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  1. Historical fiction is far more interesting than fantasy... Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is more fantasy than realism. Hero is based on some Chinese legends... There actually WERE plenty of assassins trying to kill Emperor Qin (founder of Qin Dynasty) (It's pronounced "chin"). So the storytellers embellished it with kungfu...

  2. What's the point of even comparing the two?

    That's like comparing those idiot-proof cameras to pro-level 35mm SLRs. The onlything they really have in common is they both take pictures. With PC vs consoles, they both play games.

  3. I have experienced similar CTD. With Norton Diagnostics, I found that one of my memory modules has a single failing bit. This may cause the problem.

    Did you install the latest patch? Defrag'ed your HD? Updated all your hardware drivers?

    I'd suggest 384M if not 512M of RAM as well.

  4. The only fighter currently capable of visually ID the bogey at extended range is the F-14, I believe, unless they deployed some new sensor pods I don't know about...

    CVD is not practical on a ground/sea-based platform due to curvature of Earth, which limits you to... what, 20 or so miles on Earth? Though with the advent of semi-autonomous RPVs that limitation MAY soon go away.

  5. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    Other games don't blow up the model sizes just to make them easier to see/shoot. The issue is that they are moving often so slowly that they are on screen long enough to get larger. Also because they are rarely to scale.

    Hmmm... What I read before, for games like Red Baron 3D or Flying Corp (WW1 flight sims) was they made the "scaling" as they don't want to use something so anachronistic as a "HUD" or "bracket/box" around distant bogeys that wouldn't be larger than a pixel.


    Because BC models are accurately scaled and are primarily fast movers, you're never gonna get close enough to see them large enough to see the pilot's eyeballs unless you're committed to a collision or they're just parked there. Even in flight sims, most combat takes place BVR which is why guns are rarely effective and only during a head on or separation pass. Only simmers would have a clue what I'm talking about I think.

    Anyway, it was because of this that I implemented the TLL, TLD and match target features.

    I know exactly what you're talking about, SC. I used to work at Spectrum HoloByte, and I QA'ed FOTI and Falcon ST. I know about HUD symbologies long before I heard about BC I'm kinda surprised you didn't implement something like Falcon's "funnel sight" for the IOD's.

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