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  1. It's a pity.Better anyone said anything before !!!
  2. Thanks Cmdr Chavik, about "Singe" it is very explanative. My english is not so good (forgive me about that). I have some questions about UC information (This is not clear for me, and, please SC if you could spend your time with me...), but I'm not sure about how do it, without a "bad" english language 1)The first question is : have I yet in UC, space flight sim ? 2)have We will a move transition between space and planetary surface ? 3) Roam flight are there ? thanks a lot
  3. 3D cockpits are so cool !!! I don,t understand why the new games don┬┤t use it. Thanks for screenshots !!!!!
  4. All shots are a great work of art !!!! In the Shot 8, Is "Nautilus" there (top left) ?
  5. Je ne parle pas français, je parle Brasilian.... But IF someone will make a manual in other languages, please don´t forget to make it in portuguese, too. The "hope" is the last thing will die...!!!!
  6. I┬┤m New in the BC world(newbie of course!!)and english is not my native language, and I want to ask for everybody : "Are there somebody who speaks portuguese in this foruns ? If the answer is yes and you cold spend some time with help a newbie,please let me Known in my particular e-mail or private message, because I┬┤m need some help with BC game, and is difficult understand some particular things in english manual
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