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  1. Still no mp capability... But I'm cruising about. I can still get an ocasional hyperphotonic signal out.
  2. Falstaff

    July Roll Call

    Been climbing rocks in Colorado. No cell phones, no land lines, no mail, nothing. Please do not remove me from the rolls.... But I am not available for MP. Nor do I think I will be since my internet access is still limited to work and the IT labs at the University.
  3. If you bring the disabled shuttle in close to the cc with the towing shuttle, target it and attempt capture, your cc shields will go down and the tractor beam will activate. Then order the towing shuttle halt and then deactivate its tractor beam. You will "hand off" the shuttle at that time. I've had this happen to me a few times.
  4. Supreme Commander. You Sir, are an upright, standup good fellow. Just read the VCF for the latest patch. Thanks much, and I am releaved to know that it was an actual issue, not a wild goose chase because of my lack of computer skills. And again, thanks. I will be down on the ground harrassing Insurgents tonight.
  5. Sorry for the major delay sir. It sucks to only have internet access at work. I've tried it even with defaults. I just thought the loadout oddity I discovered later might be indicative of where the problem might lie in the software. I have no clue really, just thought I'd give all the information I could.
  6. Ha! See SC! I'm not the only one!!!!!! Hey, Neogray.... Get some that are voice activated. Then you'll only be disturbed when a klaxon sounds and don't have to listen to every little blurble of ship noise.
  7. Oh wow... I went to Acadamy with Marvin.. Go class of.... uh... class of..... Uh..... class of three-thousand-frznshff-zrtnt <--uninteligable noise.
  8. Well, here goes. Career: Commander Location: Mars, Starpath. Earth, Galcom HQ. I do not think it is location dependant. Asset: Has occured with both Nightstar and Violon. I do not think it is asset dependant. Commander profile #5, #6, and #7. I do not think it is profile dependant. Situation: I send the AE to the transporter room. Beam him down to do some sniping planetside. Beam him back up. Send AE back to transporter room to attempt to beam him down to either the same or different location and CTD as soon as the "deploy" button is clicked. Self-troubleshooting steps: updated to latest version of UC. Updated sound, video, and via chipset drivers. Updated to win2000 service pack 4. Uninstalled/reinstalled UC. Lowered video acceleration. Lowered sound acceleration. Turned sound off. Lowered video acceleration as low as possible. Cleared start programs. Closed exteraneous background processes. (In other words, everything in the troubleshooting FAQ) At this time I have been unable to find a fix. I have found a work-around of sorts, that poses its own oddity. If I save the game before beaming down the second time and restore, I can beam down successfully. However, my firearm is no longer a sniper rifle, but the default assault rifle. Checking my AE's equipment before beamdown verifies that I should have a sniper rifle..... Maybe there is something messed up with the AE's equipment tracking process? I hope I got the format right. If I missed something I expect a siddown.
  9. I am a student and employee at the University of Oklahoma. I am studying for a Health and Sports Sciences degree. I hope to be able to make Exercise Physiology, but since that is very intense stuff I may opt for Health Promotion. I lug cases of xerox paper all over campus as my employment. My hobbies include computer games, BC series especially, gardening (yeah, imagine that), bodybuilding, and cooking. I am 31 I have been married 5 years, 6 as of this comming May 2nd. I have one step-son, 14 going on a$%h*le. (I joke, he's a really great kid). I have three cats and one labrador.
  10. I really miss the OTS weapons with the progressively larger mushroom clouds for the larger bombs. I don't drop as many OTS with BCMG and UC because there just isn't the same feeling of satisfaction without the Hiroshima effect.
  11. Thanks SC. I tried changing the object definitions to change speed/ shots/ etc.. But that was too damaging to the game balance for me. Having a carrier zip about like a fighter just doesn't feel right. The only change I really liked using that technique was to lengthen the range, damage, and lifetime of the mines. Now mines really are a threat. The reason I would like to be able to change Assets.ini again is that it is much more realistic to imagine altering the composition of the craft. Removing cargo space to widen bays. Upgrading type of craft carried. Stuff like that.
  12. Another dumb question/statement like thing... Has Assets.ini been re-locked? I used to be able to play with it. Now I can't. It kicks me back to windows every time. Is there a way for me to unprotect it? Gee. I like these emoticons. Their neat.
  13. I put them into orbit because I assumed, from my internal story-line of why they were there, that they would have been ejected in orbit before the ship that carried them crash landed on the planet below. Thus they would be in orbit, waiting for the next lucky soul to happen upon them. They are so rare and precious you wouldn't want them to burn up on a failed reentry would you? But I can put them near the planet instead. However, this may run the risk of NPCs buggering off with them before the players can find them. This would be a pain in the hiney.
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