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  1. Dambreville

    Report - 'Only 80 Games a Year Will Succeed'

    It truly is a shame to watch something like this unfold. EA has the market cornered except for a few of the larger game companies and I am sure if someone were to call unfair/unsanitary business tactics, the feds and judges would point and laugh. If I walk into a gaming store one day and see nothing but one or two game companies including EA, I will hurl on spot. First Microsoft then Wal-Mart now EA. I think a more or less fitting equation would be: Microsoft + Wal-Mart = EA
  2. Dambreville

    GeForce FX - PCI instead of AGP 8X

    This is a common problem when you forget to install the AGP Controller drivers... Go to Start Menu, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager. Click on System devices. Make sure you have a Processor to AGP Controller driver installed. When I bought an Nvidia card, they did not remind you to do this. The recent ATI card I bought makes a point of it however. If you can not find the driver then theres your problem. Heres what mine looks like. IntelĀ® 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Processor to AGP Controller - 2561
  3. Dambreville

    Lawsuit: 'Grand Theft Auto' Led Teen to Kill

    All of this is really covering the much more important and mind boggling issue. That is, irresponsible uneducated immature people are allowed to reproduce. Its then up to society to parent and pay for what is now a burden. This is where TV, computers and video games become the parents... and all of which are far from ideal. You want the largest internal problem the US faces? IMHO, here it is.
  4. Dambreville

    Hardware upgrade

    I also had some questions relating to a hardware upgrade... instead pertaining to the FSB and processing power of 2 chips. Chip 1: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (2.2GHz) 1600MHz FSB (NO HTT) 512KB Cache socket 939 at $284 boxed Chip 2: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (1.8GHz) 2000MHz FSB (with HTT) 512KB Cache socket 939 at $148 boxed In both instances, I would be running low latency 1GB Dual Channel (2 sticks) DDR PC3200 RAM a 7200RPM 8MB Cache 9ms seek hard drive and Radeon 9800 with 256MB DDR-SDRAM. Not so much worrying about money, which chip would have the best performance overall on games? Obviously, higher numbers are better but I am also wondering about optimization between all of these components. Is there an easy way to tell what the best clock/FSB/RAM/HD pipeline (hard drive transfer rate) numbers would be to get maximum performance or any combination of the above? If you know a tech site that covers this question please share Thanks in advance
  5. Dambreville

    Night at the movies - National Treasure

    I went to see National Treasure expecting it to be good and was pleasently surprised. It was the first exceptional movie I have seen in a while. There are only a couple parts which were rough around the edges that left you feeling awkward, otherwise very well done. 9/10
  6. Dambreville

    The Elder Scolls - Oblivion

    *struggles to breathe while salivating* Must... have... now... gah...! Computer is getting an overhaul for this game If it is leaked before the release date, there are going to be some heads to kick in...
  7. Dambreville

    What games are you looking forward to?

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andres Knights of the Old Republic 2 Battlefield 2 btw, nice sig/quote Grayfox.
  8. hmmmm... What is happening with Lucas Arts? When was the last time they released an exceptional game? X-wing vs Tie Fighter?
  9. Dambreville

    Doom 3 - The Official Thread

    Props to the Doom 3 fans out there who are willing to spend time and mod this game making the experience all the much better and increasing the lifetime of this game past what it would have been.
  10. Dambreville

    EA cancels Ultima X: Odyssey

    And they changed the original UO big time from UO: Renaissance edition. Did they want to become trendy and go with more of an Everqrack feel? Personally I feel UO: Renaissance was the best mmorpg ever to be released; I loved the feeling it conveyed. You do not need awesome graphics if you sell the game on gameplay. After they pulled that whole 3d stunt in the following versions, I stopped paying my UO bill and said good bye. Feels like they are just making silly mistakes now and throwing in the cards when the stakes get high. Cancel this, cancel that, lets make this more trendy... blah blah blah. Guess you can not blame them for wanting a bigger crowd eh? Then again if they kept something original running and started making better games like Ultima X: Odyssey, they would have their own fan base.
  11. Dambreville

    internet worries

    I had a very similar problem with my modem line. There used to be two lines in my house. One for house calls and the other for personal modem use. It was great for a long while until I started having sporadic connection problems. The early stages included not being able to connect, authentication problems, and being disconnected at random times. The later stages were when I did not even have a dial tone on the modem line. I would have to switch over to the house line which never had any problems and was part of the same phone company. I would call them up to see whats up and they would tell me you have to switch wires around inside the wall... but it worked fine before. Not quite sure what was happening to my modem line to this day, but it seemed like a lot of unnecessary bs was going on with the phone company. Personally, I have had alot of phone line issues regarding the internet. I heard high speed internet (cable) was very good in the area I live and I have since then switched and dropped the modem line. There have been no issues thus far for over a year now. How many lines do you have? Did Verizon check lines in your house or on the box? Do you know any one in your neighborhood with high speed internet connections (cable)?
  12. quote: Only because, IRAQ was, and still is, an insignificant 3rd World country!!, who could only be a threat to an even smaller and more insignificant neighbor. Certainly NO ONE else!!. Okay I was not going to get involved till this post popped up. Do you have any idea the kind of person that was leading Iraq at the time? No, you do not, because if you did you would not have said the above. Saddam Hussein had no regard for his people or for human life. He treated his own followers like garbage yet they still had and have the devotion to blow themselves up on command. A person with this mindset and any kind of country with that amount of devotion is not only a threat to his neighbors, but a threat to the well being of mankind. Only threaten smaller insignificant neighbors? Lets not forgot what put us in this war... a smaller insignificant 3rd world country taking a chunk out of the free world super power that is America on 9/11. We are in this spot because the only words Saddam would understand is a kick to the ass and the loss of his power... 3rd world or not.
  13. Dambreville

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    GhostPilot and DennyMala said it... With HJ transit and recharge times of 15 seconds and a double payload of the other shuttles, there is no question which shuttle is superior completing trading runs, cargo pod wreckage grabs or any other long range operation suitable for a shuttlecraft.
  14. Dambreville

    Best Carrier or Cruiser???

    Megaron all the way. Fell in love with it in BCMG, and it is still the best all around starship in UC. The fact it has no MK1 shuttles is the biggest down side for me because I love doing trading runs with them.
  15. Dambreville

    Duke Nukem Forever - New Info!!

    Whoa, wait a min, you mean, save anywhere?! Wow, this is huge!... Even more shocking is the fact they are STILL working on this game. Anyone actually know what engine they are building it around?