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  1. Congrats on your Family Expansion Pack!
  2. DreadX (Balor Fleet) postpones challenge of The Great Race (ROE) to 17:00+ (GMT) on tuesday april 26 (just after my duel with Ben) due to RL-intervention.
  3. DreadX accepts Ben Zwycky's challenge at 1700 GMT on Tuesday april 26.
  4. Yep, noticed it too. No worries! Chavik is still inventing a recipe for making Praetorian Salad. See you in 90 minutes
  5. Thx, and yes, I did change my power supply. This one has 100 Watts more to storm the system. Didn't upgrade to SP2 though. That's for the next 6 months.
  6. DreadX (Balor Fleet) challenges The Great Race (ROE) at 17:00 (GMT) on monday april 25
  7. PC just died on me. Can't play ucmp Sending this from laptop. Will try to get Teamspeak running so at least I can lend some morale support.
  8. I also don't think they are trying to muddy his image. As you say Soback, the Red Baron had no equal. His British enemies (the rookies at least) were nicknamed "The 20 second-ers" for that was the average time a rookie survived against him. The Red Baron wrote the book on dogfighting with planes. Therefore people can't believe that he rational deceided to pursue that plane, thereby braking his own (prime) rule. Never pursue an fleeing enemy. Especially when you are alone (as he was at the time) and certainly not when you're outnumbered (which he also was). He pursued the plane while they were flying at an altitude that forced both planes to take evasive manoeuvres in order to avoid hitting a church-tower. They were that low. The Red Baron also should have know that pursueing the enemy plane would bring him directly over enemy-ground positions. This combined with the low altitude made him vulnerable to ground-fire. Recently was determined that one of the sub-machine-gunners on the ground is the most likely person to have shot the Baron through the side of his chest, forcing him to make an emergency landing. The Baron died on the spot. The Red Baron made a serie of very-uncharacteristic mistakes and showed strange flying behaviour (like doubling back over the ground positions) those last moments. This head wound could be the cause of that. They don't muddy his image. What they actually say is that, that day, the person flying the red fokker-tri-plane was not (or no longer) the real Red Baron due to the head trauma.
  9. quote: If its not a bug, I'm banning dreadx for a month because I have posted TOO MANY messages telling people that unless you know what you're talking about (as it relates to tech support, how to play the game etc), don't confuse people Regardless of what you find in his save-game, you should ban me for at least two months. One for posting the last three sentences in my previous post (those are rubbish and I apologize for causing confusion) and One for not realising that I posted in the tech-support forum and not the game-discussion forum (because I didn't give it the proper amount of attention required as I was late for bed). I don't think the six months ban would apply because I also think the problem is on his end. quote: There are NO problems in the repair process. Software-wise, you are the only one who can know this and I take your word for it. Gameplay-wise, there are problems, because you programmed them in there (ie the situations that prevent repairs from being carried out like not having all the right parts) It's my mistake to use the word "problems" in a tech-support thread while thinking I'm in a gameplay related thread. Two months punishment should do the trick of letting me learn to keep my eyes open before posting.
  10. Uhm, SC. He states he has FC hull/Armor repair kits and there are no more materials required for a support-craft system. If his CE wouldn't be on station, the appendix tells me that this will cause the repair to take 5-25 minutes longer. He is able to repair his other FC so that's not the problem. In the two paragraphs I mentioned is explained that if a system gets further damage while being repaired the first repair-order is carried out in full and then the repair-order for the extra damage starts. If the repairs got interupted just before completing the first job, I could see why the engineers have problems with it. You are telling the assigned SE to work exactly zero minutes on that repair-order. At least try your worst SE (lowest AI) when he's very tired and hungry (and barely alive), without CE on station to see if you can get the repairtime over the 1 minute mark.
  11. Vanor, read page 38 last paragraph and page 39 first paragraph of the manual. Could your problem be explained by this text? Don't repair systems that are 99%. They work just as good as when they were 100% plus you have the benefit of being able to micromanage your SE's. When you have several systems on your ship that are 98-99% then you can use them as an adress to send your SE's somewhere, by giving them a repair order. By doing so you can keep your repair-capacity (the SE's) away from intruder infested areas.
