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  1. KNOWN FACT: Combat kit is required for away missions, and/or preparing marines for shipboard security searches. QUESTION: when a marine reverts from READY back to ACTIVE (say, goes OFF-DUTY, or goes to MEDIBAY), does that combat pak disappear (i.e. used up) or does it get "recycled" back into inventory? OBSERVATION: It just seems that the only time I had to replace combat kit is when I had to replace a marine casualty. So if I have 25 onboard, I "always" seem to have about that much. It may vary slightly due to more PREPs, but I never really need to buy replacements, it seems. [ 07-14-2003, 02:02 PM: Message edited by: Kasey Chang ]
  2. Okay, here's a Resnig story from yours truly. *EDIT: Turned into more dramatic format, enjoy. VESSEL: GCV SAN FRANCISCO LOCATION: Lennen / Sirius GalCoord 5663288746 @ 3664592985 @ 1095467432 Security Cam Archive Index 36481665 ARCHIVE OPEN BRIDGE ENTRY SELECTED PLAY ARCHIVE Commander's Log: GCV SAN FRANCISCO is patrolling Lennen in Sirius system. Having destroyed the Insurgent base in orbit in a previous sortie, the ship is now waiting in ambush to destroy any Insurgent ships that arrive. TO: Incoming! Terran Insurgent BC Mk 2 just came through the Seegan wormhole. FO: Shall we set course for it, sir? CMDR: Don't bother. Looks like they're coming toward us. And he brought friends. TO: Confirmed. A Questar and a Violon have appeared from the Polaris wormhole. They look like Terran Criminal faction. CMDR: Have to take it down all the same. CE, how's the repairs on the tractor beam coming? CE: Not good, sir. It'll be another six minutes before it's done. I got all 5 engineers on it already. NO: In 6 minutes the battle will be over. CMDR: TO, set main gun to 100%, PTA to 100%. Select STS-Sunflash as initial missile. Any one seen CO? MO: I think Resnig is still in his quarters. You did order him to take a bit of time off, right? CMDR: I guess I did. *Yawns* TO: Violon is launching fighters. BC and Questar are HJ'ing toward us. CMDR: Change PTA to 50%. Put our six to the contacts, then give me a 2-second burst on the retro and go zero thrust. We'll let them overshoot. FO: Aye, sir. SAS light started flashing. MOTHER: Intruder detected. CMDR: We arleady have 4 marines on patrol, but better not taking chances. *bleep, blurp* All right, got the orders to prep 4 more marines. BLAMMO! MO: What was that? I think I'm going to be busy. MOTHER: Marines reported intruders on deck 3. Light casualties. FO: BC and QUESTAR coming out of HJ in three, two, one... now! TO: Firing missiles and matching speed. CMDR: Excellent. Fire as you bear! PTA fire starts to rake the BC, and the main guns joined in a second later. BC's shields flared, then died, and the shots started punching through the hull. Three seconds later, BC exploded as one of the shots punch through the main reactor. FO: Yahoo! TO: Don't celebrate yet. Fighters coming in. CO: Intruder alert! Marines ready to repel boarders! CMDR: Was that Resnig? MO: Sure was. CE: Yep. CMDR punches commands on the console, pulls up marine status display. It doesn't look good. Mother has ID'ed at least 6 intruders onboard, and four of the marines have been wounded, one seriously. CMDR was about to flip back to combat commands when he noticed all the marines started moving instead of searching. CMDR: What the?!?!?! MO: Intruder in Medibay! *laser fire* CMDR: Resnig! Come in! CO: I'm a little busy right now! *click* CMDR: Why, that SOB... *laser fire* Argh! CMDR takes a laser bolt in the back. Most of it hit the chairback, but he was seriously scorched. CE: Intruder on the bridge! CE and others pulled their wristlasers and fired back. The intruder ducked out of sight. FO: You all right sir? CMDR: No! *Groans in pain* just take care of those enemies. TO: Hostile QUESTAR has been destroyed. Targetting VIOLON. Executing evasive pattern delta six. CE: We need to get him to sickbay. CMO: With Intruders roaming the corridors? No way. TO: VIOLON has been destroyed. PTA is engaging fighters. CMO: Marines are reporting more casualties. At least one dead. I'm getting some orders from Resnig to the marines... Something about the wounded report to sickbay and the rest of marines take over the search duties. CMDR: That idiot! *grunts in pain* The rest of the marines need to warm up their combat suits! *grunts* If he assign them as is they got nothing more than billy clubs! Oh, that bastard! Get me to the terminal... CMO: CE, you better watch the door... CE: Already on it... CMDR started punching in orders, overriding Resnig's orders to the marines, but the conflicting orders seem to paralyze the marines. Suddenly the bridge door snapped open. CE fired 3 rapid shots into the open door. A return shot sent him scurrying for cover. An object bounced into view. CMDR turned around and saw the object. CMDR: *screams* RESNIG!!!!!!!! The screen flashed white, then turned to static. END ARCHIVE ---- original post follows: I was hanging around Lennen / Sirius. I took out the Insurgent station there in a surprise attack (turns out you CAN kill a star station with a Warmonger!) So I've been hanging about to see what enemies will drop in. I was moving about a bit and engaging the odd enemies when my SAS turned yellow. Intruder onboard! I already have 4 marines prepped for combat and searching, so I set 4 more to prep. The other two were wounded in previous action and were recuperating in sickbay. And Resnig is supposed to be in his quarters, resting. I sent him there a WHILE back. I got a lull in combat, so I went to Perscan. We're down to 1 intruder and 1 prisoner, but 4 marines have been wounded. The preps are going along fine. So I kept blasting enemy fighters, then check PERSCAN. Then Resnig announced MORE intruders onboard! And he's assigning marines to search duty. Wait a minute, why isn't he at his quarters? Tactical / Crew... and sure as heck, he's in ops! He decided to go to work, and undid all of my existing assignments! Instead of having 4 marines on prep and 4 marines searching (3 now, 1's dead), he sent 3 of those on prep to search duty! While viewing PERSCAN, my screen flashed red. Someone just SHOT ME on the bridge! I didn't die though... apparently my other officers drove the intruder off. But I'm down to 60%. There are now SIX intruders onboard, and my marines are dropping like FLIES. 2 are now dead, and 4 are wounded, 1 seriously. Then Resnig sent ALL the wounded marines (now just ACTIVE, not READY) to medibay, and sent all the UNwounded to search duty (just ACTIVE). I quickly countermanded him, but the orders already went out. Now I have NO prep'ed marines on search. I was about to issue order to jump back to Lyrius when an intruder killed me on the bridge (finally!). [ 07-04-2003, 01:13 AM: Message edited by: Kasey Chang ]
  3. Found the drone. Thanks.
  4. kschang

