free time or what.
  9. I had a similar Experiance, but the opposite way. I was in a shuttle in lyrus. Mining YEAH I WAS MINING. Radium cost to F'n much. Sorry (pops a Methadone). Anyways I was Targeted by a BattleCruiser MKIII Ter/Ins So like a good little chicken ****. I turn tail and fled and when i got back to my CC I noticed my EP had fallen by 500 points. Was this cause I fled? possibly. Anyways just thought id share my view. BTW im already deep in crap with the Ter/Mil for my actions -250000 EP.
  10. To keep little pests from stealing your station capture launch and give your fighters some busy work so just as the enemys warp in you can order then to "elimiate" the enemys tring to SH*T on your victory .
  11. quote:Originally posted by Sir John Falstaff: Well... Sometimes the poor processor gets bogged down when the bases disgorge a hoard of ships and it's trying to display fancy graphics at the same time... At least that's what I think it is. If you just wait it will clear up. Your shuttle was destroyed by the intruder when you locked your tractor beam on it. You see, all the intruders are from Ancient Japan and belive in Death before Dishonor. When they realize that they are going to be captured they destroy themselves in the most spectacular and damaging way they can. Most of the above is true, you decide which part is false. Once a shuttle is launched by an intruder you can kiss it goodbye. I don't know if the marines aboard it could win control of it back, but I don't think so. I think it's gone. So I usually plug it myself so at least I get the satisfaction of blowing it up, not the intruder. Of course I haven't had to do that much since I started turning off power to launch control as soon as I know I have intruders aboard. Thats A good idea to "get back" at intruders letem steal a craft just get a FATAL lockon it. oh boy i wanta try it
  12. Prepare to meet yo daddy. . Oh God I can't F'n wait. The AI is getting predictable. I want some real action. MP come soon please, introduce all these people to VLAD as he is in the game. Show you all the true meaning of fear. Plus I want to see the little chat screen fill with curses as i wipe them off the Tacops screen >:^)
  13. Yea well every one of those Star stations should be made TERRAI. Thats how you fix that problem sounds like you put too much value on the lives of the people of that game. As to any Militay faction on the game I say "JUST! BRING! IT!". Ill show them whos daddy thats all I got to say. Stay in there OUTKAST KICK ASS!!!!
  14. quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: quote:Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD: I am the one cloaked in darkness, I fear nothing. For I am the source of fear though out the galaxy, I am the cause of evcery scream, every cry of pain, the final rider of the appocalypse. Piloting a ship painted in the blood of my enemys, and the inoccent. I fear no one, and nothing. Vaporize me? You dont have the guts to remain a raider, then what makes you think you have the guts to raise a phazer to me . I AM VLAD. I AM EVIL. your also psycotic Oh yeah, thanks almost forgot to take my pills. . Zonnof, Im down to 12 murders a day . Allison prescribed Syonide, but she got my prescription first "a long walking tour of Pluto" EVAILITY IS A STATE OF BEING NOT A RESULT OF BRAIN DAMAGE (But it helps)
  15. I am the one cloaked in darkness, I fear nothing. For I am the source of fear though out the galaxy, I am the cause of evcery scream, every cry of pain, the final rider of the appocalypse. Piloting a ship painted in the blood of my enemys, and the inoccent. I fear no one, and nothing. Vaporize me? You dont have the guts to remain a raider, then what makes you think you have the guts to raise a phazer to me . I AM VLAD. I AM EVIL.
  16. Im a very long player.. I just didn't get too deep into the game till BCMG. Cause until it BCM and BC3K kept malfunctioning (it worked 1/4 of the times I ran it) on my puter. Freesing, blue screen of death, Illegal Errors, Timed out calls, and system reboots. BCMG hasnt done any of these! Thank God. so im acualy able to get real deep into it now. Emerse myself fully with out fear of errors. so I guess im a noob to the EXPANSIVE EXERIANCE this game provides. Its like the differance between playing a game online or playing the game and getting into the storyline. Its amazing the delicate AI programing and true to galaxy feeling like it is a GIGANTIC thing is great.
