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  1. someone should just create a real time machine and go see what really happend and maybe everyone will shutup for once but I guess time isnt really a place... oh well
  2. ninja > pirate hehe thats kinda funny actually its like a modern trojan horse it should format their hard drive too heheh and then cause the hardware to short out and then cause the monitor to expload hopefully causeing physical harm to the user...
  3. now wait is this a stungun or a taser??? cus the cop says taser in the article but the title has stungun... stungun is long range(shoots an electrode at the victem attached to a wire not like shooting lightning or anything hehe) and taser is the little handheld device with the electrical arc which you tough on the victem's skin
  4. quote:Originally posted by Wolfheart why?? Is it because it doesnt fit in your all-knowing common sense?? I feel sorry for those men,working their whole life to find stuff which you can disprove by your common sense within secs no i meant if your going to defend evolution since supposedly we came from monkies(i dont dismiss the possibility) who are not as smart as humans but there are still alot of dumb humans lol although they are mostly stupid by choice or circumstance still no one has answerd my question of why monkies are still monkies and not something more close to a human
  5. I guess one could raise the argument that there still are alot of dumb people in the world...
  6. If that were the case then why would we have to be smarter if we were meant to run faster??? and why are there still monkeys anyways? Wouldnt they have been naturally selected for extinction by now being dispaced by us?
  7. quote:Originally posted by Ockham A human/thing is not a human when "it" does not fit our definition of "human" or "it" is not human if and when we choose not to recognize "it" as human As is "we" had the wisdom to make that decision...
  8. actually you dont want things to be exactly in the center, your mind will get confused because your eyes are moving all around the picture or image and you dont realize it
  9. Wolfheart I have this theory that all true knowledge is equal in the sense that if two people think about a certain thing long enough that eventually they will both come to the same conclusion (also this keeps me from being vain and going to an expensive college hehe because 1+1=2 is the same thing anywhere so why pay more for the same thing) heh interesting how we began this conversation with birth control pills and now we are talking about evolution and eternity
  10. you use ranged weapons vs melee weapons the police made the wisest choice now melee vs ranged requires more skill (has anyone here played metal gear solid?)
  11. quote: Originally posted by Wolfheart Science is also a system based on certain beliefs but lets not get there..Im not missing anything,I see your point and I disagree because if we are to strictly follow human(I dont mean humanity,I mean *one* human) life cycle we'll see it goes back to eternity(if we dont confuse ourselves with books which thinks otherwise).What I dont get is you follow humans life cycle to "sperm enters egg" but the same you for some strange reason stop there,because that "person" exist in sperm and egg before they meet each other,I dont think there is any magic in fertilization;if we follow "strict logic" we should find out that its just a period in human life.Of course thinking that way would be disasterous in practical issues,so we should find a practical(doesnt need to be perfect) solution.And I think the best solution would be to say we are human after were born(again I know its not perfect but its better than chasing shadows). Though I know why you wont understand me .Its because as much as you try to think scientifically,you will still have concepts like "first,beginning" while my thoughts are based on the argument "life goes back to forever".Hence my referance to your holy book. yes yes I know life goes back to when God created everything, but im talking about one human now not all humans across history Since you seem to belive in destiny(I belive in free will but apparently God knows all the choices we will make so perhaps we do have a destiny in a sense) so I will change my argument to the "physical human life cycle" Here is my logic: the egg and sperm are just two halves of a new whole. Its only the genetic information that comes togeather like if you had a blueprint and it was cut in half... If the two halves come togeather then the "physical" human life cycle is set in motion because the mother's body builds off of that "blueprint" isnt that the same for anything else that reproduces sexually? the only difference being animals that lay eggs since their yoke has all that is required to "build off the blueprint" once it is fertilized
  12. thats kinda like if i invented the time machine id pay myself a visit.... so i guess i dont invent the time machine....
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