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  1. Here's a link: http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/17443.html Comments, additions, etc. are always welcome.
  2. I'm partial to "Path of the Fury" by David Weber. Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is pretty good too. I enjoy revenge tales.
  3. Historical fiction is far more interesting than fantasy... Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is more fantasy than realism. Hero is based on some Chinese legends... There actually WERE plenty of assassins trying to kill Emperor Qin (founder of Qin Dynasty) (It's pronounced "chin"). So the storytellers embellished it with kungfu...
  4. Guess it'll have to be the section number then. NOTE: There are TWO appendices... There's an appendix in the BCM Gold manual... AND the HTML Appendix. We need a way to distinguish them. Is there a "glossary" that can be incorporated as well? Hmmm...
  5. News update: a cabin seller has agreed to DONATE a cabin to this poor guy (there is still a $2000 reward for the cabin)... as soon as the cabin is shipped from... England (really).
  6. Let us know when you have relevant questions... We'll be here... IF you've done your research ahead of time.
  7. First of all... WHICH SHIP are you flying?
  8. Call it "interpreting the original"... At least this is more original than that "shot-by-shot recreation" of Hitchcock's "Psycho"... Now THAT is boring...
  9. I don't dig horror movies, but it's kinda cute to see the two going at each other... Kinda like when they did Aliens vs. Predator, heh? What's next? Microsoft vs. Oracle? Or should we say, Bill Gates vs. Larry Ellison?
  10. Hmmm... On a Warmonger, it's more like 10-15 km, directly in front.
  11. Wing Commander: you watch it for Saffron Burrows and the campy mood, not the mish-mash of styles, as Chris Roberts couldn't decide whether he wants to make space fighter movie or submarine movie or marine action movie. The editing only made it worse. Deep Blue Sea: Saffron Burrows again... Killer sharks, genetically enhanced, is herding the humans to their doom to escape... Think modern Jaws... except something's kinda missing in the movie. The ending twist is cute.
  12. Oh, another thing... I had no problem with fighters. I end up disabling so many of them I can't tow them all to be salvaged, and the hostile station keep sending shuttles to tow them back... And I keep killing shuttles! Basically, set speed zero. The fighter should jump to you. Hit R/R for a second, release. You should jump back about 1 km or so. Wait. If the enemy's good, he'll come out of HJ within 15 km of your location. Your PTA should engage, but join in with your main guns and missiles. When he gets closer than 10 km hit R/R to keep the range open. Keep him in the PTA sweet spot, and keep shooting missiles every couple seconds with lock. In a minute or two the fighter should be toast.
  13. And a couple notes... Missiles do a LOT of damage... if they hit. If you're close enough, missiles will hit even if they're not really guided...
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