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  1. I don't give up easily....Here are better pics and the save of the game. Pic 7 Pic 8 Pic 9 Pic 10 Pic 11 Pic 12 Pic 13 Pic 14 The saved game
  2. And then there was a R.A.N.D.O.M. First two shots are before hitting the planet. Pic 1 Pic 2 Top shot of what I was aiming at. Pic 3 Now for the destruction. Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 I have the before and after saves to verify that I have not used the Playmod. Oh I tried it on Jupiter. Just a boom, no changes. [ 02-24-2002, 12:35: Message edited by: KreKol ]
  3. It fixed the problem I was having with my saved games. It was driving me nuts. The save game would CTD. I could then restart the game, run a new game, and have no problems. As soon as I start the saved game it would CTD again. Works great now.
  4. Number 5 is wrong. Bless you or God bless you has to do with people believing that your sole left your body when you sneeze. The Bless you would send it back.
  5. That is what you get for yelling at Resnig. You should have used the Halt command before you left the ship. To get your ship back, put a way point by where you are standing for the CC. When it gets to the way point give it the Halt command and it will land by you.
  6. I have a copy of XP sitting on my desk that I will end up throwing away. To make a long story sort, my brother works for a company that fixes computers. Over a week ago he did a service call on a Dell in which a new copy of XP was sent for the computer he was working on. He gave the guy the new copy and the guy gave my brother the old copy saying he did not need it anymore. What is my brother required to do with the old copy? Nothing...most of the time the old copy is not taken back. The only way (that I can think of) I could install this legally is if I had paid the computer owner to transfer the license to me. I have no idea who the person was so I just need to throw it away and get around to buying myself a copy.
  7. I have the Secret Wars and Secret Wars 2. The first one is the best. I also have the one with F4 and the one he got rid of it a second time. As I said before. If it had venom, I bought it. I have all the Spiderman Comics that Todd McFarlane did. Loved the Art. I liked Carnage when he first appeared. After a while he got plan compared to what he was. I have a huge collection of comics. 90% of the new ones I bought at the time I paid under cover price. I talking about 15% to 30% off cover. I could sell my collection right now at cover price and make a good profit. Of course getting me to sell them would be real hard.
  8. I stopped buying Spiderman comics right after the clone bit and right before Mary Jane had their baby. I have a good collection of Spiderman comics. I am also a Venom fan. I have books from the time Spiderman got the black costume to the clone bit. If it had any mention of Venom in it, I bought it. As the way of X-men. I have a original X-men #4. Silk: the Altar you are using, I have a puzzle with that picture. Made it into a clock.
  9. Is there any reason the server will not run on NT4? Besides being older software and will not run most games.
  10. When multiplayer comes out you will be able to use cargo pods to exchange products with other players.
  11. Maybe I should read the Appendix sometime. What gets me is that the Chief Engineer keeps redecorating the Bridge. I would understand if he was a she, unless he is a little on the funny side......
  12. I got that Auto-Land to work once. After a good fight I was drift outside Pixan. Almost all systems were gone and I was heading right for a planet. The ship entered the plants atmosphere and down I went. I figured another crash and boom. I decided to go ahead and try the auto-land. With no engines the AI landed the ship perfectly. I was impressed.
  13. Once your chief engineer gets high enough AI he will send your engineers out to fix what is broken. Of course what he thinks needs to be fix is not what you would want fixed first or fixed at all. Beggars can't be choosers.
  14. The easiest way to describe us is calling us a police force for Earth. Our main enemy are the Insurgents. We also go after rouge Galcom commanders. Playing as a EarthCom commander in the game can be a little slow. The only enemies you will find when you first start out are the Insurgents. For more information you can go to our site EarthCom or email me [email protected] . If you are looking for a fleet to join, you are more then welcome to join us. We have several positions open.
  15. Yes sir. I will do all that you ask and start all over again.
  16. Sorry SC, it is me again. I am going to give you a better definition of what Paradox was trying to tell you in the Fix This thread. When I play the game, I play in Roam. I leave the game on when I am at work and sleeping. I save it when I get online or have something else to do. So the point with that is I get days into the game. I have noticed that the longer the game runs, the less time the game will run constant without a CTD. My current game is dated 04/10/3010. 6 days into the game. One of my saved games crashes in a couple of hours and another one that crashes in about 10 minutes of running. It was driving me nuts. I tried all the normal things, reinstalling the game, latest update (version to RC1) and shutting off options in the config of the game. I decided to try a new game to see if it would run. The new game ran for around 12 hours before I shut it down. I then started loading older saves of the crashing saved game. The older the save the longer it would run. It has happened before with other game saves but I though it had to do with updating the game to the newest version so I always started a new game. I of course have saved games for a example.
  17. Guys, quit yelling at him. Look at his sig. It says "MARINE"!!!!! Need I type more?
  18. SC, I did not want to clutter up your Dev email worse then it already is so I will just post it here. You are welcome, hope what I sent you helps, and good luck. Now I am heading back to find other weird problems with BCM.
  19. I will let the picture do most of the talking. I ended up cloning myself. I still have the save file. This happened in version My AI was on the ship when he died. He got infected on a planet and went to medibay. I happened to look a little later and he was dead. The game did not end.
  20. Are you looking for a Fleet to join? Not sure witch one to join? I ask you to take a look at this one before you decide. EarthCom Fleet is based in Sol, Earth. It is Earth's separate military forces. Though it is a mainly planetary force, it still has quite a few space bound assets. Earthstar in orbit around Jupiter is this fleet's primary asset for space operations. EarthCom Fleet is currently led by Commander T. C. McQueen. We also have a special fleet called SCID. SCID Fleet is a branch of EarthCOM and stands for Special Counter- Insurgency Division. They are responsible for repressing the Insurgency. Being a specialized fleet, any member of a GALCOM or EarthCom fleet, can be assigned to SCID on special assignment, as is necessary to facilitate a specific mission objective. This division is under the command of T. C. McQueen. We are mostly a defensive Fleet but that does not mean we will always stay in Sol. We have several positions open, including command positions. If you are interested or want more information about us, please go here: EarthCom or you can contact me here: [email protected] and I will answer any questions you have. P.S. We should have a Fleet server when Multiplayer comes out. Keep that in mind when thinking about joining our Fleet. [ 01-10-2002: Message edited by: KreKol ]
  21. Sigh to be 21 again..... NO, WAIT!!! That is the age I got married.... Ok, I will agree with the 18 thing.
  22. quote: Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr Do you know what RC means? It means Release Candidate. Internal use only. So, that doesn't mean I have to release very version to the public. As such, I didn't release RC8. And the problem is what, exactly? I do know what it means and there is no problem. Just being a smart (post your own word here).
  23. I have a dead I/M (Inmate, take a look at what I do for a living and you will understand why I did not use the P word) in my detention hold that has been there for a few days and I am sure he is smelling up the place. None of my crew will take the body out and I have docked with several stations with no success. It is going to be very hard to keep other I/Ms in there. They are not going to be able to take the smell and will think we don't feed our I/Ms. I am afraid they are going to escape and wreak havoc on my ship. SC if you have the time could you please fix this.
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