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  1. Congrats on your Family Expansion Pack!
  2. Thx, and yes, I did change my power supply. This one has 100 Watts more to storm the system. Didn't upgrade to SP2 though. That's for the next 6 months.
  3. quote: If its not a bug, I'm banning dreadx for a month because I have posted TOO MANY messages telling people that unless you know what you're talking about (as it relates to tech support, how to play the game etc), don't confuse people Regardless of what you find in his save-game, you should ban me for at least two months. One for posting the last three sentences in my previous post (those are rubbish and I apologize for causing confusion) and One for not realising that I posted in the tech-support forum and not the game-discussion forum (because I didn't give it the proper amount of attention required as I was late for bed). I don't think the six months ban would apply because I also think the problem is on his end. quote: There are NO problems in the repair process. Software-wise, you are the only one who can know this and I take your word for it. Gameplay-wise, there are problems, because you programmed them in there (ie the situations that prevent repairs from being carried out like not having all the right parts) It's my mistake to use the word "problems" in a tech-support thread while thinking I'm in a gameplay related thread. Two months punishment should do the trick of letting me learn to keep my eyes open before posting.
  4. Uhm, SC. He states he has FC hull/Armor repair kits and there are no more materials required for a support-craft system. If his CE wouldn't be on station, the appendix tells me that this will cause the repair to take 5-25 minutes longer. He is able to repair his other FC so that's not the problem. In the two paragraphs I mentioned is explained that if a system gets further damage while being repaired the first repair-order is carried out in full and then the repair-order for the extra damage starts. If the repairs got interupted just before completing the first job, I could see why the engineers have problems with it. You are telling the assigned SE to work exactly zero minutes on that repair-order. At least try your worst SE (lowest AI) when he's very tired and hungry (and barely alive), without CE on station to see if you can get the repairtime over the 1 minute mark.
  5. Vanor, read page 38 last paragraph and page 39 first paragraph of the manual. Could your problem be explained by this text? Don't repair systems that are 99%. They work just as good as when they were 100% plus you have the benefit of being able to micromanage your SE's. When you have several systems on your ship that are 98-99% then you can use them as an adress to send your SE's somewhere, by giving them a repair order. By doing so you can keep your repair-capacity (the SE's) away from intruder infested areas.
  6. quote: Originally posted by A. Tigerclaw: I even added RANDOM JUMP, which cycles through the target list fifteen times, then does shift 9 command. I like this one, Tigerclaw. After a while a thought hit me: "Wouldn't, using a prime number (13, 17 or 19 for example), work even better?"
  7. If you watched the "Time Commanders" serie on BBC (UK) earlier this year, you know what to expect from Rome TW.
  8. Well, the SR "eats" power and it doesn't care whether it was original Nuclear or Solar. You want the SR to give something (usefull) back for that power. While reviewing some findings on plutonium-consumption I noticed again a change in the way the "pwr: 100% plvl: 2003" bar is showed. Sometimes no characters are highlighted, sometimes only the last two, sometimes the complete bar is highlighted. It changes its highlighted portion in respect to where the sun is. When sun is above: last two digits are highlighted. Between 88 and 92 (using pitch) Solar power, the bar is completely highlighted. Below 88 only the last two digits again. Between 10 and -10 (sun is in the F1-screen, -10 reads as 0 power and I only use it to give an approx of the angle) its highlighted completely. Then nothing is highlighted until the power output gets above zero. If you do the same using "roll" iso "pitch" you will find a different behaviour. Don't know what it does but it bears some relation with the angle of starlight (or grid). Whether something is highlighted are not is not under the influence of the SR-setting sadly. First I need some sleep, later today I will try to put a head and a tail on it.
  9. king_cam, congratulations on finding out something that was already stated in the first post of this thread. Tigerclaw, read 10th post on page 3. Mike113 and capt. Ethan, quote: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but i think i noticed, that with the power allottment and maximum, the panels seemed to gather light more effeciently . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And therefore since the Manual says that Distance is a factor you would use a higher setting if you were farther away from a source. This would mean that when you orientate your ship so it gets 50 units of solar power, then go to Logistics and fiddle with the SR setting, you would have to see the solar power output change in accordance with the changing SR-setting and this does not occur (as stated about 20 times by now). How do you even know the distance to the solar source? quote: Originally posted by SC: ...no, I'm NOT going to say who is closer to the truth. You're not? Then why did you write: quote: But I must say that the last batch of four posts are a LOT closer to the truth than previously imagined.
  10. no afterburner = no afterburner key ! The key map shipped with the game is mostly correct. The changes are listed in the "manual-revisions"-file in the docs folder
  11. yep, the big fireworks explosion in Enschede, The Netherlands. Translation for the last part of the tape (voice over): "In slow motion it's clearly visible how much force is exerted by the last explosion. The roofs of the buildings are litterally blown off." Several housing blocks were leveled by the last blast. Factory was based within city limits. On the mushroom cloud above NK. You only need high temperature to form a mushroom cloud so this does not automatically mean there was a nuke test. Underground tests do not produce mushroom clouds. How big does an explosion have to be, to be visible by a satellite? Not that big I asume.
