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  1. how long have you been harassing? doesn't it take a while for them to set up a bounty hunt for you?
  2. if you wonder... you are.
  3. dassum tight shizou...yo!!!!!
  4. Congratulations to all of you!
  5. quote: It'll put skid marks on it we shall see. 3GHz, 800MHz fronfside, 5900 ultra/256 i'm gonna feed BCG to it!!! mmwaaahhahahahahaa... of course i'll update my sysinfo and report in full to the masses...
  6. BCG will wear well with my shiny new 5900 ultra 256 card. should be out around the same time. oh yeah...
  7. Hot Damn!!! I'm gonna have me some fun... I'm gonna have me some fun...
  8. i do. ya ya i know... geek. its a serious tease! love the shot of the ship coming in with shields active!!!
  9. 1 bugnor from GCHQ to Velari makes you 5,000,000 i run 10 at a pop in my cruiser and fill the other hold with other weapons and cloaking gear and make a mint fast. the drones only get you going. harvest "lost" cargo pods etc...
  10. a couple more jumps to VELARI in Polaris-2 is even better than wraith, maybe 40% inflation there.
  11. Ok...Ok... I finally had to ask a newbie question dammit. I read and searched and didn't find the answer. I ask because i noticed it plinking away for the first time and it never had before. The only thing i could find different is all the officers are finally over 30 AI. yes i had it turned on. bring it!!!!
  12. Evil Genius?! I had several boardings in a row and my dudes were getting pretty beat up. Well the last load of boarders was down to just a few points o life and i used the "cut life support" trick. frikin hilarious!!! worked like a chomm. ps: chom = charm NE speak lol
  13. hahaha!!! you need a fix Bro. oops. of topic.
  14. no derision intended ob5idian, that would seem contrary to the whole point of this sim, in which everything in it is "alive". why add a bunch of "dead" clutter. if i see a ship, any ship,(or any entity) on my scope, i know it will respond to stimulus. and that... my friend... is super coooool... PS: space is huge.
  15. from the AWESOME, "READ THIS FIRST," doc: quote: No sniveling, anti-social net-idiot is going to last one post on this board. this character obviously missed it and all the rest. stop the pain!!!!
  16. AARRRRGGGG!!! LOL great post and, no doubt, timeless. won't be a n00B 4ever! i haven't had to work this hard at a sim since Falcon 4.0. PS: I read somewhere, in these E-tomes, SC has had some exposure to the afore mentioned F16 simulator. opine SC?
  17. sorry SC. that was the Saurian Brandy talkin...
  18. is a double edged sword... the rewards of meeting the challenges of the unknown and learning tunz o new stuff... getting stupified by the hugeness of this sim and having the feeling of being steeped in ignorance... the tougher the challenge, the greater the feeling of acomplishment... i feel better, how bout ya'll
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