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  1. *NEWS ALERT *********** Good Evening Trogdor here reporting.. Various sensors have just detected a large fleet leaving the Cyronian area, headed for a unknown destination. Staff on the planet tell us the fleet has left a great devastation in its wake, leaving the enemy totally decimated.. But the question we all ask is what becomes of this war next, this war, sveral months old, has seen the destruction of both Gammulan homeworlds, and the Liberation of those under Gammulan rule.. The Commander of the fleet has told us that this war will soon shift to finding the remnents, the hold outs of the Gammulan Empire if you will, while being ever alert on any large groups of Gammulans. The Gammulan infrastructure, command and control, it has all fallen apart.. and the universe is in celebrtion at the fall of one of the worst Empires ever known..we will keep you up to date on this war, until its conclusion.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Most: By the way are u stationed at Damneck, VA. like 2 minutes away from VA Beach. I was just there for Intel training. I no longer like the beach after that course. I'm a Sergeant in the Marine Corps. I see there's a few military people here at BC hooked on this game. Yes I am at Damneck small world
  3. (FCSN = what i am in the navy FC is my rate. FC = Fire controlman. I work with and maintain/fix the electrical components and circuitry in weapons. I also operate and fire those weapons. SN is my rank, Seaman. In January itll be FC3, Ill be a Petty Officer 3rd class. ****** BREAKING NEWS ********** Good evening, Im Trogdot your anchor As the Conflict in gammulan space intensifies we at terran network news continue to bring you the action. Cyron IV Continues to fall under Heavy bombardment , with Hostile targets Being attacked iN many areas of the Planet, the fleet is huge making accirate command and control essential. The fleet has taken some losses but this operation continues to mount. Hostile targets are ttacking the fleet, many not even orignal participants in this war. The Commander of this war estimates the battle On Cyron IV should be wrapped up within a week, and the fleet will move onto the next planet. The Fleet is confident the war is in the bag, with both gammulan homeworlds rendered nothing but lifeless abysses by the Random weapons deployed agaisnt them, Gammulan forces are scattered. Rumours are even floating around the Liberated LVL 103 that The Gammulan leadership that is still alive is floating out surrender ideas though we cant confirm that.
  4. quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Most: did u die? i really wanted to know if u succeeded or not. He probably died. Which is why you haven't heard back from him since. Nah, more like he got shipped out for duty. According to his info he's a navy fire controlman. Typical military just when conquest is at hand they ship ya off somewhere else . Yep..spent the last couple weeks busy workign with a transmitter on the Phalanx Gun. Im back in the game though, and regular news reports should follow suit.
  5. ***NEWS ALERT**** The Invasion fleet continues to pound Targets on Cyron IV, not limiting themselves to any Gammulan targets, but attacking anyone foolish enough to fire on the fleet. Hell is literally pouring down from the sky as buildings and command cneters explode in hell rasing fury, mobile Missile launmchers scrambling to launch their missiles before there targetted, folks Cyrons IV's forces appear to be no match for the trly humongoid size fleet doing combat operations on this planet.
  6. **** TNN NEWS ALERT ***************** Good Evening, we bring you the evening news. Today the Fleet invovled in operation gammulan Storm came under fire while operating on Cyron IV, the agressors are believed to be Gammulan. a massive bombing /strike campaign has been launched. The skys are full of Anti Air craft fire and missiles, and you can ehar the shipsflyin above the sound of there gun fire pounding the surface, the powerful lasers destryoing targets.. we give you live feed: *** swtiches to live view of a base on Cyron IV**** Ok what were seeing here is a enemy base... You can see in the Center the command and control center, and a little ways away launch pads... *BOOM* OH my, the Command and Control Center is in flames.. *sound of Anti Air missiles flying up, and ATS missiles coming down* Wow..the base is in flames, as Lasers and ATS missiles keep pounding this area..and the command ship is high above the area pounding it with P.T.A... *****swtiches back to news cast** we will continue to bring you coverage as this conflict progresses..with Lvl 103s liberation, the two main Gammulan home worlds destroyed and with fighting breaking out here, it seems the Gammulans are slowly falling to the invasion
  7. **********NEWS ALERT************* this is TNN news... we bring you coverage of the on going Gammulan conflict, a two week lull in the war due to re supply (really though, due to the IRL military duties of the poster) and the war has resumed...I am on the starship USS Freedom with their commander, they are on their way through the Vacuum of Space to Cyron IV where a Gammulan Base is reported to exist. This fleet is fully amed and ready to do battle with the enemy, and the universe is watching anxiously especially after the success of the Liberation of LVL 103.... Could this really be the end of the cruel Gammulan Empire.. the LVL 103'ians hope so.. we will slide in again to bring you more coverage once we reach Cyron IV and see if there is a Gammulan presence, until then keep watching Terran network news
  8. ******news music***** This is a TNN News alert. We have some good days folkks. Spirits are high and cleberations are high as the last of the Gammulan forces have been ejected from LVL 103. Early today the Fleet destroyed several cluster of starbases and the last few were dispatched via OTS-Skyflash missiles. Already the celebrations grow exuberant as the Falkeries celerbate the Liberation of this planet. But we remind our viewers this is not the end of this Campaign. there are still planets where The Gammulan infestation has occured, so we asked the Commander of nthe Invasion.. whats next? "Well.. we cant really discuss that right now, well first of coruse we have tor e supply but we cant really discuss whats next, we dont want to give that planet any time to prepare, so thats privleged information" Well then Commander, how did yo do this so fast... only a week and LVL 103 is liberated "Well, theres only 2 Gammulan zones on LVL 103, the eastern desert and the western desert.. the Eastern one, the small one, was easiest and dint require alot of resoucres..though in the west we used alot more craft and alot more man power... we defnitlely had the advantage here... there morale has got to be downt oo, afterall their home worlds Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are now lifeless and barren, no life at all exists on these planets... and now there isnt a single Gammulan life form on LVL 103, and to make sure were leaving a few marines at a base here." And folks there you have it, LVL 103 is liberated. we will bring you this conflict as it develops further. which planet is next? who knows but we will be there to cover it.
