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  1. vogelap

    Dreamcatcher Rights - BCM Gold/Universal Combat

    This is cool news. Thanks for doing that, Derek!
  2. vogelap

    UC in Canada

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: And you can't find it because - according to DC - its selling like mad.I am really happy to hear that, and hope it continues to sell well for a long time!
  3. vogelap

    OMG.. Guess what I found!

    I've got every edition of the BC series that Derek has released... Including a signed copy of one of them!
  4. vogelap

    UC using Gunships

    I really like those pics. Amazing stuff. I'm having fun getting re-aquainted with the universe in The Game... I'd love to see more "TRY THIS!" type fun things to do in UC.
  5. vogelap

    Vehicle Aim point off

    I noticed something comperable... The bars on the left side of the screen do not line up with their text description (Sheild, Armor, etc)... They're all shifted a bit. The screenshot here does not exhibit the problem I am experiencing. I'm running the Game at 1024x768. If necessary, I can get a screenshot showing the issue this weekend. Anyone else seeing this issue?
  6. vogelap

    UC appendices in printable PDF format

    quote:Originally posted by Cougar_DK: Would it be possible to make it easier to print i.e. no background color and one asset per page?That would be awesome. I'll hold off printing it until we hear if that's possible.
  7. vogelap

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Thats not the splash screen. That screen is the SafeDisc splash screen.Gotcha. I misspoke when I called it the splash screen instead of the Safedisc splash screen. Still, it was strange to see that when I was expecting UC! Otherwise, I'm enjoying the more-intuitive menu scheme and new graphics engine. I also agree that the FPS aspect could use some improvement to bring it into line with the quality of the rest of the game.
  8. vogelap

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    It was a little jarring to me to see a BATTLECRUISER GENRATIONS splashscreen when I coulda sworn the product I bought was UNIVERSAL COMBAT. Yup. That's what the box says. The CD too. But the splash screen calls it BATTLECRUISER GENERATIONS. Strange. I also had the sinking thought of, "I've bought this game before" when I finally got into the game. The graphics look much nicer, though. Not much time right now to play with it more, but I'll give it more time soon!
  9. vogelap

    Universal Combat - First Impressions

    Well, I just got my copy of UC from Electronics Boutique, and am quite excited to get back into this world. In my anxiousness to step back in and see the latest offering from the mind of Derek Smart, I installed it on my machine at work machine. As expected, it didn't run on my aging rig here (my video card isn't nearly strong enough!), so I've got to wait a while more before installing it. I wanted to tell you about the conversation I had with the sales guy at Electronics Boutique... I came in and picked up the game and we chatted a bit while he was ringing me out. He said he'd heard a lot of great stuff about the game, and that he'd sold three other copies (in addition to mine) today. He'd even pulled a copy of UC off the shelves 'with intent to buy'. I think our conversation cemented his purchase decision. Congratulations to DS from an old-timer, and I'm anxious to get into this new world!
  10. vogelap

    A Blast From The Past

    I've been here since the VERY FIRST version of BC. In fact, I've got a copy of the very first one on my shelf at home, as one of my prized possessions. What a long, strange trip, eh?
  11. vogelap

    Blooper on the front of the BCM box

    Actually, I found ANOTHER error on the box. An ADVERTISING error. Or maybe it's an error with The Game. See, on the box, big as life, it says, "A DEREK SMART SIMULATION". I'm standing in the store, thinking, "Gee... It would be REALLY cool to be Derek Smart! I've always wanted to be an independent game developer -- or EVEN BETTER -- play a simulation of an independent game developer! And here is a simulation that allows me to do just that!" So, I plunked down my money and bought the game. I expected to be able to boot into the Derek Smart Simulation and experience life through Derek's eyes (as rendered by my GeForce ULTRA) -- see him getting up in the morning, showering, shaving, eating breakfast, maybe reading the newspaper, writing code, debugging, planning enhancements, taking a drive in the Florida sunshine, and just generally running his empire. However, as I play this Derek Smart simulation, I can't find ANYTHING in the on-screen display that indicates that I am, in fact (well, in VIRTUAL fact) Derek Smart. False advertising? I think SO! (Just in case you don't already know -- I'M KIDDING!)
  12. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: There are screenshots in the BCM screenshots part of the website of the billboards. Which page of screenshots? I looked at all 15 pages of thumbnails for something that looked like a billboard, but didn't see anything that caught my eye.
  13. quote:Originally posted by ooJAYoo: Has anyone come across in the midst of space any Tribles, Space Flies or Space Whales (These were found in Star Glider, I may be showing my age here)... anything wierd I mean etc. I remember these from Star Glider! Wow... We're OLD! It would be kinda fun if Derek would scatter a BUNCH of things out and around in the galaxy... Maybe an award or even a prize for someone who maps them all. Heck, I'm still waiting to see a screenshot of those billboards I'm hearing about!
  14. vogelap

    Magnetic boots

    How about some screenshots of you hanging upside down!? I'd love to see them...
  15. vogelap

    BCM v1.0.02 (FINAL) Patch Released

    quote:After all, who whould want to download a patch when you don't have the actual game? The release of this patch unfortunately coincided with the release of the RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN demo, so servers across this great land were slowed due to demand. The BCM patch has been downloaded 575 times from FilePlanet at the time of this message.