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  1. CaptnKarob

    New Graphics card

    I installed my new graphics card and the performance is not bad. I haven't been in any big battles yet but so far so good. I'm in the process of building a new gaming PC anyway - the DELL that I'm using now is my development machine. New PC has a GeForce 7200GS 512MB PCI Express Video Card and 2 GB RAM with a 3.06 GB Celeron D processor. Originally wanted a Pentium Duo but was on a budget. SC - It took me a while to go from BCMG to UCSE and I'm glad I did. I was kind of dismayed at first that it was becomming more 1st person oriented and less of a space flight sim but I can see now that it still has all the fun of a good space sim. Now if I could only get the NID, TRS, VDD, STT, and TLM to display on a 2nd monitor I would be in heaven! Any chance you would consider allowing me to develop a 3rd party "glass cockpit" for it? (Long shot - I know )
  2. CaptnKarob

    New Graphics card

    Ii contacted NVidia and all GeForce 7 chipsets support pixel and vertex shader 2.0 or higher. I'm buying a Geforce 7200GS 512MB graphics card for 49.99 from NewEgg.
  3. CaptnKarob

    New Graphics card

    Not even a GeForce 8400? $49.99 on NewEgg. Or a Radeon X1050? $47.99
  4. Can anyone recommend a GOOD graphics card for running UCSE for under $50? I finally bought UCSE after playing BCMG for 4 years and discovered that my new Radeon 9250 does NOT support "pixel and vertex shader 2.0 or higher". The box said all kinds of stuff about "SmartShader technology". Shame on me for not checking first I guess
  5. CaptnKarob

    Autopilot problems

    That works but it is still very annoying. Something new that has started happening is that the CC will enter HJ backwards sometimes.
  6. CaptnKarob

    Autopilot problems

    Thanks BC_Vet I'll try that tonight.
  7. CaptnKarob

    Autopilot problems

    Yeah - I know BCMG is no longer supported. I'm in the process of building a new gaming platform and will probably buy UCSE after that. I'm having a problem with autopilot. I target anything, press F to designate the flight path target, and press A to activate autopilot, but then the FPT changes to whatever was the last navigation target and autopilot takes me there. I thought at first that it was because my FO was off duty, but he is on-station now and it is still doing it. This especially sucks when the CAS alert goes off and I want to intercept an enemy craft. I target the enemy while they're still in HJ, press F and A and autopilot brings me back to a jumpgate instead of to whereever the enemy is going. Anyone ever seen this behavior? Is there anything I can do short of starting a new game?
  8. CaptnKarob

    Bored in Space

    MattV - I know the "openendedness" of BC can be a bit overwhelming and at times very boring. And I disagree completely with the comment "If u'r brain-dead and need to be led by the nose,...". Some people prefer a more structured gaming environment and I certainly don't think they're "brain dead". When I first discovered BC 4 yrs ago I thought it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I had been dreaming for years of a space simulator where I could zip around the galaxy exploring. I usually spend the first day or so of game time trading, mining, and upgrading my cc, then I clear all the baddies from Sol system. When that is done I start exploring. I try out all the Fluxfields (make sure you SAVE before going thru!) and sometimes find myself at the opposite side of the galaxy and have to fight my way back to friendly territory (kind of a Star Trek Voyager type scenario). A few times I've set myself an objective to visit every planet and every moon in the game galaxy and never quite could get to them all. Be creative - set your own objectives. BC isn't a game where you win or lose. The point isn't to win. That said - I don't think BC is perfect. I do have my own gripes. One - even with a machine that blows away even the recommended specs (and sorry, but I haven't updated my system specs in a while) it still can stop responding at times and I still get CTD so often that I tend to save every 10 - 15 minutes. I also WISH there were some multimonitoring capabilities built in. It would be SO COOL to have the forward display on one monitor with the left and right side views displayed on two other monitors. Also would LOVE it if the MFD's could be separated from the HUD and put on their own smaller monitors. But hey - I take my gaming to a level that many don't care to. I even built my own flight simulator cockpit in my garage. Another gripe I have is that the AI for enemy NPCs is way too easy to defeat. Once my CC is fully upgraded my engineers get bored because I almost never run into any baddies that can so much as scratch the paint on my CC before I blow them away. I'll probably retire BCMG soon and buy UCSE but UC seems to be more 1st person oriented and that just isn't my forte.
  9. CaptnKarob

    SDK for BCMG???????

    quote:Originally posted by Marvin: quote:Originally posted by CaptnKarob: It's in pieces right now while I make some modifications (like adding a heater - the cockpit is in an unheated garage and I live in Maine). Would that be a space heater? Of course! LOL The cockpit already has an integrated cooling system controllable from the instrument panel. I'll be wiring the controls for the heater into the same panel as the cooling fan and using metal dryer duct to route the hot air inside the cockpit. The air intake for the heater will be filtered with industrial clean-room filters to filter out as much dust as possible so it doesn't get into the electronics. As you can tell I take my sims very, very seriously.
  10. CaptnKarob

    SDK for BCMG???????

    quote:Originally posted by Marvin: I'd like to see that cockpit, though. It's in pieces right now while I make some modifications (like adding a heater - the cockpit is in an unheated garage and I live in Maine). Maybe I'll put some pictures up on my personal web space later. I'll post a link here when I do.
  11. CaptnKarob

    SDK for BCMG???????

    Thought so - just asking.
  12. CaptnKarob

    SDK for BCMG???????

    SC - Would you ever consider releasing a SDK for BCMG mods - or maybe even open-sourcing it now that it is unsupported like Microsoft did with freeallegience? The reason I ask is that there are features that I would LOVE to see included but for various reasons you have indicated that they will never happen (like multi-monitor support). I understand that you have your reasons and I won't argue with you - it is your game, but every time I play BCMG I wish it could be just a little bit more immersive. I even built a cockpit complete with analog switches and buttons for every keyboard command than almost completely eliminates the need for a keyboard and minimizes the use of a mouse. If I could have multi-monitor support and have the TACSCAN, NID, and CVD in separate, smaller monitors and indicator LEDs for things like CAS, SAS, IFF indicators and maybe retrieve parameters like speed, PTA System status, Main Gun Status, Shield strength, etc so they could be displayed in a "Glass cockpit" or even in analog instruments it would be a dream come true. I am a developer myself - although not a game developer - so if you would allow it I could do some of these things myself. Of course I would freely share with the BCMG community. I know there's probably little chance that you would consider this, but a guy can dream right? Thanks for making a great space sim!
  13. CaptnKarob

    Space Sims supporting multimonitor?

    quote:Originally posted by Enigma: well u can set ur desktop width to 1024x2304 for 3 monitors or 1024x1536 for 2 and get a simular effect Not exactly what I had in mind. Thanks though.
  14. CaptnKarob

    CC AI in Combat

    I've read the manual cover-to-cover more times than I can remember since buying BCMG nearly 2 years ago. I have also spent countless hours pouring through the appendix data. I certainly plan to try it.
  15. Does anyone know of any "good" space sims that support multimonitor setups? I know BCMG & UC don't, but are there any that do? What I would LOVE is the option to have side view monitors (F2 & F3 views) setup to either side of me and the MFD's (like the NID, TACSCAN, and CVD) displayed in smaller monitors below the Main display. I think this would add an incredible amount of realism to the sim but alas, SC has said he will not support multimonitoring - so I'm trying to find a space sim that does support it.