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    Thank you, Apropos Level 2: I can't access the Level-2-documents. And what's about this evening? Is there another training match?
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    Hmm, i have updated. Does it work??? Oh yes, it does.... [ 05-24-2005, 01:02 PM: Message edited by: jah ]
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    Good evening, everybody!!! I was just hired by Marc Wubemma and he send out an application. I look forward to the oncoming training lessons Riddick Please excuse, if my English is not so good
  4. ok, I should calm down. It's just making me angry, when I see such a behaviour. To come back to my problem: I remember, when the shuttles go under the surface, I mean 0 to -1, then the message appears, that shuttles cannot deploy drones on water. This means, they don't even deploy them and hang arround, unable to take off. But that's not the main problem. As I said, I tried to tractor them out. Well, this worked fine, but as I tried to fly back to my carrier, which I've landed on the surface, it seems, as if it was pulled by thousands of meters to the direction of the planet's core. I wasn't able to dock with it, although my carrier was displayed directly in front of me in the TAC. However, I have reinstalled the game, but I couldn't reproduce this. It seems, as if the problem has solved itself. Anyway, thanks for your help, ouch!
  5. And I know what happens when an object impacts into another. But if you have read my first post, you would know that I LANDED it on the surface. Your third point is also "rubbish", if you would allow this comment. It seems as if this would be your standart answer. I have read many posts in here and I know that you often use these sentences. To make one thing clear: I have read the manual and the appendix dozens time and there's no answer on my problem. Damn, that's why I'm asking you.
  6. Because I want you to help me and all the others in this community.
  7. I can tell you, that I really don't take it personally. I'm expecting, as I said before, professional support. I do not defend myself, I am criticising the way, the community is supported here. I have never seen these circumstances, which obtain here, in other forums. Well, I don't want to appear as some kind of a softy here, but I also don't think, that a Carrier that is pulled by thousands feet under the surface is the consequence of a planet which can't be mined. It's a bug, and all I wanted, was some kind of support, even the answer: "I don't know what happened there, but I will check it!" would be enough. But instead of that, I'm told, that I shouldn't mine on Midae. I think it's not the funktion of a developer to settle back and see what happens, when the gamer doesn't know what to do. [ 01-07-2005, 01:03 PM: Message edited by: jah ]
  8. Yes?! Do you? Well, i don't. I'm asking for an professional answer on a legitimate question and all i get are some unmotivated sentences which don't solve my problem, they only circumvent it. All i want is a highly potential game that works as fine as possible. @Supreme Cmdr: I don't want you to "Conduct a geological survey of the planet". I want a solution, that's all. I'm asking you and everybody who knows the game, its good sides and its bad, because you are the developers. And what I'm expecting from developers is objective support. Who else can I ask? Do you know somebody? I don't! [ 01-06-2005, 09:13 PM: Message edited by: jah ]
  9. I haven't, I tried always to land on flat land. And this problem is only on Midae, I haven't found it on other planets
  10. Hi, I tried a few times to drop my Mining Drones on Midae to get those minerals quickly (the appendix says, the planet's minerals are at 35 percent) Well, there's one problem. When the four shuttles try to land most of them are flying under the surface and begin to change their altitude from 0 to -1 regulary. I tried to tractor them out by flying one of my shuttles on my own, it worked, but at the same time I leave my carrier (I landed it on Midae) the carrier is pulled under the surface. When I turn back, TAC shows, that it must be directly in front of me, but it isn't. Also flying the shuttle is not easy, sometimes it loses speed and falls down to earth. Now my question: is that a consequence of the planet's gravity (it should be the same like on Earth, when it's true what the appendix says), which is a little bit too high or is it a real bug? And, naturally, what can I do to solve this problem? I would be thankful for answers jah
  11. Well, i have searched for those keywords, but i could noct find something. The manual writes, that SHIFT+[/] would increase or decrease the shield level, but it doesn't work. I have tried all keys on my board, but i can't find one that's working. It's the same with the Weapons and PTA Level. What should I do?
  12. ok, thanks. I think that i dont have to order the english version when you say teh UC manual is complete.
  13. Well, i have the German manual, it's up to 54 pages, too. But I think that all non-english manuals are not as extensive as the english one. Anyway this happened to the BCMG manual. Now my question: can i say that the german manual of UC is as extensive as the english or is it shortened? (because the english one is about three times bigger) Can I receive the english manual, because I think that I lose important information about the game. BCMG, however, I understood only by reading the english manual. Greetings jah
  14. Well, i have read the manual
  15. yeah, thanks for your answers. But I have still this problem with those so called marines. Or is Resnig responsible for that again? Probably he's hiring Prisoners to train those stupid guys of marines. However, I will continue playing with my beautiful red Garid.
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