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  1. I installed my new graphics card and the performance is not bad. I haven't been in any big battles yet but so far so good. I'm in the process of building a new gaming PC anyway - the DELL that I'm using now is my development machine. New PC has a GeForce 7200GS 512MB PCI Express Video Card and 2 GB RAM with a 3.06 GB Celeron D processor. Originally wanted a Pentium Duo but was on a budget. SC - It took me a while to go from BCMG to UCSE and I'm glad I did. I was kind of dismayed at first that it was becomming more 1st person oriented and less of a space flight sim but I can see now that it still has all the fun of a good space sim. Now if I could only get the NID, TRS, VDD, STT, and TLM to display on a 2nd monitor I would be in heaven! Any chance you would consider allowing me to develop a 3rd party "glass cockpit" for it? (Long shot - I know )
  2. Ii contacted NVidia and all GeForce 7 chipsets support pixel and vertex shader 2.0 or higher. I'm buying a Geforce 7200GS 512MB graphics card for 49.99 from NewEgg.
  3. Not even a GeForce 8400? $49.99 on NewEgg. Or a Radeon X1050? $47.99
  4. Can anyone recommend a GOOD graphics card for running UCSE for under $50? I finally bought UCSE after playing BCMG for 4 years and discovered that my new Radeon 9250 does NOT support "pixel and vertex shader 2.0 or higher". The box said all kinds of stuff about "SmartShader technology". Shame on me for not checking first I guess
  5. quote:Originally posted by Enigma: well u can set ur desktop width to 1024x2304 for 3 monitors or 1024x1536 for 2 and get a simular effect Not exactly what I had in mind. Thanks though.
  6. Does anyone know of any "good" space sims that support multimonitor setups? I know BCMG & UC don't, but are there any that do? What I would LOVE is the option to have side view monitors (F2 & F3 views) setup to either side of me and the MFD's (like the NID, TACSCAN, and CVD) displayed in smaller monitors below the Main display. I think this would add an incredible amount of realism to the sim but alas, SC has said he will not support multimonitoring - so I'm trying to find a space sim that does support it.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Paddy Gregory: Wow, is telemarketing really that much of a problem in the US? Over here, we get cold-called maybe once every 6-8 wks. I always use the excuse that I can't speak French/German (even though I do to some extent) to get rid of them. It sounds like you guys get several calls a day. What a pain in the arse that would be. You bet it is! I get especially upset (understatement!) when I wake up on a Sunday morning to the phone ringing and it's a TELEMARKETER!
  8. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by CaptnKarob: I got it at Thanks, I'll try that one out Like I said, it is pretty good for the price. There are better ones out there made of higher quality glass or plastic, but they are $150+. Someday I'll be able to have a true vga projector setup. BTW-While we're on the subject of monitors --- I don't suppose there's a chance you'd reconsider supporting multimonitors?
  9. quote:Originally posted by Race Bannon IV: SC you can get one at Staples, Home Depot or Offciemax. Staples and OfficeMax will let you order them online from thier websites. Expect to pay from $3-$6.00 for a sheet. I am building one of those projection Tv's as a project when I complete Grad school this Dec and got mine from Staples. SC - don't waste your time! the ones at Staples are just flimsy page size lenses. I bought one and it was too small to do any good. If you want one I'll GIVE you mine because it certainly isn't doing me one bit of good! (you just pay postage). I was going to try the "Home-built projector" but gave it up as a waste of time. CRT monitors simply do not give off enough light to make a good projector. Race, let me know how your projector turns out.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by CaptnKarob: BTW - I have a 19" monitor with a 30" fresnel lens and playing BCMG on that is AWESOME! btw, where did you buy your fresnel lens? I got it at For the price it is the best lens I could find. There is some distortion, but it makes a 19" monitor look like a 24". It really adds a ton of depth and gives my sims a more realistic feel. I wouldn't recommend one for general computer use, but for games it is great.
  11. quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: Btw how annoying are the dampner wires? Dampner wires? Not annoying at all considering I don't even know what they are. Apparently the KDS monitors we have here don't have them or something btw - We HAVE had some trouble with a couple ViewSonic monitors - burned out tubes.
  12. To H*LL with your old 15" get the KDS. We have several KDS 17" monitors here where I work - nice picture and never a problem. BTW - I have a 19" monitor with a 30" fresnel lens and playing BCMG on that is AWESOME!
  13. Don't hold your breath, Damean. I don't see how your suggestions would add much value to the game. Here's a "suggestion" of my own that I just now thought of - how about the ability to walk about the BC in first person? We could use our AE to hunt down intruders (or take out some aggression on Resnig).
  14. quote:Originally posted by dennymala: Well i put some men on duty without letting them prepare but when in the tactical section i look at their inventory i see thet they always have their rifle with them..... even while they sleep.....(good old marines....). Of course! They're Marines arent they! ((USMC 1991-1995))
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