  17. I have a few fenceing Stations I allow to remain. If it had a Market economy the prices for everythign would sky rocket as stations decreased. Until I would have to eventualy demean myself to mining (EEEEWWWWW) to make a buck. I thank him for the STABLE Economy.
  18. YKYBPTMBCW You have a moment of silence if a senior officer on your ship dies. You ask for docking clearance when pulling into the garage. Every atlas and globe in the house has Ter/Ins and Ter/Mil bases clearly marked on it. More than half your hard drive is filled with TGA screen shots When a cops pulls you over you reach for the cloak or PTA button on your vehicle When your not playing your on the Forums SC becomes your personal god and you erect a shrine in his honor, with all the games shaped in a circle around his picture BCM, BCG, BCMG, and BC3K works it way into ALL your conversations You hate Resnig(this is just if you play) VLAD's Disclamer (none of these are true examples that you play to much but if you have 3 or more of these I suggest you examine your life and make sure your priorities are in order [my priority is to play more]) P.S. Mr.Smart I would like a picture, and a place I can buy 3K J/K LOL
  19. Every one has a darkside. I just depends how much freedom you give it. I gave my darkside so much it killed the other half. Making me the wonderful person I am today.
  20. Well Carl if that is the case then it was worth it cause if I cant have them no one should. Plus I was planning on killing the station after AQUIREING IT. I guess if I destroyed it, then i guess im doomed to small time killing. Transports, Shuttles, annoying good doers. I hoipe this isnt the case but it may will be.
  21. Ohh darn ill have to terrorize a planet threw hard work and OTSM's GRRRR... oh well, still im looking for the Artifacts does anyone know the Stations that sell them? PLEASE, IS A LITTLE GALACTIC MAYHEM IS IN ORDER!
  22. Now that ive added it id thought id put a post with my comp profile here too. mabie you can tell me why its such a piece of crap / / /
  23. ok i have Two Questions one has been touched on but never answered entirely. The other is perhapse a dumb question. Ok the Dumb one first. I bought a Trancor ODS can I/ How do I Deploy it (i want to OPPRESS A PLANET)? Second After they are avalable what starstations are what artifacts located? I have 8 Mill Galcreds and Im ready to upgrade the charges from petty Raiding to Mass Murder! Until then i'll be awaiting a response. Made the topic readable Tyrn [ 05-12-2003, 11:40 AM: Message edited by: Tyrn ]
  24. Oh, by the way SC no disrespect intended at all. :tossses him a beer: Props to SC for making a game that allows me to get out all the agression, headaches, little voices, pyromania, arsehole bosses, cheating girlfriends, and all the other little problems life throws at me. Thank You.
  25. Ghengis X Isnt it fun to imagine the stupid intruders gasping for their last breaths at your feet, beging for mercy, just before you gently lift your foot and quickly bring it down on their head smashing their skull. . As for the streight jacket comment its rather hard to turn Life Support BACK ON if im in a streight jacket . I rule my crew threw fear, if they dont do what I tell them to do I punish them wouldnt you . im sure theres enough stormy planets, enemy bases, and harsh atmospheres to make my Crew LEARN to obey me. FEAR is a very strong utility in control. Allison knows she crosses me she gets a bullet to her chest. I hate to do another movie Quote but Robert Denero in HEAT says "Dont ever get close to anything you are not prepared to walk away from in 30 seconds flat" I DO NOT ATTACH myself to my crew, they may have staulkhome (hostage) syndrome and thats why they obey or they are too afraid of my trigger happy ways . Anyways they do obey me and thats all I ask of them. Im really a reasonable guy once you see past the whole murder aspect :twitch twitch: To Spindoktor dont trip man your not in my crew, im prolbibly on the other side of the galaxy far away from you , or... mabie cloaked behind you, waiting, Stalking, biding my time... BOO!!!! HE HE HE we will soon find out. To all my loco homies in the asylums and all my victims lifeless,in pieces,and floating in space PEACE AND LOVE
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