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  1. Ok, all, i'm doing my best but I still cannot get the patch to work. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the BCMG. I have gotten the new patch from Dreamcatcher and have saved it in the directory C:Program Files/Dreamcatcher/3000AD/Battlecruiser Millenium Gold/. The patch is visibly in this folder. I double-click and allow it to install. The funky readme message appears and I close it. It seems to be the process that I have done with all other games I have installed, so nothing seems out of the ordinary. I then try to run the game and I only get the 1.00.4 version that comes on the CD. I feel very frustrated and have seemingly followed all the instructions. What's wrong? I will post my setup in sig menu.
  2. Thanks Spin. I uninstalled/reinstalled once, and have downloaded numerous copies of the patch (even from different download sites). Nothings seems to work. But I will go thru the process again later and hope somethings catches. I initially had the patch installed, but I was getting countless crashes and screen freezes (anyone have the same problems?). That's when i uninstalled/reinstalled and cannot now get the patch to work. Just seems strange. Oh well, I'll try again later.
  3. Thanks SC and all who posted. I still cannot get the patch to work. I did not change anything when i installed BCMG. I also copied the patch to the BCMG folder and tried running it from there, but to no avail. Is there a specific folder or file within the BCMG folder that I need to copy the patch into? I've looked for anything saying .exe, but cannot find it Sorry if i'm a technical knucklehead, but let me know if i'm doing something wrong.
  4. I am having a problem getting my BCMG to patch to the 1.01 version. I get the patch from the Dreamcatcher site, save it on my desktop, then double click it to install. It seems to install, but after clicking finish, I get an error stating that it cannot find a readme file with strange characters for the file name. I click ok to exit, it all then disappears. Now I run the game, but i only get the default 1.00.04 version that ive had all along. I had successfully installed the patch earlier in the evening, but i was getting crashes and freezing, so i uninstalled, then reinstalled. Since that time, i get the above patch problem. Im pulling my hair out in frustration. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, what am i missing?
  5. Just so that everyone knows-I did disconnect the Nostromo controller, which resulted in perfect mouse flight control. Thanks again Spin.
  6. Thanks Spin-I don't have a joystick attached, but I do have a Nostromo controller connected. It's not exactly a joystick (which probably didn't make me think about it), but I will remove it and see if that fixes it. Again, thanks for the info.
  7. I have read the threads pertaining to the problem of mouse flight and inability to yaw (I can only roll). I see the talk about a -j command line. Since I have not dealt with this before, can someone tell me the specific steps to correct my mouse flight controls? I do have the use of the left/right buttons for yaw, but this just lowers the realism of mouse flight, which I have used in other spaceflight games and absolutely love. Also, just want to give cudo's to this game-it is exactly what I have always been looking for insofar as a space sim. It's very complex, but the absolute best!
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