  9. **** news Music **** This is a Terran news Network Alert. Repairs on the command craft of the Invasion fleet are mostly completed, with only a few systems still currently below 100%, but battle commanders tell us the ship is nready to fight again. when asked via Cx100 Radio link (x100 lightspeed transmission time), just how did the command craft survive in hostile territroy under going repair.. "well.. we had amaassed a large number of fighters from the captured station nearby... that plus the 8 fighters we have.. i called a large number of fighters off their bombing runs on LVL 103 to our defense, and it worked.. whjile some gammulan craft did attack, they were sub dued and out numbered" wow sir, thats great.. but it seems even though your insurgent forces and the gammulans are evnly matched you have a slight edge... tell me, do you know where the leader of the Gammulan people is? "we think hes dead. Aferall, we Random'ed Gamma 1 befire this war, and Gamma 2 a few days ago. we believe hes likely toast but we will keep our eyes peeled" well, whos your biggest target now, in terms of command and control ? "well... wed really like to get our hands on Darien Mane, the Head of the Gammulan War council.. in that authority, he is directly responsible for soke of the invasions and atroctiies theyve committed... and he might have valuable information.... but dead or alive is good enough for us" Oh wait commander were going to have to cut it short weve got a incoming story This just in..the largets operation of this War yet has begun with several fighter craft, NUMBEROUS accompanied by cruisers have begun attacking wide spread targets on LVL 103, in the last, and largets of the gammulan zones. *WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHH* what the? fokks over the link we have just heard a rocket fire so loud it means only one thing.. a OTS Missile has been fired, how many who knows, but OTS have been fired.. Man the Gammulans are in for a rough nite.. As always stay with us for the latest news o this conflict.
  10. *newws music*** This is a TNN news Break alert. The Command Ship of the Invasion fleet has suffered masive damage and is undergoing repair, but the good news is the last of the gammulans have been forced from the Northwest destert of lvl 103, into there eastern strong hold on the planet. it is hoped that the command craft can be repaired fast enough to resume strikes without gammulans reconstituting their forces, so while the command craft undergoes repairs by its team of engineers and its cyborg, OTS missiles are launched at Gammulan targets on LVL 103 at random intervals to keep them down... this has been a TNN Update. we will continue to bring you the news as this conflict further develops.
  11. my ship would be thye USS Mars, with 100 Missile tubes specially designed for Bugnor Missiles, 10 R.A.N.D.O.M. tubes, id assigned a goup of research engineers to build a HSD into Random for simulatenous long distance strikes,further icnreasing the ability to respond to conflict as it breaks out anywhere. The ship would be equipped with specially deisgned fighters with special bombs, that have the power of a OTS but can be dropped within the atmosphere onto targets the ship would also have several ATS missile silos for precision strikes on ground targets, and be be capable of carrying 100 Marines for quick strike forces.
  12. *** news music********** Good Evening, my name is Trogdor and as usual here is Echelon IV.. As you all know a war is currently on with the terran Insurgents seeking to rid the universe of the Gammulan threat. As this conflcit progresses further, the fleet of insurgents in the combat theatre press on, onward over the desert of LVL 103, attacking Gammulan positions but suffering somewhat heavier losses as they approach main bases on the planet. Also, it appears as if the Insurgents managed to come into possession of another R.A.N.D.O.M. Weapon and Launched it agaisnt Gamma 2, destroying the entire planet. SO as of now, the Gammulans main homeworlds are gone. It is suspected that the Gammulan Leadership, had escaped the main worlds before the RANDOM's were launched, thought possibly to have fled to LVL 103... So kuch so, at one time intelligence was thought to have identified the hiding place of Darien Mane, but after a search of the area after heavy bombardment, no body was found we have finally managed to convert data to a suitable means , which are viewable by switching your viewers to the following frequency: http://briefcase.yahoo.com/fcsa_perc we will continue to bring you updates as new information arises.
  13. YKYBPTMBCW: when you get mad and start designating FATAL targets for your fists
  14. oh doy! i cant belive i didnt figure that one out.. Paul Resnig.
  15. im new here and i wodnr who is this resnig alot of you here seem to discuss at times.
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