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  1. Don't worry. They'll make a T.V. Series out of it.
  2. If there was any doubt that Jack was indeed a nutter, that right there proves it.
  3. GuardianFilms penetrates Iraq's most dangerous province to report on how the Iraqis themselves have turned on al-Qaida. I still laugh though when they keep saying that they've done things the Americans couldn't do in four years. Well, hello. Of course not. Not without the help of the country's population.
  4. The way I see it, the first thing to do is kick the media out of Iraq which should have been done from the very beginning. They should not have been allowed in there in the first place until everything was done. It's not too late, get the media out of there now and put a total media blackout on Iraq. Hence, eliminating any sounding board for the nutters and terrorists that are using the media for their own agenda. Why do I say this? I was watching NBC news here in NYC last Thursday or Friday and Brian Williams was interviewing and woman who has been over in Iraq reporting the news. I was quite surprised however when Williams ask the reporter "what about all the good things over there that we know is going on?" She used this response as an example, "I see children walking to school everyday in bagdad, just like over here in the states, but that they will not report such stories for fear of putting those kids in danger." Do you see where I'm going with this? The next step would be for the politicians to step back and let the military commanders do what they need to do and stop the the backseat driving. Politicians are not military commanders.
  5. Wait a minute, doesn't Bethesda owns all the rights to any Fallout MMORPG title and Fallout series 3 to 5?
  6. The one thing that puzzles me and the one thing thing that's kind of contrary to media reports is the condition of the currency exchange rate. Since the end of the war and the introduction of the bremer iraqi dinar, it has actually increased in value. It started out at 1695 dinar for every dollar. It's fluctuated all over the place. Dipped a bit to 1491 in september but now has maintained a value of 1424. The lowest I've ever seen it. Seems the banks aren't all that worried about what's going on over there. CBI: Current rate PDF file: Currency exchange history.
  7. warning: Violence, blood and gore. Nice!!! Youtube: Bioshock I just hope they don't muck it up for the PC. Since it's from the creators of system shock 2, I have hope.
  8. Video: CNN: Jimmy Carter accused of distorting history Am I mistaking when I thought that the territory the Israelies occupy was won during the Arab-Israeli war when Egypt, Syria, jordan, Lebanon and Iraq and others attacked the newly established State of Israel which they refused to recognize.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Wolferz: I wish someone would develop a Lost In Space game. Oh hi there. Glad to see someone thinks about me here.
  10. Don't believe the hype. I'm 47 and I've yet to suffer mid life crisis.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Firehawk: I did some looking on the web and found someone who actually replaced the piston engines with turbine engines. The pictures of it are amazing; the engines are a little larger than a hair dryer. Pictures of Cri Cri w/Jet Engine Wow that's even nicer. Better and safer for commuting everyday. I could forsee the prop engine version doing some pedestrian damage.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: If you would keep Mitch in your thoughts and prayers, I would appreciate it, even if you disagree with him. I shall do that. All the best to him and the rest. Especially during the big holiday coming up. As for the rest, I was thinking the same thing. You only hear about bagdad having the major issues not much from anywhere else. Well, just as stated, you go to where the center of power is to cause trouble. I really really really really really hate our media.
  13. Thing doesn't look any bigger than an SUV. Could possibly take the congestion out of traffic using as a commuting vehicle.
  14. I was keeping my eye on the story updates as well. I was hoping they'd find him alive but once they reported clothing articles I had a bad feeling that they wouldn't but I still had hope.
  15. Remember what spock said, " After a time, you may find having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical ÔÇô but it is often true."
  16. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Clinton lied, and not went to jail. Senators steal, take bribes, and don't lose their jobs, at most they "appologise" and maybe step down (which is laughable). We the people get abused, and are ALWAYS just one beurocrat (judge, policeman, IRS agent, ect..) away from having ALL our posessions confiscated, land siezed, life ruined, and time in prison. And that's an everyday occurence. Starting from the immenent domain law, going through the fees/taxes bleed, and ending like those ranchers (in Arizona was it, or New Mexico), having their property confiscated because they kicked ILLEGALS off of it. Now THAT's a police state. A state where the government (the state) is POLICING it's citizens. Case in point. Alan Hevesi New York Comptroller. Twice stole tax payers money to pay for private affairs. This time it came out right before this past elections. He claims he had forgotten to pay it back. Twice in a row he forgot? Meanwhile, employees that work in his office have been fired for less by him. What makes matters worse, the people of NY still voted him back into office. OMFG! People wonder why the way I am towards politicians and the voting public here in NY. Then again, it is a democratic strong hold. That should tell you something. The NY Times: Alan G. Hevesi There's a lot to read but it's worth it. He did come out with a campaign ad in the middle of the brouhaha and appologized still claiming it was oversight on his part. He better remember that when one of the employees at his office makes a mistake.
  17. Google video: America: Freedom To Fascism 1 hour 49 minutes. Pretty much what I knew and know especially with the illegal cigarette taxes.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Got link? http://www.battlefront.com/products/dropteam/
  19. BuzzHumor: Star Trek, and the guy in the red shirt. The transporter segment is hilarious.
  20. Where is Frodo when you need him? Director Peter Jackson has been told he will not be hired to direct a movie based on JRR Tolkien novel The Hobbit, despite the nearly $US3 billion ($A3.9 billion) global box office success of his Lord of the Rings trilogy, according to a letter Jackson wrote to fan site TheOneRing.net. Oh boy
  21. I got the game yesterday and was playing all night. Wow, on medium detail and 1024x768 85hz rez and 5.1 audio just wow. There is a little screen lag but nothing to write home about. I like that you don't start out as a raving weakling either. They took into account the other two game experience. Still, it would be nice if games like this you could import your old character into it. However, I did kick the butt out of the first batch of orcs after the begining cut scene is over. Came away with some good plunder. The sword fighting isn't as dumbed down as I was led to believe. Movement keys sequence with left mouse button click does give one different attack swings much like in the other gothics but that auto target lock has to go. So far, no crashes or lockups as others seem to be complaining about. Gamespot doesn't have an in house review and reader reviews average out to 8.1. That's mostly where I read about some bugs and other issues. Haven't experienced it yet. There is already two patches but I haven't used any of them yet. Also, this game was designed with dual core in mind and 64bit. Here are some files on the game DVD: AMD_DualCore_Optimizer.exe amdcpusetup.exe DrvSetup_x64.exe Maybe after christmas I'll treat myself to dual core. I don't need to upgrade the mobo because it's dual core ready.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Cruiser: Oh man, an here I hoped for a happy day myself... sucks to be non-American If you notice, I made the greeting general so that it would apply globally.
  23. To everyone. Hope you guys have a good family gathering and that the food is excellent.
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