    System Damage (for no reason)

    Related observation... Intruders and marines fighting in the shuttle bay can damage SC's and OC's that are in the shuttle bay. This shows up as somewhat odd and minor damage. Another time, Intruder set a charge in my officer's quarters, and killed my NO, sleeping in her quarters. Good thing the cloning module's working. Still, the officer's quarters was damaged. The same intruder also completely destroyed my tractor beam control unit, which required a full replacement.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Gallion: Kasey Chang, The next time you start a question thread without FIRST conducting a search of the forum (use the Forum search feature) and perusing the manual (aka RTFM) and Appendix you are gonna get the Boot! TTFN Aye, aye.
  6. I was wondering about the station "classes"... MN is obviously mineral AG is agricultural AD is probably "advanced" tech HT is... high tech? RO is ?????
  7. Understood. Still, it's kinda inconsistent that sometimes abbreviation was used and sometimes full term was used. Another example: SHUTTLE 1, SH 1, and SC1. I know, I'm just nit-picking.
  8. Oh, is THAT where it's hiding... C:Program FilesDreamCatcher3000ADBattlecruiser Millennium Golddocsappendixlbases.html Sorry.
  9. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: Been discussed before. http://www.3000ad.com/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cg...c;f=25;t=000242 http://www.3000ad.com/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cg...c;f=25;t=000253 It appears someone is not using the search function. The first thread has nothing to do with FINDING drones. It's about how to get more throughput on mining, and turned into "how to make more credits", and optimum deployment pattern of drones. The second one did not come up until the second page when I searched for "mining drone", which is probably why I didn't see it. It's difficult finding the right search words... You'd thought that "mining drone" is specific enough...
  10. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: And please tell me where you saw the term BRIG being used. I'm curious because I don't remember using any such term in the game. You must have seen BRIDGE.It's BRIG... Here's how you do it. (In fact, I said it once already, but here goes again. Send Resnig to Detention Hold via Tactical/Crew. Wait until he goes there (confirm with Perscan). Go back to BridgeViewer. In CVD, keep hitting L until you get to "crew status display" (CSD). CO's location: BRIG. http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/kschang77/vwp?....nts%26.src=ph%2 6.view=t [ 07-12-2003, 09:26 PM: Message edited by: Kasey Chang ]
  11. quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: SC1 is an abbreviation indication Shuttle Craft 1 and Detention Hold and Brig are NOT equivalent terms. I throw prisoners in the Brig (indicating that they are jailed) whereas I assign marines to the Detention Hold and they are NOT in the the Brig.I'd beg to differ. On the CVD, there's this choice that tracks where the officers are. If you send one of your officers to detention hold, on this CVD screen it shows as BRIG, not DETENTION HOLD. (Well, in case of Resnig, they probably ARE the same).
  12. In the HTML/Appendix Upgrades, the Stormcarrier was referred to as G-Super Carrier. However, under carriers, Stormcarrier is listed simply as "Super Carrier". So... what is a "G-Super Carrier"?
  13. I know the better reactors and engines and shields and such reduce fuel consumption. However, there's one question I haven't been able to answer... Does using retro-rockets and/or afterburners dramatically increase fuel consumption rate? If so, what is that increase? For example, let's say under regular use, radine consumption with the default lattis reactor is 100 units per hour (I'm just guessing). Does using the afterburner/retrorocket add like 10 / second or such high rate? Or how is fuel consumption calculated?
  14. kschang

