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  1. This is REALLY weird... I was cruising around Lennen, when SAS started going off. Intruder alert, apparently. So I checked PERSCAN. 1 Intruder only. No discharges, so no cloaked ships nearby. Good. Already have 4 marines on search. Decided to prep 2 more. Then I went back to PERSCAN. Intruder is down to 62 health. He's hiding in the FITNESS CENTER. (There's a fitness center!?!?!) My marines are wandering ALL OVER the place, but doesn't seem to be coming near the fitness center. The screen updated... The intruder is down to 49 health! Hmmm... What did he do? Knock over some free weights and bashed his legs? Wait a bit more... Marines still haven't located the intruder... Screen updated again. Intruder is down to 24 health... STILL in the FITNESS CENTER. Marines are still wandering the halls, shuttle bay, etc. etc. Screen updated again... Intruder's gone. What did he do? Exercise himself to death? Suicide by jogging? Self-termination by aerobics? You be the judge...
  2. Okay, this is going to sound extremely dumb... But I think I misplaced one of my mining drones. I know it's on "Moon-02". However, I tried all the systems I usually visit with a "Moon-02" and I can't locate it with TacOps/Zoomto. I'm pretty sure it's around Lyrius or Lennen, but I'm not absolutely sure. Should I just give tacops "retrieve drone" order to shuttle at each moon and see if the shuttle can find it?
  3. I've gathered that the star stations resupply themselves regularly, and SC did say they are resupplied by freighters. Hoever, this seems to mainly apply to "trade items" in all the previous messages. My question is... does the resupply also apply to the defense fighters that below to the station, as well as the Quick Reaction Force (the ships)? The reason I am asking... I am commanding a Warmonger so I don't have cloak, but I *do* want to capture a station. So my plan was to reduce all the defenders by teasing them away from the station, then kill them a few at a time. Then when the defenders have been eliminated, I'll go to resupply (restock missiles and such), then come back to wipe out the station with a flood of missiles. However, my plan won't work if the station gets back its stock of fighters and defense ships when I leave. So, how often do the fighters and/or ships get regenerated? And by how much?
  4. kschang

    Who needs a R.A.N.D.O.M Device

    Only 909000 to 1? I think I get worse odds playing lotto...
  5. kschang

    My crew must want me dead

    It's the cadet cruise.
  6. kschang

    Neg EP points?!

    Merchant: no. it's military's job to defend merchants and diplomats and whatnot.
  7. kschang

    Quick Reference Card

    On the other hand, most of the information on the card is avaialble in the game itself or in the HTML appendix.
  8. Here's a link: http://www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/game/17443.html Comments, additions, etc. are always welcome.
  9. This was prompted by a little adventure last night. I was protecting a neutral station (I think it was Antis) and I was able to disable FOUR fighters... 2 N-fighters and 2 Sentinels. I ordered my shuttles to tow them to the station so I can get the reward, one at a time, of course. One of them won't get close enough. I told him to come back so I can put in a different pilot. The other ship towed the fighters, but won't get any closer. I can't figure out the problem. I tried ordered this, that, jump, etc. The shuttle will tow the object in a jump, but it won't move in normal space. I told the shuttle to go after a different disabled fighter, while I went after the one that won't move. The shuttle works fine for the other fighters... Then I noticed the fighter is doing 1800+ in velocity! No wonder the shuttle isn't making any headway! Keep in mind this is a DISABLED fighter... With 0 hull and 0 shields. I had to use A/B to get into range to tow it myself. And even then, my ship was noticeably slower (by almost 100). So my question is... what is the definition of "disabled"? Clearly that defintion doesn't include "engines"... Or was that not quite intended?
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    Reading any good books?

    I'm partial to "Path of the Fury" by David Weber. Tom Clancy's Without Remorse is pretty good too. I enjoy revenge tales.
  12. kschang

    Just Saw Last Hero of China

    Historical fiction is far more interesting than fantasy... Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is more fantasy than realism. Hero is based on some Chinese legends... There actually WERE plenty of assassins trying to kill Emperor Qin (founder of Qin Dynasty) (It's pronounced "chin"). So the storytellers embellished it with kungfu...
  13. kschang

    Game Commander

    GC2 requires a lot of training to work properly...
  14. kschang

    Appropriate Music

    I think I'll pull out my Wing Commander Prophecy Soundtrack... Some of those are kinda interesting.
  15. kschang

    Glossary of abbreviations

    Guess it'll have to be the section number then. NOTE: There are TWO appendices... There's an appendix in the BCM Gold manual... AND the HTML Appendix. We need a way to distinguish them. Is there a "glossary" that can be incorporated as well? Hmmm...
  16. kschang

    AC130 gunship strike in Afghanistan

    Didn't I read somewhere that Spectres need a "big finale" to attract the eyes of enemy defenders while it makes its exit? Or does that only apply when attacking serious defenses?
  17. kschang

    LOL!! Thieves steal an entire house

    News update: a cabin seller has agreed to DONATE a cabin to this poor guy (there is still a $2000 reward for the cabin)... as soon as the cabin is shipped from... England (really).
  18. kschang

    Console Vs. PC

    What's the point of even comparing the two? That's like comparing those idiot-proof cameras to pro-level 35mm SLRs. The onlything they really have in common is they both take pictures. With PC vs consoles, they both play games.
  19. kschang

    Crash to desktop

    I have experienced similar CTD. With Norton Diagnostics, I found that one of my memory modules has a single failing bit. This may cause the problem. Did you install the latest patch? Defrag'ed your HD? Updated all your hardware drivers? I'd suggest 384M if not 512M of RAM as well.
  20. kschang

    The best trading plan

    Which sorta brings up another question... At what point do you consider that you have "enough" money? 200 mil? 100 mil? 50 mil? 25 mil?
  21. kschang

    The best trading plan

    Guess that would kinda depend on how good his flight officer is...
  22. kschang

    Topic Of Discussion

    Probably this article: Death of a game addict Ill Hudson man took own life after long hours on Web http://www.jsonline.com/news/state/mar02/31536.asp
  23. kschang

    My (mis)adventures

    Let us know when you have relevant questions... We'll be here... IF you've done your research ahead of time.
  24. kschang

    Damaged system message

    First of all... WHICH SHIP are you flying?
  25. Or your money back! Here's the recipe... 1) Make sure you have the best shields and armor 2) Look in Tacops, and zoom in at the hostile station, note which side of the planet it's on. 3) Locate a nav feature (moon, jump gate, wormhole, etc.) on the OTHER side of the planet. HJ there. 4) Issue order to fly to the supply depot to the CC. You'll fly THROUGH the planet to get there. While on the way, target the station and turn OFF the A/P, and start slewing your ship toward the station. 5) You will get into the weapons envelope of the station just for a few seconds, and your big shields SHOULD withstand that. When engines come back online, immediately use A/B to get into a station's blind-spot. Though in general, the supply depots ARE in stations' blind spots. 6) Now you don't even need to fire a single shot... The station will launch everything it's got... fighters, ships, etc. Most of them will try shooting THROUGH the station. There's a few that'll jump in and such, but you can just rotate in place and engage them with missiles and such. Wait until your HJ is recharged. 7) Set fly-to back to that nav feature you HJ'ed from... and go. You'll go THROUGH the planet again, and you won't even get hit. The fighters and ships should come after you. Take care of them when you drop out of HJ. 8) Repeat jumping to station and back until all defenders are gone. 9) Get into the blind spot and peck at the station one shot at a time until it crys uncle, then dock. When it doesn't work, the station goes POOF! You still get plenty of points for it...