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    Hunting for Bambi

    I think they're now admitting that the whole thing is a huge hoax, though there has been enough interest to do it for real. I read that somewhere...
  2. Confirmed that this also works for a type 4 and type 5 station. Took out the Insurgent base a Rinaal last night. It refused to surrender even though it's down to 200 armor. Then one of their own fighters blasted it trying to shoot me.
  3. kschang

    The one that led me to BCM

    In fact, it's closer to asteroids... And the text is SO SMALL at 1024x768!
  4. I know this works for a Type 6 for sure. I took out THREE stations this way.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Viper2000: I got my ass whooped within 2 seconds after getting within the weapons range of a starbase. I had a firestorm with the best hull and shields. I pretty much did what you said to. Really? I destroyed like 3 star stations with a Warmonger this way... You SURE you set course for the supply depot, not the SS itself?
  6. kschang

    Question about... disabled crafts

    Got it. After posting the above message, a ship got away from me... It was no longer disabled, AFTER I shot it up and went after other things. Apparently PTA seems to leave most fighters alive enough to run away, yet too fast for shuttles to tow. Hmmm... Maybe there's a way to program to PTA to "shoot until dead"... Nah.
  7. kschang

    Question about... disabled crafts

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Maybe when something's "fixed" again (or at least underway) the disabled flag should be taken off... But that's debatable. Thats not how it works. Read what I wrote again. I *know* that's not how it works, SC... My point is if he FIXED his engines or weapons or whatever, then he's NOT really "disabled", is he? But that's merely my opinion. Or let me ask a related question... Can a ship that WAS disabled repair enough systems so it is NO LONGER considered disabled? At what point does the flag come off? I know a ship/fighter can turn on or off the SOS signal. Seen that happen before. But disabled? Next time the "disabled" ship runs away, I'll just feed it another missile if I can't catch up. As fighter pilots say, "a kill is a kill".
  8. kschang

    Question about... disabled crafts

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Disabled depends on several factors which affect the overall integrity value (number at the top of the TTD) of the object. [snip] Rule of thumb, if its not emitting an SOS, then its not completely disabled. But then it WON'T be disabled after it fixed its engines, right? My point is PTA won't attack "disabled" targets, but my main guns won't hit something that small, and missiles will likely blow it to smithereens. Maybe when something's "fixed" again (or at least underway) the disabled flag should be taken off... But that's debatable.
  9. kschang

    Flashing problem

    It would help for him to post the exact model number of his Compaq... THEN we'll know for sure.
  10. kschang

    Flashing problem

    It's one of those integrated video cards that takes as much memory as needed. It *should* meet the specs. Flashing box around the cursor usually means bad mouse driver. Do Compaq mice use Logitech or Microsoft drivers?
  11. kschang

    Praise and Questions

    Actually, if you detune the main guns to 10%, and just hold it down so it's almost like continuous stream, you CAN kill space marines with it. Or just step outside and shoot them yourself.
  12. kschang

    Flight Checks

    quote:Originally posted by Bandus: I'm sorry, that story is true. I heard and DEFINETLY saw that story on the television years back when it happened. No doubt about it. I can't pledge to the authenticity of the other stories on there, but I wouldn't surprised if some of them were true as well. Me thinks you confused it with the Simpsons episode, when Bart got himself a driver's license, and decided to rent a car to visit "World's Fair"... along with the rest of his "pals".
  13. kschang

    Flight Checks

    The guy won't lose his license since he doesn't exist. http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/onlyinamerica.htm
  14. Many times in BCM, multiple terms refer to the same thing. For example, SC1 and SHUTTLE 1 is the same. Another example is DETENTION HOLD, BRIG (and one other term I can't remember at this time) Question: Is there a comprehensive list somewhere on which terms are the same and such? If there isn't, should one be compiled so SC can perhaps unify the terms in a future version?
  15. kschang