    Question about... fuel consumption

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: One more question... Does setting shields to a lower level (less than "full") reduce plutonium consumption? Check the manual and appendix data Uh... I guess it's a LITTLE ambiguous, but I think I found the passage. The answer to my question is YES, since the manual stated that "the higher the protection level, the more plutonium required". However, at the time I thought it was referring to shield generator upgrades.
  15. From as far as I can tell... Restore means pick one of commander's 10 slots and load it. Resume means load the most recently saved game. (I don't use Quicksave, never got it to work any way). Q1: As there is no display of in-game time/date or actual save file time/date... Is there any way to know which is first and which is last, besides naming each savegame in sequence? Q2: Is there some sort of auto-save? Like whenever you dock to a star station you get an auto-save in a special slot?
  16. kschang

    Question about... save games

    Follow-up... When you Quit out of the game with ALT-Q, is the game saved separately from one of the 10 saved games? (So in essence, an 11th savegame?)
  17. kschang

    sausage gate

    Maybe, but WHY the heck did this guy did what he did? In front of THOUSANDS of people? Doesn't he know he's committing assault in front of TENS of THOUSANDS of witnesses? Makes you question his sanity. I've heard of "messing with mascot", but bopping one on the head with a bat? That's just ridiculous.
  18. kschang

    Question about... fuel consumption

    One more question... Does setting shields to a lower level (less than "full") reduce plutonium consumption?
  19. If I lost an OC or SC, I need to buy OC ASSET or SHUTTLE ASSET to replace it. But I know I have a CAV, and GSV-CAV is like, 1/9th the price of OC ASSET (150K vs. 1.25M) So what is the difference between OC ASSET (for a Warmonger, a CAV) and GSV-CAV?
  20. kschang

    Question about... OC replacements

    I guess what I'm REALLY looking for is some justification or explanation between cost of OC ASSET vs. the actual ground vehicles. I mean... OC ASSET's base price is 1.25M, while a CAV's base price is 150K. That is a pretty big difference, even if you go to a planet that specializes in that sort of stuff. Or SC can simply say "That's the way it works. You can think of it as a shuttle/vehicle packed in crates, untested, blank shell, vs. a vehicle that's tested, charged and ready to go."
  21. kschang

    Crippled CC

    Did something similar recently... Was towing a disabled fighter off to a base. Was approaching the gate when some enemy fighters popped out behind me. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! CE just keep reciting damage reports... Everything's dead so I can't even reallocate power or conduct repairs. Only recourse is to reload from earlier saved game...
  22. kschang

    Question about... OC replacements

    I know what each ship uses... My question is... why the HUGE difference in price, or is that just for "bookkeeping" purposes, everybody pays this "unified" price, no matter what vehicle they use?
  23. Here's an odd experience while in the Syrion quadrant... I was trying the trade route suggested (Sarien to Majora). Successfully did one run, and was going back to Sarien when a bunch of enemies jumped into the system, mostly light stuff. Then a raider jumped in with a BC MK2, only 400 km away. I turned around to engage. Then it got pounded by defending ships already there. Shields went down in a hurry, then hull started dropping... BLAM! I've back at desktop, no error message at all. It's as if I never ran BCMG. So I restart the computer, then resume the game, tried the same thing again. This time I ran the route twice, then I ran into some enemies in Majoris. Again, an enemy BC jumped in, and got nailed. When it dies, again, I got CTD (crash to desktop). I haven't saved (my fault) so this just wiped out about 2 hours of progress.
  24. kschang

    Question about... save games

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: I'll probably add the date/time stamp for saved games, to the Restore display in BCG. [/QB]Hmmm... Would be fun to get either/both the real file date/time, or the ingame date/time, or maybe the current location (quadrant/system/planet) And *please*, SC, auto-save when you dock?
  25. kschang

    Crash to Desktop in Syrion Quadrant...

    New piece of info... I just ran Norton Diagnostics, and it claims that one of my memory locations has failed. Single bit error in 384 megs of RAM... Darn.