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  1. Which probably has a lot to do with why they included the SSD in the expansion, among other things.
  2. RAM, brother. Another Gig should take care of that. Had the same problem in SWG and it made a world of difference. And upgrading your vid card like the SC said wouldn't hurt either.
  3. Just to reiterate from another topic; Walmart.com is the best way to go so far. My copies made it to Iraq in about 7 days (order shipped on the 14th, arrived on the 21st, your 20th), so you folks stateside should have no problem getting your own within a few days. They were in stock during posting. Thanks again for this release, SC. The upgrade to the manual alone was a great addition, next to the higher resolution support. Refrain from buying from ebay, even if you are outside of the continental U.S. and Canada. I know, nobody likes waiting on a title (ahem, Fallout 3), but let those idiots sit on their copies until they are forced to sell them below retail just to get rid of them.
  4. I'm just glad my Gateway decided to play friendly. But I don't blame developers for not supporting laptops, as the friggin' manufacturers don't even support their own laptops.
  5. You constantly launch your fighters immediately after pre-flight inspection and find you have a few FEngineers going along for the ride. You thought it would be a good idea to "acquire" a few CAS gunships via your CC's tractor beam, in spirit of the TER/INS role, only to find they take up valuable real estate in your launch bays, indefinitely. It took you 4 years of playing this game to finally disable the Windows key. In your valiant effort to rid the neighboring star systems of evil and corruption you assign your fighters a "Defend->Support Unit" order, assuming it means the same thing as "Escort", except with a purpose. Next you're wondering why they hypered to the nearest enemy ODS only to be vaporized into the next life. Assuming the countless threads concerning Resnig where created to scare small children, you give him the benefit of the doubt and break for lunch. Now the flaming wreck that was once your beautiful CC is drifting into Sygan's atmosphere and all your can do is enjoy the ride.
  6. Excellent, thanks. I'm Downloading now. 8.5 MB will unfortunately take forever on this connection (forever being 15-30 minutes), but I'm up late talking to the wife anyway. I'll get back as soon as possible, unless someone else hops on that boat faster than I can. Also, I should note that I downloaded that DX driver bundle (the previously linked) from a 3rd party, so any problems I may encounter won't be result of fair testing. ***UPDATE*** Ran the patch and she works like a charm. Messed around in game for a few minutes with planetfall, hypering, Tacops, etc. And maybe it's because I'm running on 24 hours here, but the game looks a little better, I'm hearing ambient sounds I hadn't noticed before, and my load lag has been reduced. Thank you for addressing this so promptly.
  7. Not if you're playing Imperial. Vader's Executor will make short work of anything. My suggestions for dominant gameplay; Normal layout per planet is 2 ATAT's, 2 ATST's, 2 Storm Trooper platoons, and 1 Field Commander. Space wise per planet is 1 Imperial Star Destroyer and 2 Victory Class Star Destroyers. If I have a "hero" Fleet Commander (Grand Moff Tarkin, Admiral Thrawn, Vader, etc) I also throw in 2 Tie Defender squadrons, 2 Tie Phantom squadrons, and 2 Tie Bomber squadrons (for bombing runs during planetary battles). If you have a Deathstar, I suggest holding it at The Maw when you're not using it. For some reason, Rogue Squadron cannot touch it there (at least they haven't yet, anyway), which I'm sure touches on The Jedi Academy books.
  8. That's no problem at all, I appreciate the feedback. You saved me a system restore.
  9. To begin, I know this has nothing to do with the either game software or the patch. This is an issue with my computer and I am asking advice on what I need to do to alleviate this problem. Game loads, I select resume, restore, or start a new campaign, game crashes immediately after graphics are loaded. A runtime error shows, saying "R6002 - floating point support not loaded". Steps I have taken; -Noticed d3dx9_35.dll was not present on my system and installed it among others in a bundle from <a href="http://www.threelights.de/index.php?page=p...x_dll_files.php" target="_blank">http://www.threelights.de/index.php?page=p...x_dll_files.php</a> -Ensured I have the correct games, addons, and patches (UCAWA Digital Dist (641MB), UCSE-ADDON Digital Dist (175MB), USCE 1.00.03 (8.49MB) & USCE (8.82MB) ADDON patches) -Researched "R6002" and what to do about it only to come up with C++, scanff(), and other programming jargon I dare not dabble in lest I find myself with a $2000 paper weight. -Ran dxwebstup.exe, ensured I have the latest Runtime (August 2007, as directed) -"Fooled the Updater" by altering settings.ini to earlier game version (1.00.00), which shows 1.00.02, oddly, as I'm trying to update from 1.00.03. Used updater.exe and settings.ini reverted back to 1.00.02 (still shows 1.00.03 in loading, though) -Ensured I had the latest video and audio drivers for my system. -Ran "R6002" through forum search. I am not sweating this too much, as the 1.00.03 USCE D2D-ADDON patch allows me to patch over, making the game playable. But any advice is very appreciated, as I hate missing out on updates. [Edit] Eh, just noticed my System Profile Information is no longer linked (http://pasted/?). I will rectify that tomorrow after I get back.
  10. Appreciate the heads up with Walmart.com. Thankfully, they were in stock and they ship to APO's. Amazon gave me too much of a run-around and I have no idea if the pre-order(?) even went through or not (slow and sometimes unresponsive internet), as there is no record with either them or my bank. But if it does I'll end up with extra copies.
  11. Imperial Assault Looks to be a great mod. It's still in its dev stage, unfortunately, but they have some good screen shots and a pretty nice overview.
  12. Thank you very much for that link. For the life of me, "Universal Combat CollectorsÆ Edition" would not come up in any Amazon search so I almost had to resort to begging my wife to check GameStop or Best Buy for it. I'm gonna snag 2 copies, I got a buddy that is excited to check out the game and CE is the best way to go, being it has the star map and manual. Thank you for this release, SC. [Edit] Any idea when Amazon will have them in stock, I'm wondering if it would actually be quicky just to have the wife buy and mail it then wait on Amazon.
  13. The game looks beautiful. And little things, like water droplets on the camera after a bomb explodes close by, or the smoke trail of pieces of an aircraft, are what might make this game a buy. And I don't see it emulating the Battlefield series, as the game looks more like a 3rd person perspective stradegy that probably never leaves the water.
  14. Jet-Li, hands down. All of Jackie's goofball heroism would land him in trouble sooner or later.
  15. What was it, FHM or Stuff had ran a little column on the movie and said, even up to the end of the movie, the producers, directors, and what-not couldn't make up their minds on who was gonna kick who's @$$. So they shot two endings. I know the DVD will be able to show both endings, with the extra features and all, but how are they gonna pull that off in the theatre? The way a I read it, it appeared that they still hadn't decided even after they finished with the movie.
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