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  1. It has Lucy Liu in it. What else does it need????
  2. KreKol

    Metal Sludge

    I miss my hair....
  3. Twenty years in prison! He has something worse then the death penalty. They are going to have to keep him in segregation (for those of you who don't know what that is: an inmate is in a cell by himself, when he comes out of the cell he is restrained with cuffs and chains, only get three showers a week with less then 30 minutes to take one, an hour outside in a small cell twice a week, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed). If they stick him in general population he would be dead in less then a week. Not only is he going to have watch his back from other inmates but from the officers that are suppose to watch him. If he survives a year I will be surprised.
  4. quote: I don't think E&B has a NDA, but i'm not sure. The stuff I read said I couldn't use the beta for profit, blah blah blah. Don't think it said I couldn't talk about it....anyone else in the beta that knows for sure? I wanna rant and rave about E&B here and revive the topic!!!! (without getting kicked out of it) You agree that: (i) you will not copy or reproduce the Beta-Test Materials; (ii) you will not use the Beta-Test Materials for any purpose other than for Evaluation; (iii) you will use the Beta-Test Materials in strict compliance with the provisions of this Agreement; and (iv) you will carry out the Evaluation personally and will not provide access to the Beta-Test Materials to any other person. Sorry Dredd but you can't talk about it. Shame on you SC for edging him on. [ 07-12-2002, 12:31 PM: Message edited by: KreKol ]
  5. Just finished downloading the small chunks. Getting ready to install it and try it out.
  6. Found a newer one in my hotmail account: Activation Problems Re-Activate Your ICQ number You Must Re-Activate Your ICQ Status By Typing Your Number And Password To Re-Activate Your ICQ status, please fill in your ICQ number and password you've entered in the user details for that ICQ number: ICQ#: Password: Unable to Re-Activate your ICQ? Try our Password Retrieval page to Retrieve your password.. Still having problems? Contact the ICQ support team. Important information: The ICQ Re-Activation service is a security related system to keep your account active and keep protected your password with your ICQ number. If you are getting problems with your password, read below. Once an ICQ password is retrieved, any further attempt to retrieve the password to a more recently entered Email address for that ICQ number, will fail. Please note that if the only Email address entered for your ICQ number is an ICQmail address, you may not be able to take advantage of this ICQ password retrieval service. Note that ICQ features and their functionality, including this new password retrieval service, may not operate according to their description, or may not operate at all. Help Center Trouble? Get ICQ Help Here [important Notice of Terms of Service] Copyright ┬®1998-2002 ICQ Inc. All Rights Reserved This one is more professional looking. None of the extra links listed work but the send button this time does not give you an error. I think the people doing this is getting better at it.
  7. Got a new one. From : [email protected] To : [email protected] Subject : RE-Activate your ICQ Number & Password! Date : Fri, 7 Jun 2002 23:35:50 +0300 ICQ Support RE-Activate! Your ICQ Number & Password ICQ Number & Password To re-activate your ICQ number & password, please fill in the blanks : ICQ Number : Password : Don't have ICQ yet? Register Here and become a member of the ICQ community. [important Notice of Terms of Service] Copyright ┬®1998-2002 ICQ Inc. All Rights Reserved I type in a number and password and get this (not my number and password): Sorry, the account you are trying to access has been deleted. 3338779990 www.bravenet.com Gee??? I did not know my account had been disconnected.
  8. I would say a hoax. I put in a number and password that was fake and hit send. The page it ended up in was not a icq site. It did say the account for the site it went to was closed.
  9. Marker pens, sticky tape crack music CD protection
  10. So did I. This is probably the only time I will play it. I have a hard time paying more for a game after I all ready paid for it once. As soon as the beta is over I will end up putting it in storage
  11. Pour water on it while it is running. That will stop the noise.
  12. I did a couple years of Tae Kwon Do. Now I am learning to break anything that is thrown my way. Arms, legs.... you get the picture. Plus pressure points. Too bad they don't work on me. Well the nose one works, but I am getting use to it.
  13. KreKol

    ahhh tax time

    Mine has been done. Got over 2 g's back. Next year will be better. Get to add another kid to it.
  14. I have two kids running around, well one of them is able to run. That is why I have a gun lock on the AK and the rest are locked up in my gun cabinet. She knows better then to mess with it, so far. When she and her brother gets old enough I plan to take them out and teach them what they need to know about weapons.
  15. Who are you calling a gun freak!!!! Just because I have a AK-47 hanging on my wall, it takes seven trips to my car to load all of my weapons into it when I want to go out for a little target practice, I have enough ammo to hold of a small army for days (My wife found out that it is cheaper to buy in bulk), and my neighbors (bunch of drunks and drug users) are afraid of me does not make me a gun freak.
  16. Looks like a French Tickler to me. I love the design of the Station. Does not look like the standard station you see in games. I really like the ship. The detail on it just makes it stand out.
  17. quote: wouldn't the proper term be oxymoron? No. He would get mad at you, because he would think you called him a moron.
  18. quote: Well I like realistic sci-fi games... If that is not a contradiction......
  19. quote: How do you top that? Will one of his next projects be something akin to a Dyson-Sphere? Heh. HEY!!!!! Don't you give him any ideas. We want him to finish the projects he is working on now.
  20. I work in the only Supermax prison in Kansas. There are stories I could tell you about prison life, but there is one thing I am going say just to help this debate along. If a person ever gets a life threatening disease: Cancer, AIDS, ect... and can't afford the medical. Kill somebody. Go to prison and your medical is paid for. Anything you need done will be done. Then you can send mail out to people and convince them to send you money for that crunch (junk food)and a tv like your cellmate has.
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