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  1. Danm well i geuss ill have to buy a X-box now.
  2. Thanks for the show of support Vlad . BTW i pick a good choke point In space where several systems meet and hit all the trade that comes into or out of the sector. So enemy stations arent really a problem. Also Raider stations are fairley spread around if you need quick supplies or repair Being Raider kicks Outcast
  3. Well im a noob so my opinion may not (and probally doesn't) matter, but i personally like being hated and tring to hide from militaries and other do-gooders. It adds more "spice" to life, i mean we all played hide and seek as kids right? Why not hide from the militaries and seek merchants? Not only do you make money but you have little or no boundries and you can kill basically anythin you see fit to. Well thats my 2 cents.
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