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    BCM Gold @ PC Gamer (Extended Play)

    I dunno about this review. He spent half of the article describing how he did not play BC... until now.
  2. kschang

    Crash to Desktop in Syrion Quadrant...

    I know, SC... However, it's rather consistent. I remember watching the other AI ships get pummelled, then POOF! I'm back at desktop. It's happened enough times that I'm a bit suspicious. Which sorta brings up a related question... Is there an auto-save option somewhere? Like... every time you dock, or something like that?
  3. Which brings up a related question... When docked at a star station, they obviously have a TON more spare parts than a ship does, and repairs and such can use parts that are not present on a ship. Do those parts get charged to the ship? Or are they "gratis"?
  4. kschang

    Another Resnig story...

    Try the improved narrative version for size...
  5. kschang

    BCG - Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: Has SC decided what the marine screen will look like yet? Is it going to be pretty much the same as the one in BCM? Or will there be something more, uh... graphical bent? You mean the first person view? If so, like the interface itself, it has all been radically revised. I mean PERSCAN / assign marines to ship defense/patrol screen(s). The reason I'm asking is one of the most often stated complaints (from infidels) about BC series is the reliance on text lists to convey information, thus I was kinda wondering if SC has done something about that. Was it still just like existing PERSCAN, or did you went to dots moving in RogueSpear-type 3D wireframes yet?
  6. kschang

    The best trading plan

    I dunno... Isn't Earth / Sol to Pluto or Jupiter / Sol much faster, and still 30% inflation? I did a couple runs and got solid 30% profit. I just need more capital to fill up the cargo bay. Carrying only 3000 units of Radine helps a lot. I can probably carry only 500 as the trip takes only like 100 units each way any way. P.S. Jascatar, fix your sig to include your system profile information!
  7. kschang

    BCG - Reality Check

    Has SC decided what the marine screen will look like yet? Is it going to be pretty much the same as the one in BCM? Or will there be something more, uh... graphical bent?
  8. Uh, Aggressor... You ought to fix that sig of yours...
  9. I was flying around Pluto and I noticed some other nav points, region1 through 4, in addition to the usual notable objects like jumpgates, planets, moons, and such. Where do those lead? (They don't seem to be covered in the manual)
  10. kschang

    Another Resnig story...

    Yeah, had a saved game about 7 minutes before that little disaster struck. And glad I can contribute to the BC universe.
  11. kschang

    Question about... regions?

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: You must be thinking of somewhere else, as there are no sub regions in Pluto.Must have gotten confused with Jupiter. My apologies, but I now understand. Those region points go to "sub-maps", so to speak, right?
  12. quote:Originally posted by lethallarry: 1: - had tons of spare parts, had 2 of everything needed to fix a shuttle. That wasn't the issue, as in the repair menu, it stated that it needed zero of each item, meaning no parts were needed for the repair. Other, more heavily damaged systems, were repairable, but the ones that got stuck at 99% couldn't be fixed, not even at a station. I wouldn't worry about 99% vs 100% repairs. Only when things get damaged to like 89% will you see noticeably degraded functionality (I think). Still, I have had no problem fixing everything up to 100%. quote: 2: - There were no enemies present during most of these occurences. It often happened, for example, when I was trying to approach Majoris station, a neutral unit... just me, the station, and the ODS. Target lock kept failing, and there weren't even any indications of a nearby claoked ship. Just because your officers don't see any cloaked ships doesn't mean they don't exist. Also, they could have "flickered" the cloak, causing you to lose lock, or engaged EMD. quote: 3: - again, it wasn't for lack of parts... even when I'm onvoard a station and having them do the repairs, the repair gets started and then, sometimes for no apparent reason, gets put on SUSPENDED status... This is WAD, AFAIK. The station's repair crew is separate from your ship's engineers, and priority you assigned for one disables the one you assign for the other. I.e. every time you dock/undock, reassign all the repairs.
  13. Okay... I command a Warmonger, and I know it has 5 main guns, and it has max range, computed range, etc. etc. etc. But where is it documented that how much damage the main gun does (presumably at 100% power)? PTA turrets are documented quite well... But nothing about the main gun(s)? I tried searching on "main gun", but I get entries about main gun on APC, how main gun is disabled, main gun zoom wishlist, and things like that.
  14. kschang

    Question about... fuel consumption

    Follow-up question... How is the fuel consumption for shield and cloak calculated? Does getting hit and let fuel regenerate use up more plutonium? Or is it strictly based on "active time"? And does having better shield generators affect shield fuel consumption rate?
  15. kschang

