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  1. Roady1

    Speed Of Customersupport....

    Solved,can be Closed ...
  2. Roady1

    Speed Of Customersupport....

    Hi RT!! I dont understand,what u want me to say with that above Link???? The ticket was created AUTOMATICLY without my input...
  3. Hi! I dont want to soud impatient,or something,but a 48h ago,i did write a Mail to [email protected], requestin a new Key for the Digital River version of Universal Combat Special Edition, since the game did never work for me. Since then there was no answer from support,exept for a automated Responst,stating that a Ticket has been created... Well,i know,its weekend right now,but can someone look into this matter,as i realy want to play that game.
  4. Roady1

    UC in Europe?

    Hi All! I just seen UC in Germany,for 39.99 Ôé¼uro's... I Think about buying it next Week. Cya
  5. Roady1

    Ship Names

    Well,i named my Ship "Valley Forge",named after an Ship i seen in a SciFi-movie from the mid 80's
  6. Roady1

    Got Mine!

    Hidiho! Got mine at Monday Evening From my local Store. Well,IMHO,the Manual could be bigger (more than 52 Pages),but right now i figured out enough to kill my first Gammulan Stormcarrier... From what i have seen,i can only say Greetings from Germany Roady1