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  1. Went to a gun show last weekend. Been going to them for a while finding cheep ammo. Well this last gun show had several dealers selling Gas Masks. Making a profit off peoples fears. If you are wondering, Yes I do own a gas mask (I use it to change the Cat's litter box). I also have a protective suit to go with it. I have had it for almost a year. In my line of work you get Tear gassed and Mace shot in your eyes every once in a while. Soon I will be getting it once a month. Real fun.

  2. Everytime I try to use Shift-E (Computer-Assisted Landing System) with a smaller craft, it takes off and tries to find the nearest mountain and ram it. I personaly think it should be renamed to Computer Assisted Ramming System. Comes in real handy when in a fire fight. Catch me if you can. There is one thing I really like. Attacking a base with the CC and get hit in the engines. Instead of just blowing up the ship, it will fall and crash land. That allows you to get out of the ship and run to the base that you were attacking. If you are lucky you might have power to get the ATV out to play.

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  3. I only have a 56K modem, but size of a file has never stopped me for downloading something. I just got done downloading a file that was 500 meg (Mandrake-Linux verson 7.2 beta). Took me 24 hours to do it. It is nice to have two phone lines. But if I have to pay to get the test then show me where to order!!!!

  4. I have been playing the demo of KA for a couple of days. The damage the ships take

    after you get through one of the shields is the best I have seen yet. For example when

    you get a shield down around the area of a saucer section of a Fed ship and hit it with a photon torpedo most of the time it will blow a hole in it. You can see right trough it. Just like in the movies. You can blow nacelles off and destroy the ships ability to go warp. When the ship finally gets destroyed pieces start to blow off. Then it goes with a big flash. If you get a chance try the demo. It is worth the time to download.

    Cmdr KreKol

  5. Intel put in a serial number in their P3's that is sent out as soon as you logon to the internet. So anybody can tell when you get online and where you go. I will never be getting one. I guess I will have to buy a AMD. They don't advertise it, and not easy to find information about it. The good news is that it can be turned off with software but everytime it you reboot it turns back on. But all of this won't matter if the new law that stats that surfing to a web page is long distance is upheld then none of us will be able to afford to even get onto the internet. Ah the life of the common MaN.

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  6. I had an idea why I would get damage if I tryed to land the BC on a planet. No landing gear, massive damage. Now I did try it again with better shields. The ship did allow me to land and take off again but of course there was damage. If all else fails call for a tow ship. Now for fun I put myself in a shuttle and went down to a planet. I send myself out for a walk. I notice that my person was quite a ways up in the air. So I sent the shuttle up and put a tractor beam on my person. After I got the shuttle close enought to lock on I was switched to a nice screen that said that I had killed myself. I just wanted to see if I could tow myself into space and see how long I would live. Oh well.

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