  12. Flower candidate 2 is better at attracting my attention than candidate 1. Mainly because the red text enhances the green leaves, I think. You call it the weakest and I disagree. When I look at the rose, I get the feeling that something terrible and sad has just happened. A white rose with its beauty spoiled by the stain of blood. The depicted rose brings words like: "fragile, innocent, serene" to my mind. Yet the rose still has its thorns and is therefore not as fragile and innocent as it appears to be on first sight. The serene beauty of the rose is spoiled somewhat. It looks beautifull at first glance but if you look closer, you see that something has been eating away at the lower leaves. Even if this rose wasn't cut, it would have lost its beauty eventually (gives me a "something rotten in the state of Denmark" feeling) However I also see "hope for the future" in the picture, in the form of the still closed butt. If this flower receives the right care, one day that butt will open and a new beautifull, untainted white rose will blossom. My mind wonders: "Am I looking at the silent/stil remains of some sad event (the rose was just a by-stander; it has been cut neatly and at the right place, no-body stepped on it, it has not been ripped away and used to hit somebody with) or am I looking at a flower that substitutes the Queen mentioned in the title. ie should I regard the rose as a person? Although some of the other posters look better, they do not ignite/incite as many emotions. (I can't find the exact right words here) Bowing. Sad "Mona Lisa" smile, red roses and a ring on her left hand, tell me that, within a few seconds, she will probably lay the roses on a fresh grave. The ring tells me that her future won't go as she had planned it. Face. Like candidate 1 more than 2 because the placing of the text helps me focussing on the 2 eyes and mouth. At this point I thought: "I'm not looking at a Queen but at a wannabee queen". The woman depicted looks like she can and will dominate ppl but she hasn't got what it takes to rule an empire. I think her eyes look "nasty" more than "firm and regal". This is mainly because her left eye is a little bit too red for me and the woman in the picture is photographed from above. No photographer has the balls to take a close-up of his Queen while looking down on her. The blueish-green in the background enhances the red and adds depth. I like that. Eyes. The difference between the two eyes (left and right, not eyes1 and eyes2) is a bit too much for me. Her left eye is too bright and the eyebrow above it is no longer visible and cannot help defining the expression of the eye (like her right eye-brow is doing for that eye and its expression). Her left eye looks surprised while her right tells me she's got something in store for me if I don't step lightly. (btw, I copied, flipped her right eye and put it over her left to see if I would like it better when both eyes are of the same brightness. Now she really looks spooky and werewolvish but I found that it was the difference in brightness that was too great) I like both eye-candidates. The first one for its simplicity, the second one for the background in negative. One thing that irritated my eyes was that the top rose in candidate2 has been reduced to a black blob that also gets cut off by the eyes-overlay. I know she holds some roses because I've seen the bowing_candidate first. If I hadn't and saw this poster at some distance, I would barely see that she is holding something in her hands (not what it is) and not a dress-design-feature that causes the dark spots below the eyes overlay. My two cents. Keep in mind that these are Euro-cents and written by some-one who had a different upbringing and consequently aquired different tastes. It is not uncommon in the movie-world to have different marketing strategies for the US and Europe. If the one who grades the project thinks the rose is the weakest, then you can always add that you had the European public in mind for this poster because you hoped the Shakespearean approach would offer them something familiar and recognizable to grasp their attention. I mean, surely a movie as "Queen Constantine" would draw huge crowds all over the globe. Disclaimer: All questions in this post were asked by me to me and therefore should be considered retorical.
  13. quote: Originally posted by A. Tigerclaw: I even added RANDOM JUMP, which cycles through the target list fifteen times, then does shift 9 command. I like this one, Tigerclaw. After a while a thought hit me: "Wouldn't, using a prime number (13, 17 or 19 for example), work even better?"
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