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  1. ODS: is it actually hard to hit? I had no problem whacking the one guarding the Insurgent base at Lynnen/Sirius. My main problem is the autopilot can't keep me a constant distance to it, so I had to go back and forth with retro/AB. However, my main gun shots seem to pass THROUGH the ODS. Only the PTA seem to be doing any significant damage. But I did disable the ODS. Star Stations: The current advice is do NOT attack the station itself unless you can cloak, it seems. Decloak in the station's blind spot, and fire away. If I do NOT have cloak, is there still a way? Or should I just sit outside its range and kill supply freighters instead? (i.e. blockade the station?) [ 06-30-2003, 02:12 AM: Message edited by: Kasey Chang ]
  2. kschang

    how to kill a storm carrier

    Strangely, I have had no problem killing a Stormcarrier with my Warmonger.
  3. Hmmm... Good point. I was trying to attack the Insurgent base at Lennen / Sirius, and I decided to take out the ODS first. The base launched no less than 8 fighters, like 3 came after me, and the rest went after a different ship that jumped in later. I took out the ODS, and the fighters never really hit me. I just do some random weaving from side to side, up and down, circle... and the shots stop coming... Hmmm... SC is right, AI needs "solid lock" to shoot, but the human does not.
  4. Is it me, or is ship to ship combat in BCM a bit easier than I imagined? So far here's my usual tactic: Arm PTA to 100% against ships, 50% or 30% against fighters. Arm main guns to same ratio. Use A/P to get into range. Use mouse controls to keep ship pointed at enemy ship. When in range, just HOLD DOWN the mouse button and try to keep the nose on the reticule, AND match speed. If he launches missiles, I weave with AB and turn on EMD for 3 seconds, then resume course. What happens then is the enemy ship will fire some shots head-on. But under AI control it fires about 1 shot per second, whereas if I hold down the button I pump out about 3-4 times as much shots, more if I detuned my guns. The result is he loses most his shields whereas I still has mine. Then I turn and get on his six, and then he's history, as I now pour fire into him in point-blank range. Against fighters things gets a bit dicier as they can out maneuver you, so the lower gun settings mean you can pump MORE shots out. The idea is make him fly through a STREAM of fire. SOMETHING is bound to hit him on his strafing passes, but usually one or two fighters can't do you enough damage. I know I can't fight two or three or four fighters at once (though I think I just took out 3 Mk 1 Interceptors last night), but that's what I do. So far, the plan works perfectly. So, what did I miss?
  5. quote:Originally posted by TopSpeed: 1) Are missiles 'guided' by the FATAL system any more or less accurate than those launched manually (MTAR)? No. FATAL, AFAIK, is merely a way to tell the ship to fire AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by "pre-lock" a target. You can lock a FATAL target BEFORE you get in range. The ship will fire them when the condition is right. quote: 2) Is the single player roam game affected in difficulty based on the type of ship you choose? For example, if I choose a BC Mk1, will the roam mode or campaign mode be any less difficult than if I choose a more capable ship like the BC Mk3? Yes, somewhat. Different ships are for slightly different styles of play. Carriers are for those who like to order other AI around (you get to do that when you get Fleet C&C), while cruisers and supercruisers are for killing other ships. And ships that cloak... are great for busting bases.
  6. kschang

    Question about... detention hold

    Actually, I'd like to suggest a new marine order: escort prisoner (to new location). It can be assumed that only one prisoner will be moved at one time... But it's up to SC himself to determine how it gets done.
  7. kschang

    Bad saved games

    A few more datapoints... 1) I have a savegame here, I used the FINAL slot available (the bottommost one). I did a full-save, then I hit resume. The program showed the loading, everything is initialized, it displayed "Game loaded ok" in the lower right corner, I can hear the "engine" background sound, but it just FROZE there. This is repeatable each and every time, using resume. The computer locked up HARD. Ctrl-Alt-Del won't work. I had to hit the reset. 2) Then I tried restore instead of resume. This time, it loaded, I got the bridge view, but it froze 2 seconds later. Again, hard freeze. Must hit reset. 3) I tried restore again, same result. Resume again, same result. 4) Tried previous saved game, that worked.
  8. kschang

    Question about... detention hold

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Tyrn: How, exactly, do you get to this mystery screen? heh, thats what I want to know Found it... Tactical / Loadout / TP / Crew, then pick prisoners from the pop-down menu, and if you click the left/right arrows it'll let you pick their location. They were at SHUTTLE 1, so I picked DETENTION HOLD, and sure enough, PERSCAN shows them moving from shuttle bay to detention hold.
  9. kschang

