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    What exactly do fleets do, I know they role play but will they operate like a clan once multiplayer is out?

    If you have ever been in the Military then you would have the full grasp of what the fleets are. If not then kind of like clans, but there is a chain of command. That would be the easiest way of explaining it.

  2. quote:

    Yeah I had that prob too, and I had patched BCM to 1006 on top of 1005. Later I uninstalled, deleted the BCM path, reinstalled and reapplied the full 1006 patch, in an attempt to fix another problem (which I won't get into in this thread). I'm not sure if that fixed the dead prisoner problem or not, since I kind of a hard thing to check on, but it's conveivable to me that something's whacked with the way my 1005 ver went to 1006. I figured that it's possible that something went blammo back when I was cold booting left and right from crashes. You might wanna try that. I think you can even preserve your savegame while you do.

    I have run this install for over two day with no crashes. When I am not on my computer, the game runs. You are looking at around 9 to 11 hours between saves. If I have understood your post correctly you are trying to say that I should uninstall my game, reinstall it, and only install the patch. I think you need to reread my post very carefully.

  3. I installed the patch (not the Update version of it) over the install I had. Started a new game and it crashed within 3 minutes. Not a big deal, I uninstalled the game, deleted the Dir, installed it again, and applied ONLY the patch. Game in running fine now. Here is the problem. I have a dead prisoner in my detention hold again. I know it was fix several patches ago but it will not clear when I dock at a station. The body is starting to smell up the place.

  4. I was in the Beta program for about a month. I got in just as you were purging the beta group. Because of my lack of input ( I was just getting caught up on what was going on in the Beta group) I was booted out. It broke my heart. But I got a taste of the game and I made sure I got a copy as soon as it came out. Also as Roberto said I did not post very often back then. Now I am more involved with what is going on so I post more.

  5. It's not I don't want it, it's I already have one. There is no reason for me to have two of them when there are people who don't have one of them. What I want is to figure out how to get my unopened copy of BC3000 to Florida to get it signed. Take a look at how long I have been registered on this board. If I don't know how not to get banned by now then I deservice to get banned.

  6. I can see it now:


    KreKol: KreKol's towing service, how may I halp ya!!!

    Commander: Man, am I glad to see YOU. I ran out of Fuel, so what is this going to cost me.

    KreKol: 1,000,000 Gal Credits for the first three jumps and 500,000 each additional jump.

    Commander: WHAT!!!!!! That is Space Way Robbery. I will not pay that much.

    KreKol: Too bad. I here the Insurgents want a peice of you, and I just got my RADIO fixed. Hey, is that a KARANIAN MARK IV REACTOR I see there.......


    [ 02-28-2002, 11:39: Message edited by: KreKol ]

  7. quote:

    I'm personaly looking forward to fighter and personell skins, like a whole gammulan crew for instanc.

    For that to work everybody you are playing MP with would have to have a copy of your skin. Or ( Like Half-Life tags) the server (like this is really going to happen) would have to accept the information from you. There is always the chance that SC will set it up so if you have changed files in your game, it will not allow you to connect to a server.

    Idaho, keep sending them to me and I will post them. If I could hunt down my brother I would have unlimited space for you to put your pics up. He found himself a woman ( I was starting to wonder about him) and now getting a hold of him is almost impossible.

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