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  1. It costs more, but there are services that reship from a US address.

    Just find a local shipping company that maintains a US address, pay the fee and agree to pay the shipping charges, then add that address to Amazon.

    After that you can order anything you want if you pay the price.

  2. Wow.

    BCM/G was the game I always thought I wanted. Having played it for a while, I now realize that what I THOUGHT I wanted did not match what was most fun, though buying it was money well spent.

    Universal Combat, with what I have been able to glean from interviews and posts on it's features, sounds like it addresses every point that I did not care for in BCM/G with the exception of a MORE complex ship simulation.

    Of course I realize that making the Battlecruiser sim aspect more complex would hardly win many points with reviewers and would certianly not be consistant with the name Universal Combat...

  3. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    Thats the Net for you. Anyone can write anything they bloody well feel like. Most people are used to devs either turning the other cheek or just ignoring them. They obviously picked the wrong dev and people don't like receiving what they give.

    The freedom to slander. It is really hard to respond to that. On one hand it is better to err on the side of permissiveness and let the net go unregulated and uncensored. On the other a person must waste valuable time that could be spent on getting a game shipped (can't WAIT for Generations) if they don't want nasty things to stand without challenge.

    After thinking about it the problem would seem to be one of identity. There are some people who do things when they think they are anonimous that they would never do if their current phone number and address was plastered up with every action they take on the net.

  4. Trying to guess as to someones nature based on web interviews and postings is a fools game. So I'll play.

    Shipping one bad game, no matter how badly flawed would probably not be enough to bring out this kind of rage in people. I have bought too many games that I couldn't launch, let alone get a few second of play out of due to some problem with the program.

    My opinion is that what people have mislabeled as rough manners, large ego and other such nonsense is actually closer to what I would call True Believer syndrome.

    Lets be honest, Derek had/has a vision. He wanted to make the game and make it RIGHT. As such others who thought they were in a position to tell him how to do it or control the production schedule (perhaps in cases they did have that right, I don't know), clashed with the vision and as a result people with influence put nasty things in print.

    Mix in a few bandwagon jumpers, strong feelings from others who caught the vision and I think the slander and libel are understandable (is in possible to comprehend, not agree with).

    Now many consider Derek's attitudes to be draconian at best. These are the same people who don't realize that it is HIS game, HIS website and I would guess that if those people engaged him on equal footing they would find a different story. I don't know what story, but different.

    It is like walking into someones house and putting your feet up on the couch. The owner has the right to say get the hell out.

  5. Ok, now I have a question.

    In the BCM:G manual, page 53, section "USING CARGO PODS", Second paragraph.

    It clearly states that I can use the eject button from the Cargo screen to loose them forever OR I can eject the pod from the bridge.

    The book does not explicitly state that the pod can be picked up if ejected from the bridge but it IS implied.

    So the question is how do I eject the pod from the bridge view?

  6. quote:

    Originally posted by Pugwash:


    Originally posted by Fiver:

    I do have to remember what I leave in the pod, but do not have to leave at least one item to remove them from the pod.

    Don't just say you can do it give an exact step by step instruction on how to unload a CC cargopod and don't give instructions for the Shuttle cargopods.

    I could have sworn I simply selected the item and unloaded it, even if it was at 0... but will double check.
  7. quote:

    Originally posted by dennymala:

    Thanks Pugwash, I already found that way but I thought that was only a second way of retrieving the items previously put in a cargo pod. So I assume there is no way of seeing the contents of my CC cargo pod..... I have to remember what I put in the pod and always leave at least a unit in my CC cargo bay to be able to extract them from the pod....?

    Well pardon me but it doesn't seem to be a very handy mean of administrating my ship logistic..... but if it's the only way.......

    By the way anyone can give me directions on where to find a complete manual of BCMG?

    I do have to remember what I leave in the pod, but do not have to leave at least one item to remove them from the pod.

    If you are interested in a complete digital manual you could scan in your current printed book and use some OCR, combine it with the various additional appendixes and any other material and then complete the package in Word or Acrobat.

    Just don't distribute it or in any way violate Fair Use laws and it is your right.

    SC has been pretty clear about not making the instructions an e-book in any way.

    Personally I have printed out the needed info from the appendixes and have been blessed with a good enough memory for the rest.

    I have a nice little binder with color tabs for quick refrence sitting by my computer.

    Sorry I can't think of an easier way for your purposes.

  8. I feel your pain.

    Wages here are similar to the USA, and the dollar is equal.

    And unlimited dialup access is $99.95

    512k of unlimited DSL will cost nearly $400 a month.

    I get a special deal and my 129k wireless connection is only $79 a month...

    I miss America sometimes.

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    I won't be releasing GBS-II to the public. I already made this clear.

    The current plan is to have GBS-III on the BCG CDROM and with documentation in printable PDF format, examples, the script sources for all the BCM Gold scenarios (which will NOT be available BCG because all its scenarios will be new) etc etc.

    Yeah, I'm making you buy BCG in order to get it. So kill me.

    And no, GBS-III is not backward compatible with BCM or BCM Gold in any shape or form.

    Thanks for the info. I had a feeling the information was already there somewhere, which is why this thread was started in the noob forum.

    Buying BCG is hardly a hardship . Matter of fact I am hoping to get it my next trip back home to the states, well two copies and perhaps a couple more to bring back and resell because a few guys I work with keep asking me about the manual and printouts from the appendix that I am looking over at work.

    Now if you wanted me to PAY for GBS-III in addition to BCG, I would invite you to step into another forum .

