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  1. Why waste a perfectly good Marine? There's always way more flight engineers than are nescessary anyway, they make good cheap expendable shuttle pilots. (Just get them the hell out of the shuttles if you get boarded)
  2. No idea, myself. I'm the captain of the ship, it's the job of the fighter pilots to take down the enemy fighters, not mine. I'm too busy trying to make sure Resnig doesn't do something stupid. If those pesky enemy fighters are silly enough to come close to me they'll be sucking vaccum pretty quickly thanks to my PTA lasers.
  3. Ah yes, Hardwar. Alot of BCM players would like Hardwar. It's not as detailed, admittedly, but the combat is great fun and it's got the mercantile thing going on, too. If you want to see the game with videos Captain Zedo can get you in touch with people willing to burn a copy of the game for you. Since it's Abandonware and any company associated with it has long since been dissolved, there's really nobody to give you a hard time about it. That said, I prefer playing the game entirely in freeform mode, without getting involved in the plot at all. And frankly unless you want to get involved in the plot the videos are no great loss. Unfortunately the game's economic engine gets screwed up if you start playing in the real plot. Hence why I prefer remaining uninvolved. Captain Zedo's page will give you a veritable treasure trove of hints and playing strategies. But I will tell you this one for free - forget the Hawk. It sucks. Go with the Moon Moth if you like to dogfight or the Neo Tiger if you prefer to run away. Me? I'm a craven coward thank you very much. I've got too much riches to bother fighting every no-good pilot who wants a piece of them. I'm fond of using Trojans just to teach those looting low-lives a lesson. If I ever get in trouble it's just a matter of hitting the afterburners and enjoying the Gs.
  4. One day I aim going to find out what the Japanese equivalent for "smartarse" is. (and no, it's not "baka" that means idiot)
  5. You know, times like this I'm tempted to post some of my stories of Telemarketer revenge. Only I was the telemarketer from hell! Anyone who tried to smartmouth me got one hell of a comeback, and got marked on my callback list with the note reading: REVENGE I'm also the master of insults: Victim: (Smarmy) "Why don't you give me your number and I'll call YOU back during your favourite TV program." Typical comebacks: "Who do you think you are? Jerry Seinfeld?" "That wasn't funny when Jerry Seinfeld said it 10 years ago and it's definately not funny when YOU do it." "Sure: 1-900-you're not funny. Call charges are $5.00 per minute, higher for payphones and landlines." "How about I give you the number for my other part time job: Gay phone sex." And that's without going into the wonderful world of answering machine pranks. Back when I was a telemarketer I learned to hate answering machines with a burning passion. If I got three or so in a row I started getting nasty. If impersonating a police officer wasn't so heinously illegal I'd have tried: "This is senior sergeant McCallister, I'm afraid one of your relatives has been in a road accident and we need you to come down to the station so you can identify the body." But I don't think I should go into it. SC has my home address and everything =P Oh and for the record, XOR, flirting is entirely professional telemarketer behaviour. Telemarketers who don't flirt regularly don't meet KPI. Even in my most recent gig where I call businesses you have to flirt your ass off to get the secretary to transfer you.
  6. Ah, nuts! I guess I'll have to wait until I get a new computer. That's probably going to have to wait until after graduation, though. And if I end up going to Japan soon after I graduate it'll probably have to be a laptop, too (eeeyew!). Anyone who can figure out how to fit a computer desk AND a bed into an 8 tatami mat room is smarter than I am
  7. Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:UC won't run on that rig. Have you not been paying attention to the game requirements on the products page? Yeah but I hadn't the faintest idea what a Vertex Shader is. Out of interest, I see a few Geforce 2 compliant PCI video cards floating about on ebay and a few local hardware merchants. You reckon those would run UC at all? Yeah I know I'll probably have to run it at minimal resolution, but do you think it'll run playably with a PCI graphics card? They do claim to have 2 vertex shaders and from what I can see that oughta work. Unfortunately a complete hardware overhaul is currently beyond my budgetary capabilities. (Additionally I'm running my Vodoo 4500 with Directx 9 currently. Thank heavens for obsessive Vodoo fanboys and their 3rd party patches and drivers)
  8. If by new you mean the Battlecruiser Generations version, then nope. I'm still running BCM right now. But I'm taking a look to see how much BCG costs in Oz-straaayla right now. (Credit cards are fun!) First I'll have to see if I can run it. Unfortunately I had to buy my computer a wee bit cheap which meant no AGP slot. My graphics card is a Voodoo 4500, which could be a bit slow for what you have in mind for BCG.
  9. One thing I love about this forum is how you don't get whacked for thread necromancy. *ahem!* Anyway, here's my faves: Heavy Carrier: Megaron, definately. What nobody seems to have mentioned is it's heavy compliment of fighers. Two super fighters plus two heavy fighers make it great for patrol duty over a location with lots of gates. (I play an Insurgent based on New Frontier, y'see) If one of the other gates gets threatened, you know your fighters have the firepower to deal with it. The Megaron is one of the few carriers that can hold it's own as well as a cruiser can. Heavy shielding, decent thrust and maneuverability and very powerful turrets means that I've taken on 3 Gammy Carriers with full fighter Escort and only taken damage by accidentally ramming one. Heavy Cruiser: Warmonger. It's got the Hyperspace speed needed for fast interdictions, which is nescessary when you don't have anything in the way of a fighter compliment. I've tried to love the Spacestar, but I just can't. It's too slow in Hyperspace to catch anything slower than a Carrier and has woefully inadequate weaponry. Super Cruiser: Most definately the Sunflash. 12 PTA turrets and 45 second hyperspace. If this thing could carry 10 marines I'd never use anything else. Armed Transport: Perhaps using something so combat oriented goes against the whole point of flying a transport, but I simply adore the Generis. It looks cool, it's got very nice PTA turrets and about the only decent amount of shielding for any Transport. About the only other one I'd even think of using is the Canlon. Anyway, as you can tell I'm very defensive in nature. I love my shields and my PTA turrets!
  10. As my sig suggests I'm currently reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I first started reading it just I was curious as to why all of my socialist political friends kept shuddering whenever her name was mentioned. I'm actually enjoying it as a work of fiction in it's own right. I've seen few authors who can accurately portray the mindset of an introverted protagonist. (Go check, the heroes of most books are almost always extroverts or badly written Introverts) Don't worry, I won't go and be all creepy "A is a" objectivst on you. Those guys scare the hell outta me as well (Although for the record I do like the cut of Rand's jib, but I always did swing to the right)
  11. I've always avoided flux fields like the plague. I seem to have what can only be described as a "Permanent Entropy Paradox Flaw" which means that I always have rotten luck with anything involving random number generators in a Video Game. (Yes, every single time I've tried a Fluxfield, I go boom. To me they're just death traps)
  12. IMO, ID3v2.0 has generally been more trouble than it's worth. Whenever I make the mistake of letting my CD Converter program use it, it includes a disturbingly exhaustive list of inane trivia about the band lifted from the FreeCD database. And yes, that's without mentioning said compatibility issues.
  13. What I can't figure out is what the heck I'm meant to be using these things for. But I blame the fact that I'm always playing in a 'Roam' scenario rather than a Campaign. This is because I'm a weenie, I suspect
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