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  1. Don't worry. They'll make a T.V. Series out of it.
  2. If there was any doubt that Jack was indeed a nutter, that right there proves it.
  3. GuardianFilms penetrates Iraq's most dangerous province to report on how the Iraqis themselves have turned on al-Qaida. I still laugh though when they keep saying that they've done things the Americans couldn't do in four years. Well, hello. Of course not. Not without the help of the country's population.
  4. Wow, a lot has happened since I went on hiatus. Sorry to hear about that $ilk.
  5. Another update. Everything is still going quite well with this rig however the memory stick hasn't kept its part of the bargain. About two months ago I started getting random BSODs in XP. Thought nothhing of it at first then started thinking something got messed up with XP install. It seemed to only do it when I went to certain sites that had some flash content. Not all sites either which was kind of odd. So, last night I broke down and reinstalled the XP after low level formating the hard drive. After all that it still was doing it with nothing else installed. So I redid the whole process all over again this time taking out all the cards except for the video. Nope, was still doing it. Found out about this free memory test program memtest86+ (latest version 1.70) and ran that. Didn't give the full time for the test this morning but after 30 minutes I already had 965 errors. Now I have to contact PQI since it did come with a lifetime warranty. Just thought I'd let you all know. Also, I've had no problems playing the games either in the past two months. Very strange that.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Chavik: If this is still a minor child you could take the time to contact the Dept. of Human Resources, Child Protective Services, or wahtever it is called yourself. Otherwise you could put him in touch with a church. You could also do a Dear Abby and try to convince him to see a school counselor. I would only use the government agencies as a last resort. Take it from first hand experience, stay far away from them as possible. Otherwise, Kalshion, maybe you can find him some free tutoring and help him out with his school work and all that. What about his dad?
  7. The way I see it, the first thing to do is kick the media out of Iraq which should have been done from the very beginning. They should not have been allowed in there in the first place until everything was done. It's not too late, get the media out of there now and put a total media blackout on Iraq. Hence, eliminating any sounding board for the nutters and terrorists that are using the media for their own agenda. Why do I say this? I was watching NBC news here in NYC last Thursday or Friday and Brian Williams was interviewing and woman who has been over in Iraq reporting the news. I was quite surprised however when Williams ask the reporter "what about all the good things over there that we know is going on?" She used this response as an example, "I see children walking to school everyday in bagdad, just like over here in the states, but that they will not report such stories for fear of putting those kids in danger." Do you see where I'm going with this? The next step would be for the politicians to step back and let the military commanders do what they need to do and stop the the backseat driving. Politicians are not military commanders.
  8. Wait a minute, doesn't Bethesda owns all the rights to any Fallout MMORPG title and Fallout series 3 to 5?
  9. quote:Originally posted by Joel Schultz: With government you never know. Maybe that wasn't a mistake. Yeah, I was thinking that.
  10. So, I was just reading CNN and catching up on some news when I saw this news headline: "Leahy wants FBI to help corrupt Iraqi police force". CNN News Screen Capture image (before they realize their mistake) Actuall CNN news link.
  11. The one thing that puzzles me and the one thing thing that's kind of contrary to media reports is the condition of the currency exchange rate. Since the end of the war and the introduction of the bremer iraqi dinar, it has actually increased in value. It started out at 1695 dinar for every dollar. It's fluctuated all over the place. Dipped a bit to 1491 in september but now has maintained a value of 1424. The lowest I've ever seen it. Seems the banks aren't all that worried about what's going on over there. CBI: Current rate PDF file: Currency exchange history.
  12. warning: Violence, blood and gore. Nice!!! Youtube: Bioshock I just hope they don't muck it up for the PC. Since it's from the creators of system shock 2, I have hope.
  13. Video: CNN: Jimmy Carter accused of distorting history Am I mistaking when I thought that the territory the Israelies occupy was won during the Arab-Israeli war when Egypt, Syria, jordan, Lebanon and Iraq and others attacked the newly established State of Israel which they refused to recognize.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: I wish someone would develop a Lost In Space game. Oh hi there. Glad to see someone thinks about me here.
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