    Night at the movies - Tears Of The Sun

    I'm with Race Bannon here. Monica Belucci is too good looking. A SEAL team is NOT meant for fixed firefights like that, which is exactly the way it went down. No Rambo "shoot a bazillion bullets at me and I never got scratched" action here... Though I would have thought they have more sniper or Claymores than that... and that scene where they just stood up and WALK FORWARD, guns blazing is about as ridiculous as I remember...
  16. I see the supercruisers have 4 turrets while the heavy cruisers have 8 or even 10 turrets. My question then is... Do they have the same tracking logic? (i.e. directed by the TacO?) I can see that they do different amounts of damage (the CA's do like 50 where as the SCA's can do like 125/150). By the way, are there existing abbreviations for carrier, super carrier, heavy cruiser, and super cruiser? Or can we use the common "naval" designation like CV, SCV, CA, and SCA?
  17. kschang

    Question about... main gun

    So how is it that a PTA turret on a Warmonger can do 150 while one Main Gun only does 50?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Sir John Falstaff: Your shuttle was destroyed by the intruder when you locked your tractor beam on it. You see, all the intruders are from Ancient Japan and belive in Death before Dishonor. When they realize that they are going to be captured they destroy themselves in the most spectacular and damaging way they can. Actually I got back such a shuttle once. I basically chased after it and tractored it. I got "Attempt recovery (Y/N)?" prompt. I answered yes, and the shuttle is in my shuttle bay (nobody onboard).
  19. This question is about the piloting AI. As related in a different topic, I lost my SC2 due to an intruder (and a botched recovery attempt). Now I have only 1. I wanted to deploy another mining drone on one of the various moons (Lyrius/Sirius to be specific) and grab cargo. One marine was like slightly wounded (76% life), so I sent him to SC1 as I armed the rest of the marines and keep searching the ship. I launched SC1, and told him to recover a cargo pod. Then I target the shuttle... The guy won't go! He keeps circling the pod at about 40 km, but won't get any closer. I tried halt and resume, I tried cargosweep or collect item, no effect. I finally told him to RTB. When SC1 redocked, I told a flight engineer and a different marine to report to SC1. Neither of them were wounded. I launched SC1. They recovered the pod and deployed the drone with no problem at all. So my question is... Did I solve the problem the right way? Or is there another way that would have worked... arguably better? On a similar note, I've ran into cases where the shuttle simply circles and won't do its job, either to land back onboard, or to collect pods, tow targets, etc. I tried ordering HALT, then resume, no effect. When RTB didn't even have effect, I just ordered HALT, then I went to tractor it and pull it back onboard. Related question: Can a shuttle tow another shuttle/fighter? (My guess is yes) REALLY related question: can a shuttle, towing a fighter/shuttle, dock with the mothership? Or can it only deliver the tractored craft to a friendly base? Reason for asking: I was wondering if I had another shuttle, I could order it to tow the other shuttle back, since the onboard pilot can't even land the darn thing. I suspect I just have to recover it with tractor myself...
  20. kschang

    Question about... cruiser turrets

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: TacO (whatever that is). I meant the Tactical Officer. I guess I should have used TO.
  21. kschang

    Bloggers gain libel protection

    But SC, that mainly applies to autopublishing of someone ELSE's content, right? I mean, it's like you're not responsible for insults traded across this forum (not that there is any). It's like the way the ISP is not responsible for stopping P2P. If you're the only person who posts to YOUR weblog or mailing list or whatever, you're surely NOT off the hook...
  22. So military transports bring in weapons/ammo, assets (shuttles, fighters, etc.), and traders bring in minerals/misc. items, right? Is there a schedule for those? Like every X minutes? Or is it more of a probability table, like X% chance every Y minutes a ship Z will show up at jump point W? I'm trying to figure out what are my chances of pulling out a siege all by my lone self.
  23. kschang

    Question about... cruiser turrets

    quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: I agree with SC... however KC. ever thought of going through trial and error to find your answers? Cause on some of your questions, you could easily find them by going into the game and trying them out. I respect that fact that your trying to find information about this game.. but there is no fun in knowing EVERYTHING about a game 'cause then there will be no fun Not strictly true, Kalshion. Everybody knows the rules of chess, yet chess has persisted as a game for hundreds of years. In a game as complicated as BCM, knowing some of the mechanics that goes into the game and how it interacts with the player adds to the understanding of the mythos and the game, which can only add to the enjoyment of the player. At least that's my opinion. Besides, I think most of my questions are pretty DETAILED into the mechanics of the game that mere experimentation wouldn't reveal the answer that I would like... Or maybe not.
  24. 1) Should a marine guard be posted at the detention hold? Or issuing "go to detention hold" order actually locks up the marine inside? 2) If it's the second one, why does officers and such have the option of going to the detention hold? Put themselves under house arrest? 3) If the prisoners are NOT in detention hold (I ran out of Radine and the marines shoved the prisoners into SHUTTLE 1 when the life support went out) how do I get them back INTO the hold? You can't really give "go to" orders to prisoners... and the base won't take them UNLESS they're in the hold... SupCmdr on a different site/forum suggested taking the shuttle and dock it to the base, but that didn't work.
  25. quote:Originally posted by Kalshion: OSD's don't even fire on you.. I've gone up close and personal to them and they never fire on me =)False. The one I attacked definitely fired on me once. However, its orbital pattern is easy enough to "dodge".