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  1. Well, finaly i install the game. Everything is OK. SC you┬┤re correct about the version (1.00.4). The entire file have 667.352 KB. Download duration 2:58 hs (average speed 63 KB/S). No problems in put the order, no problems to receive the CDKEY, no problems with download link. Game was instaled and activated OK(one left). Now i will use the updater tool, and have some fun !!!!
  2. Yes, everything is OK. I receveid the license number and name. I receveid a e-mail with the link to download the game, right now i┬┤m in work, but soon i will go home...
  3. Great !!!! Finaly. I buy it a few minutes from Digital e-river .... when i come home (soon) i will download it... and start the party !!!!
  4. Please, any (new) prevision about online sales from download sites ?
  5. This game is very similar to Fallout, if you want try : http://www.metalheart.ru/english/info.html
  6. I┬┤m just waiting for download sites !!!(with my credit card in hands...)
  7. All screenshots are incredible, but the Mars terrain is my favorite !!
  8. Ok I understand the point, but unfortunaly computer games have a great price for brazilan gamers (because the money exchanges and import taxs from government).... The first battlecruiser was sold in stores (Brasoftware) not only in magazine. The magazine release occurred two or tree years after the stores.
  9. quote:Originally posted by jamotto: Space Empires: Starfury this game deserves more close attention. It┬┤s a small, simple and good game. Very interesting...in my opinion and suggest
  10. quote:Originally posted by Fred-Z: Hello, I downloaded BCM and instaled in my computer (AMD 1.0Ghz, 256mb sharing 64mb). My OS is Win2k (i made all update with windows update), the direct x is 9.0c. I realy want to play BCM (i have the other 2 free versions, and here in Brazil there is no any Battlecruiser game to buy). But when i try to play, i see this mensage: "Entry Point not Found The procedure entry point GetRawInputDeviceInfoW can't be located in USER32.dll". I saw that this is about direct x, but i dont know how to fix it. Someone can help me??? The first Battlecruiser (take-two) was sold in Brasil (I have it). And with Internet (and a valid credit card)you don┬┤t need to buy a game only in Brasil. Most of the Best games relesead around the world aren┬┤t sold in Brasil stores, just when it┬┤s released by "big" companies (like EA).
  11. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: quote:Originally posted by almostpilot: www.taikodom.com.br A space game MMO. The Beta teste are open for everyone (until now). But only in portuguese. Great game !!! try screenshots. Is the client only in Portugese as well? The client install is in english, but the "agreement", user login creation e ingame text are in portuguese. There is a link do cliente download : http://www.taikodom.com.br/index.php?center=beta_downloads If you need any translation feel free to ask. please choose a "181 MB" link to download. the other (small) is a patch for a previous version (you will don┬┤t need this)
  12. www.taikodom.com.br A space game MMO. The Beta teste are open for everyone (until now). But only in portuguese. Great game !!! try screenshots.
  13. I had some problems with internet connection and could not delete my last post. But i agree with a darkling in your point of view about a child job in Brazil, for many reasons is better for a child works than stay in streets. Of course we need a "better" governement and politics to bring education, health and other things to childrem and population...
  14. quote:Originally posted by Darkling: You know what's funny about that. I remember reading a story about Kathy Lee Giford and how they were using Child Labor to make some of her Clothes in Brasil. Now one thing that you need to know about Brasil is that they don't have things like Child Protective Services as we do here in the US, and pretty much if you're an Orphan or abandoned, you end up on the street with NO WAY of earning a living other than rummaging through garbage or stealing. The Owner of the particular shop that was making Kathy's clothing felt sorry for these street kids (which most people in the country despise and feel should be LOCKED UP) so he gave quite a few of them jobs in the shop. He basically paid them wages that was higher than the average for Brasil and they were able to afford housing, food clothing, basically take care of themselves. Of course after the US got a whiff of these "Sweat Shops" they demanded that they get rid of this horrible "Child Labor", and so the owner had no choice but to fire all of the kids. Eventually he was forced out of business becuase he lost the contract. The US applaudes a Victory and the Children end up back in the street, stealing, rummaging through trash and so on to make a living. The point that I'm making is that before you go in High and Mighty wanting to shut down these jobs, you had better have a way of dealing with the underlying problem of why these people were working these jobs to begin with. Lets face reality. People all over the world are STARVING to death, kids in India, Thailand and other places are being forced into Prostitution by thier families becuase there are NO jobs, even of the "Sweat Shop and Slave Labor" that you complain about. What I've noticed specifically about you Nomad is that you have a very protectionist view of the world in that you don't want Imports coming in from these countries, becuase you feel that your fellow countrymen will lose their jobs. Well at least if they lose their jobs, they live in a country where they won't be allowed to starve to death. The same can't be said about the places where you DON'T want to jobs to go. One of the reasons that wages are so low in many of these developing countries is because there are so few jobs for the masses of people......... [/QB]
  15. quote:Originally posted by jamotto: This is a good game. They are planning on releasing a new version here soon.
  16. Elder Scrolls oblivion Parkan II BCNG
  17. OK, my apologizes. I'm playing the game with a fresh install (Because i format my HD), cd + 2.00.00+ 2.00.30 rc8, and only get back my SAVES files. But i will try to install again the entire game (later)and start from the older saves. But i can't do this in the next days. when i try again i will post the results. Thanks.
  18. OK, and about "half brain" part. But it's not the problem. I was ironic just because this. SC made a game that i love and i just try to report a problem to improve the game. I was polite until the already told before. Not Inteligent enough ? I don't (never) said this.
  19. I'm not insulting SC, and if you think this, i apologize you, others and SC. But i'm just using the same "kind of words" used before. Just it.Please read the entire topic.
  20. I'm sorry but this is not a POINTLESS topic. Obviously you was not capable to reproduce the problem, but it's exist in UC. I try to explain better, so anyone without brain could understand (and see, just keep the eyes open). arrive in Majoris using a tacops to zoon to planet observe majoris and choose the land zone in the midle of the ocean zoom to mzone and choose the mscene(where go the ocean ???) Well, the naval carrier and the other assets over the terrain I can't believe let me put my glasses !!!! Yes, i think that i can't see any ocean around here !!! can't you ????
  21. Ok. Is majoris00(Sbase)/scene_nbase01. Thanks.
  22. Well, i┬┤m not know if this a problem or exist other explanation. I'm going to majoris (using 2.00.30 rc8) and when i arrives there, the Majoris Planet is the same than earth. I use TACOPS to put a navpoint to land in majoris. The planet map is just like earth planet. I choose a "base" in the middle of the ocean, then when i zoom to surface to put a first nav point (in the middle of the ocean) i see the NAVAL CARRIER and other NAVAL assets over the terrain surface, not over the ocean. I have the screenshots about every step, and about naval carrier over the terrain. Please help. Thanks. [ 05-17-2005, 08:33 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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