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  1. Jonny H

    Name your favorite ship!

    You all better watch out for me puttering about with my jetpack Mw'hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'll take you all on with my assult rifle
  2. Jonny H

    Is this legal????

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Besides, thats nuthin' - if you really want to ruin your day, pull up google and do a web or newgroups search on "Derek Smart". See you next month (thats how long it will take you to finish reading all of it). Group search Results 1 - 10 of about 35,800 Ouch!
  3. Jonny H

    Is this legal????

    People only do things like that because the people they bash have achieved more than the people who bash them. So if somthing goes wrong, or they don't like somthing that happend, they start saying s**t. People who do these things should just get a life. edit: oh, and I bet they wouldn't like somthing like that done to them.
  4. Jonny H

    Space Chase

    heh, for the planet one, you cannot get onto the planets it takes away and for the number one, just look diagnal in a few ways, you will see a patern...
  5. Jonny H

    Just wondering

    quote:Originally posted by Cmdr Chavik: But to be honest; when I was new to this game and extremely enthusiastic I did refresh the page quite often. But to be honest; I do it on every forum I go to
  6. Jonny H

    Just wondering

    quote:Originally posted by LostInSpace: Now if you had said F5=Autodestruct Bill Gates you would have every one pressing that key all the time too..... Wow, I want that key
  7. Jonny H

    Just wondering

    Dunno really, but I've just made a habbit of it (damn) Its weird because I have this urge (while viewing forums) to press F5 every 3 seconds
  8. Jonny H

    Console Vs. PC

    quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: i now have a personal vendetta against Bill Gates. Ive had that for years
  9. Jonny H

    Console Vs. PC

    hehe, I've just read a topic on another forum where someone compleatly REFUSED that PC was better than X-box (This means as in everything, not just games)
  10. Jonny H

    Just wondering

    Do any of you sometimes find yourself just endlessly pressing F5? I'm pritty supprised that my F5 key hasn't wasted away yet...
  11. Jonny H

    LOL!! Thieves steal an entire house

    ROFL ! I'm pritty much amazed that some people took the WHOLE house
  12. Jonny H

    Console Vs. PC

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Kasey Chang: What's the point of even comparing the two? That's like comparing those idiot-proof cameras to pro-level 35mm SLRs. The onlything they really have in common is they both take pictures. With PC vs consoles, they both play games. Thanks. I'm gonna cut your response and paste in a file. This way, I can simply regurgitate it wherever I see this stupid argument ensue. Damn gamers. Nothing can ever be simple. Same here. Thats proberbly the best thing to say about these stupid "comparing PC's to consoles" topics which you see almost everywhere
  13. Jonny H

    This signals the end of the Internet as we know it.

    quote:Originally posted by Cruis.In: did you look at the testimonials Johnny? Ah! I only had a quick look before
  14. Jonny H

    This signals the end of the Internet as we know it.

    Is this for real? Why dosn't it just block the internet while its at it Edit: LOL!!! "The new way to get rid of people" Sounds kinda like a threat to kill
  15. Hey eveyone I only saw Battlecruiser 3000AD on the underdogs, and when I found out about BCMG I HAD to have it. I've only acctually been able to play the game for a few days, and well, all I can really say is, wow! I have never really seen a game with so much freedom! And this game Is proberbly the most complex game I have come accross, and since I like complex games Anyway here, now, another newbie