  12. Did this a week ago. Violon, engine 10 units of power, shield 25% (didn't have enough Plutonium), "w" continiously pressed down, NR on. Every 15 minutes I observed radine and plutonium levels. Wrote down the numbers and calculated the differences (ie how much fuel was burned during the last 15 minutes). First, SR with 10 units and sun directly above ship (solar power output 99). Radine usage: 34, 33, 32, 34, 35, 36, 36, 35, 36, 29, 33 Plutonium usage: 13, 12, 13, 13, 13, 14, 13, 13, 14, 11, 12 Second, SR with 0 units and sun directly above (power output 99). Radine usage: 33, 35, 24, 38, 34, 31, 34, 36 Plutonium usage: 12, 13, 9, 12, 13, 8, 8, 8 There are some numbers that are a bit lower than the rest. I need to look into those more closely. Also did acceleration test (0 -> 484). Regardless of SR setting, it takes Tommy 1 minute and 25 seconds to get from 0 to 484. Manually it's 9 seconds regardless of SR setting. Deceleration test (484 -> 0). Regardless of SR setting, Tommy: 16 seconds Manual: 6-7 seconds Further observations: LRT-10 has Solar Reactor. Whatever SR does, it does it on board of a ship without weapons, fc's, cloak and EMD! All specs listed in the appendix are not under the influence of the SR. It says "high speed" as the only changeable spec because you can also go slower (but you cannot change your high speed). All specs are fixed and if the SR would be able to change them, then in doing so the appendix would become incorrect and this is highly unlikely. "Mother" allocates 5 units of power to the SR and 5+5 to the two life supports when she has only 15 units of power available. She tells me that she thinks it's wiser to use 5 power units for SR than to use them for engine or shield!
  13. I usually draw the conclusion that there is something wrong with MY system when I'm the only one experiencing a particular problem.
  14. Tigerclaw, SC and Cruis have given you the answer I was hinting at. If you want to do something the hard way, that's your choice. I do fully understand what method you used, I just didn't understand why you said: "Okaaaaay... I already know how to do all that, but thanks anyway", and subsequently still don't use the words "Tacops-zoom" and "support units" when finding your drones. That is all.
  15. quote: simply shifting the tacops viewing plane to look around for them ??? Well, you lost me there. You say you figured it out but I'm missing a certain word in your explanation which tells me you probably haven't figured it out yet. Did you use the search-engine with the words I gave you? (you would find 2 of the 5 matches very interresting)
  16. I get the impression that you missed my point. If you can't find your drones within 5 seconds after you pressed alt+s and "observe" (asuming your pc cooperates), then it is time to use the forum's search function. Wink as in: "this is a tip" (try "finding drones" as search criteria)
  17. Used the same link as you but it still doesn't work. Sadly, I'll have to wait on #50.
  18. I've spend so much time on looking for the answer to the original question, that I don't want to be given the answer anymore. During my search for one answer (which I still don't have), I came up with 23 additional questions. Of those additional questions I've so far managed to answer 8. These 8 answers have given me more information about how my ship works and doesn't work. The list, stating the things the SR-setting doesn't influence, is getting longer and longer. One day, the answer will reveil itself. It's fun, trying to manipulate this game in such a way that it reveils a clue to the answer of your question to you. You can ask Derek but, unlike himself, his game will always give you an answer. And SC, if you do want to give the answer. Is it possible for you to write it on the surface of a planet somewhere in SP, where somebody could find it eventually?
  19. Tigerclaw, it's time for you to use "search" if you have trouble finding your drones back. Cruis, you've got mail about the "cheat".
  20. quote: Originally posted by Dennymale: it can be very useful to recognise who's talking I can relate to that. It's easy to distinguish between the European players (italian-english; finnish-english; dutch-english and even english-english)but it turns out to be a lot more difficult to distinguish between the players with an American (US) accent (at least for me). Papi, does the overlay have enough room to fit three players (maybe 4 when Remo joins the channel)(for mp matches) and still be above the TLM? And I would like to know the exact link to the source of directx you used. Thanx.
  21. quote: secondly I can't hear myself take hits against the ship either, no sounds for that? You should be able to hear a thumping sound when your armour takes hits (I'm not entirely certain whether the shield makes any noise). It's not an overwelming sound, it's the kind of noise one would expect if some-one is stamping the floor in the corridor behind the bridge.
  22. Tried your direct link Cruis and had a look at the link from Chaviks Avatar. You have "j2.jpg" and all the other avatars are ".gif" Try this one
  23. There is a new alpha version of TSO (from aug 23) which has the option to choose whether you want the overlay to appear left-center or right-center. Right-center would place it just above the TLM, I guess. Unfortunately, there is a problem for TSO to recognize all the versions of directx 9b and 9c. According to the forum, TSO won't work if it doesn't know your particular version of directx; they are still working on it. For me it doesn't work yet but it could work for you.
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