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  1. IMO, ID3v2.0 has generally been more trouble than it's worth. Whenever I make the mistake of letting my CD Converter program use it, it includes a disturbingly exhaustive list of inane trivia about the band lifted from the FreeCD database. And yes, that's without mentioning said compatibility issues.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Neither. It uses a sound library capable of MP3 music playback. OK, so presumably there's no OGG Vorbis capability then? At least I know that putting in M3U playlists would be a Bad Idea. I don't really want do do anything that would likely crash BCM. It's still kinda 'cranky' on my computer.
  3. Out of interest I've wondered if BCM uses it's own MP3 player or whether it just uses Winamp? I'm curious because most of my CD collection is ripped to the OGG Vorbis format (I consider it superior to MP3).
  4. What I can't figure out is what the heck I'm meant to be using these things for. But I blame the fact that I'm always playing in a 'Roam' scenario rather than a Campaign. This is because I'm a weenie, I suspect
  5. Just better let you know, new ship, number change. I was getting tired of waiting for that Spacestar to lug it's tardy butt across star systems, so I switched to a Warmonger. Gotta love speed (Eight of Wands means swiftness)
  6. I can't speak for the Military castes myself, as I prefer to play Independent castes. But I do know that starstation repairs do appear to be performed 'gratis' as it were. As such, if you want to save money on repairs then it's best to limp home if you've taken a few wounds from battle. Let the station techs take care of things on the public dime and give your crew an opportunity to sit back and relax, or make use of the Medibay. Just...keep an eye on Resnig, especially if he's on heat. I'm trying to convince the Medical Officer to Neuter him, but it appears he's consumed the entire supply of aneasthetics for personal use. Erm and Phreddo? Doesn't your BCM manual have an idex? Mine does.
  7. I'm just a lowly newb, but I have a bit of a theory on this. At least if I get told to "siddown" I'll know if it's right or not. AFAIK there's a certain priority system with regards to power usage. Power is drawn from the nuke reactor first and foremost. I figure this because lots of things will malfunction if I shut down the nucke reactor even if I've got 99 points of energy coming into the solar panels and full power to the Solar Reactor. As I see it, the Solar Reactor appears to be for emergency purposes only, unless you are in a ship that gobbles energy for breakfast, like a Carrier and are in need of more than 100 power units. As a result, probably the only time you will have any need for power to be drawn from the Solar Reactor is in case of emergencies when your Main Reactor becomes damaged or even inoperable. Even if only has it's operational capacity reduced, it may not be generating enough power for all systems, so reserve power is collected from the Solar Reactor. After all, you wouldn't want to have your shields or PTA suddenly go offline in the middle of a pitched battle. So don't forget to pay some attention to the level of your solar reactor, lest you be left without enough power to continue the fight or beat a hasty retreat. Anyhow, that's my theory. I think I'll go search for what the Ion Disrupter Array does. I can't for the life of my figure out what it's meant to do.
  8. (RP) Arcana Peacekeeping Consortium procedures dictate absolute vigilance from the Helmsperson at all times. Research officers are currently investigating the possibilities that enemy pilots may use some manner of ESP device to determine the state of awareness of a ship's helmsman, they they may most effectively strike unawares and gain valuable seconds on interdiction response time. It is Arcana policy that Helmspersons determined to have displayed a dereliction of duty resulting in a drop of Key Performance Indicators shall have to report to our Human Resources Officer "Brutus" for Disciplanary Procedures and that they must do so without their sidearm. Analgesics shall not be supplied for the resulting necessary surgery. (End RP) Yeah, basically as I've said, the SC has done a great job of tempting you into laying your guard down when at the helm. But I shall not be fooled! I cycle through my TACSCAN display like a Hawk, looking to see if anyone has a Harmles caste targeted. If they do, it's time to hit the Hyperspace and teach them the error of their ways. Additionally, I follow the example of the SC and also watch Resnig like a Hawk. Him and HRM Brutus appear to be drinking buddies or something. The trouble with sending him to Medibay is that he'll begin hitting on the Medical officer and unfortunately Arcana policy forbids her from administering a much needed dose of sedative to his Jugular Vein.
  9. Hiya Strike and Rosco, great to see some fellow Oz-straaylans on the board as well. Especially n00bs like myself (tips hat to Strike) and fellow Melbourneians (tips hat to Rosko) (RP Mode) Oh and Vlad, please give 1-800-9OF-WANDS a call if you wish to tender negotiations for a special exemption agreement for protective services for my current posting. The Arcana Peacekeeping Consortium welcomes negotiations from all Base and Ship Commanders. We are free of the sort of prejudices inherent in government organisations such as GALCOM.
  10. Greetings all. I was actually playing BCM for about a week before I realised you could name your ship (oops!) Since then I have taken to naming my ships after Minor Arcana tarot cards. My first such ship was named the '6 of Swords' but I eventually gave it up. Firstly, much as I love the Sunflash it was a real pain to repel boarders with only 5 Marines on board. Also, I found out that the '6 of Swords' can be interpreted as meaning retreat. And that's not quite the image I'm looking to project. So now I'm at the helm of a good, stodgy Spacestar. Sure, it's slow, but with that sort of shielding I'll be able to make it through even the toughest of dogfights provided I don't fall asleep at the helm with instructions to let Resnig take over. My new ship is called the 'Nine of Wands' and this time I checked my info to make sure it's appropriately named. The Nine of Wands stands for strength and endurance, which is the watchword of the Spacestar with it's incredibly heavy shielding. Of course, there are times when I wonder if I should give up my Spacestar for a good old Warmonger. Shields are nice but the Spacestar takes it's sweet time hauling itself to time critical interdictions. And I do so hate to take a drop in my Key Performance Indicators when a visiting dignitary is the victim of a collateral damage incident. It makes the company look bad, you see. So perhaps I'm due for a namechange soon. Such is the way of the n00b: Chopping and changing in order to find out what best suits them.
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