    Seriously though I am a little disappointed, and hope you take that as a compliment on your product.

  10. quote:

    Originally posted by Papi:


    Originally posted by Gallion:


    Originally posted by Fiver:

    Thank you for the info guys.

    Is the GBS1.zip that I just downloaded at all compatible with BCM:G?

    No, and GBS-II has not been released for BCM or BCMG.

    ... but you can get familiar with GBS II by reading the GBS I manuals and scripts that came with it.
    Yea, but I don't plan on scripting for the older versions and without any specific info on when/how I can get my hands on the new version I'll just let it go for now.
  11. My complaint about PC games is actually similar to movies.

    I can't get lost in it because I constantly wonder if it is part of what is supposed to be or something went wrong.

    Is that character on screen secretly angry about something or is it just bad acting? Are they somehow neurotic or being overacted?

    Were those fighters appearing from a strange place a glitch or something cool that is about to happen?

    On a console, I am confident that what I see is what I get and my experiences with bugs or hiccups have been very few and far between.

    The problem of wondering if it is bad programming or something intentionally in game is still there but less on my PS2.

  12. No, seriously... I think. Anyway check out THIS link.

    My favorite quote from the page:

    "What about software testing?

    Great apes (hominids) do not have tails, while monkeys do. Research indicates that great apes are very productive in the areas of software maintenance and report writing, while most monkeys will struggle. Monkeys however are great at software testing. So the rule of thumb is, if you don?t have a tail, you can probably program."

  13. quote:

    Originally posted by Kiran:

    Well, unless there's an age limit on the store, then it's easy access for the elementary school kids to get to. Whereas if it was in a different place, then the out of sight, out of mind rule applies. Kids won't go out of their way looking for rules to break, but if you put the opportunity in their lap...

    So your concern would be similar to a candy store selling dubious herbal supplements that looked like candy and had them on display with the candy. They have taken something not for kids, packeged it in a kid friendly wrapping and put it where kids frequent.

    Fair enough, and I share that concern where it happens (any smokers here?).

    In this paticular case though I don't think we have enough information to decide. Having been in the comic culture for some time I can honestly say that the notion that comics are only for kids is a myth.

    I will also conceed that comic stores do have to take an extra degree of care when making sure that the adult only material was completely seperate from the kids.

    Now if the DA had charged the comic shop with selling to kids, or some kind of child endangerment then I would be satisified. As it is it seems the DA avoided having to legally establish if the guy is keeping the material out of sight and out of mind for kids. That makes me suspicious. If the only thing they can get him for is selling adult material to an adult and then somehow twist that into harming kids long after the fact... Well lets just say that leads me to believe kids in that shop stood little chance of getting their hands on anything they shouldn't.

  14. quote:

    Originally posted by Kiran:

    Your freedoms only extend until they interfere with someone else's freedoms. In that case, the passive freedom wins.

    I.E. Your freedom to sell nudey comics is overridden by my freedom to not see them in comic store across from my kid's school..

    Errr... your freedom not to see them there has not been infringed, as you are not required or forced to enter the shop.

    If I may be so bold as to suggest that you were more specifically referring to your right to raise your child according to your wishes. If that guess as to your intent is correct, might I ask you how this affects that?

    Are you also opposed to magazines like Penthouse for sale at a 7-11? I realize you might not draw a comparison between the two, but I see a parallel and so am curious as to your view.

  15. Sorry it wasn't the codecs. That would have been a simple and easy answer. No need to apologize to me for not adding the specs to your sig, I really was just trying to give you some friendly info about what it would take to get help from the real experts.

    Back when I worked for Packard Bell the BIOS was horrible. I mean real, real bad. What you have isn't technically from the same company that I worked for, but suggesting you check your BIOS or try the game on a totally different brand PC are all I can think to suggest.

    Best of luck, but I don't personally have any other advice.

  16. Glad to help, and for your sake I hope that works because your confusing and baffling reluctance to make your profile part of your signature probably means you will get no help from anybody with a better idea.

    If the codecs don't work you might just do it the easy way and use the switch to disable the intro video (no loss IMHO),

  17. Not to nitpick but you seemed to stop providing information just as the problem could have been made clear.

    Can you tell me what happened after that? You see confirming everything you did that worked is fine, and appreciated, and I am happy that you saw the square that you were supposed to see, but what happened after that?

    This is starting to sound like a very different problem from the one described initially, and it just might be resolved by reading the troubleshooting faq, paying close attention to the part about installed video codec problems and such.

  18. Thank you for posting your specs. I would strongly, strongly suggest you make the link to your system specs part of your signature.

    Could you please document, step by step what happens when you install, patch and launch the program including what you see on the screen?

    That is the only way I could help you, though I am certian there are others who might be able to do more with less.

  19. [/rp]

    Any editing is welcome, or feel free to butcher it and post your own.

    The goal is to provide a rough starting guide for commanders that gives some direction and creates an RP enviornment for people who are uncomfortable without structure.

    Specifically I was going to suggest a Campaign that was composed of three parts and multiple sub missions for the Terran Military Commander path.


    1. Gather resources / Combat incursions.

    a. Collect 5000 radine etc...

    b. Capture x number of fighters or shuttles


    2. Begin incursions into hostile territory

    a. Eliminate enemy craft in the following three systems.

    b. Capture enemy bases in the following key systems to establish a foothold

    You get the idea. Being so new to the game it will take me quite a while to flesh it out, and thought others might want to contribute.

    Then we could polish it up with formatting.

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