    Stupid Criminals

    Read this in the local paper a couple years back... Fremont (about 1 hour southeast of San Francisco) Police chased a suspect through city streets in the wee hours of the morning. The suspect tried to hide in a parking lot. What he didn't realize is the parking lot belongs to Fremont Jail. Another story I read a while back... Rio de Jainero, Brazil. Robbers there rob buses. This robber got off at downtown plaza, right into an anti-crime rally attended by hundreds of police, citizens, and the local sheriff/mayor. Upon seeing the robber getting off and the passengers screaming "Catch him! He robbed us!" the sheriff/mayor jumped off the stage and started chasing the robber himself, with the police close behind. It was a real scene for a while.
  16. And here's REALLY nitpicking... Shuttles are SC1 in the menus and such, but in the right MFD, under VID, it's identified as SC-1 (note the dash), and in the central scanner as well when you put the cursor over the contact.
  17. I decided I've had enough of the Terran quadrant, so I decided to roam a bit... Headed for Credian quadrant. I was plying Zelana, Herin, Antis, Khan, and I managed to take out EACH of the hostile bases, by flying at the supply station instead of the star station itself... Guess I'm lucky enough to bypass a lot of the defenses. However, I still weren't able to capture one as usually the enemy defenders managed to blow up their own station trying to shoot at me. Any way, a criminal Garid jumped in. I shot him down to about 250 hull. He was disabled. So I towed him and decided to head back to Herin. There were other disabled fighters as other ships VES/TER/FAL/etc. decided to all go after the ODS I left standing, and they ended up fighting each other. I ordered SC1 to tow the disabled fighter to Herin's station. I'll join the shuttle there in a minute. After SC1 went through the gate, and I was on my way, 2 hostile stardrones TER/INS appeared at the gate, heading my way! I can't fight 2 fighters with a towed ship behind me, and I need to let the ship recharge. So... I raised the shields while still in HJ (it works), which cuts off the tractor. I killed one of the Stardrones and disabled the other one. I told SC1 to come back to tow this disabled for a reward as well, while I went after the GARID I dropped. It's 3000 km away, and it has actually RESTORED shields! It's at 1250 and climbing! I HJ'ed to the GARID while issuing orders to SC1 to jump back, tow the stardrone, jump to HERIN, and deliver the fighter, then come back. I got to GARID, when ANOTHER enemy ship decided to come after me. Reluctantly I must "honor the threat". This Starcarrier (RAI?) didn't last very long as I was able to blast it JUST as it came out of hyper. Okay, go after the GARID again. This time he's only 100 km or so away. Wait a minute... his speed just dropped to 0. Let's get this over with... A/B engaged... GARID HJ'ed! He fixed his engines! I quickly set A/P to go after it again. GARID came out of HJ near the gate... Except the gate just spewed a TER/MIL Warmonger! Who proceed to riddle the GARID full of holes. Darn! You stole my capture!
  18. kschang

    Docking without me ?

    Hmmm... You can order the shuttle to deliver towed objects and such to a station... I guess it depends on what you want to do while it's docked...
  19. kschang

    Flight Checks

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Uh, SC... There's NO WAY that's from Quantas, since civilian airliner don't have "target radar". You're thinking target in terms of a combat radar. Thats not the term is used in civilian aircraft with a radar system. I always thought civvies say "contact" or "hit" instead of "target"... But the point is... This list was ALL over Google. I got at least 100 hits of the same exact list (slight wording variations) attributed to Quantas, RAAF, USAF, or just pilot/maintainence in general. Seems USAF gets more votes.
  20. kschang

    Flight Checks

    quote:Originally posted by Marvin: If the aircraft had at least four engines, though, it would probably be a bomber. And if it had propellers ... well, maybe it was a Russian Bear. You forgot transport planes, like C-130 Hercules.
  21. kschang

    Flight Checks

    Uh, SC... There's NO WAY that's from Quantas, since civilian airliner don't have "target radar". Here's the original USAF version
  22. The first green line says: "It is possible to drop the tractor beam during an HJ transit by lowering the shields" Uh... shouldn't that be RAISING the shields, since you can't have shields with tractor beam active?
  23. The real meow can be read here.
  24. kschang

    Hunting for Bambi

    Hey, what happened to safety goggles?
  25. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Send Resnig to Detention Hold via Tactical/Crew. Wait until he goes there (confirm with Perscan). Go back to BridgeViewer. In CVD, keep hitting L until you get to "crew status display" (CSD). CO's location: BRIG. OK, that BRIG abreviation is the short form for DETENTION HOLD because the latter won't fit in a 640x480 resolution (hence the reason this res isn't even supported or available in BCG). But they are the same thing. Its been in there since the very first BC3K it seems. One more thing... Inside PERSCAN it was only listed as DETENTION