    Question about... detention hold

    Actually, I *think* I resolved it. There is this separate screen where you can see your crew and their locations (NOT Crew under Tactical) and not Perscan, and somehow you can order the prisoners around from THAT screen, but not the Crew screen. After a bit of fiddling there, the prisoners are moving themselves (huh?) from SHUTTLE 1 to Detention Hold.
  10. When you trade for items, is it available IMMEDIATELY? Or is there a delay involved? Or do I just have to wait until the clock ticks over by another minute to update? The reason I'm asking is I purchased shield upgrade for my Warmonger. I went to craft/CC to install it. When I tried to select UPGRADE, it's blacked out. Can't do it. I went into CARGO, it ain't there either. I had to undock from the station to get the upgrade started. (And yes, I'm sure I got the compatible model) Was I merely impatient? I remember I DID do it this way before with the Titanium V armor upgrade... And I didn't have to undock...
  11. Is there a list of ship locations? EX: Bridge, Medibay, Crew Quarters, Galley, turboshaft, etc. Or does it vary from ship to ship? Or is there a ship deck diagram somewhere to see which is connected to what? [Honest, I looked through the manual, the appendices and the "search" already!]
  12. kschang

    The best trading plan

    Trellis actually has a relative low price per volume ratio... I think the highest price to volume ratio is SDM-WIDOW, at least according to the trade items chart, not counting inflation.
  13. Hmmm... Once I got the upgrade "started", I have no problem docking, then let the starbase personnel finish the job... But I apologize for this FAQ. I'll be sure to add it to this list of FAQs I'm compiling.
  14. If you want a guess, I'd say you need to buy "SC Asset" as a spare part. THEN it'll be delivered to your shuttlebay as a shuttle. Same with OC (OC Asset). I haven't tried it yet.
  15. kschang

    Question about... detention hold

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: SupCmdr on a different site/forum suggested taking the shuttle and dock it to the base, but that didn't work. Then I'd say you're screwed and stuck with them. Launch the shuttle. Destroy it. But a new one. Replace it. Intruder problem solved. Another dumb question... Are the prisoners supposed to show up on the "crew" list when you click the shuttle icon? Because they are NOT shown, and all places EXCEPT Prisoner list shows the SC1 crew being 1 (the marine I put in as pilot). It's almost as if they're in LIMBO. I may try to beam them off to the planet below... Someone else suggested that.
  16. 1) Is the mineral density the same for every moon/planet in the system? For example, Sol system is 1%, while Sirius system is 11%? Or does it vary somewhat? 2) Does it even MATTER where you drop the mining drone on the moon/planet? 3) Are there any planets/moons where mining is NOT possible, and if I try I'll just lose the drone and/or the shuttle? (Not counting hostile fire, just local conditions) 4) Is there a list of all the mineral densities per system, or is that up to us to find out?
  17. Some questions about crew 1) What are some of the ways the crew can be wounded? (i.e. life less than 100%) Here are the ones I can think of: * combat with intruder * life support failure * sabotage by intruder * external damage to section they're in * extreme exhaustion * extreme hunger (out of nutripaks) Did I miss any? 2) At what point does the crew refuse your orders? For example, you order the doctor, who's extremely tired (86% fatigue) to report to her own medibay for some treatment. Yet she sat in her quarters and stubbornly remains 'off-duty'. 3) What would cause marines to refuse orders? Once I had this intruder onboard. I had 2 prepped guys and 2 unprepped guys searching while I am prepping 2 more to take over. Then the ship got damaged (suspect escaped prisoner or sabotage), and the combat officer keep yaking "Cannot set marines to search" or something like that. Sure enough, 2 marines are dead, one of them on the way to medibay. I tried setting the rest to search and prep, but they all went "off-duty". I had no choice but to find a starbase and dock (and replace my lost marines).
  18. kschang

    Question about... ship locations

    quote:Originally posted by Bandus: Ok. So it's basically an "extra" type thing for more of an immersion factor? Actually, I was thinking more like "what affects what else". For example, if corridor deck 1 is damaged, than bridge may be cut off from ___. If ___ is damaged, then ___ cannot get to ___, and so on and so forth. Though on the other hand, I sorta wish this is all in a graphical format.
  19. kschang

    Question about... detention hold

    That brings up a follow-up... How many guards do you folks post? One or two at the detention hold, 3 on patrol... 3 resting, and the rest on station ready to go?
  20. kschang

    Question about... ship locations

    quote:Originally posted by Bandus: What would be the point of having something like this exactly? I'm just curious... Probably something new to stick into the appendix. But it's interesting to see how each ship is laid out, which is where, and things like that.