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  1. This hs little to do with the thread and I know it must get asked alot but.... How would someone get into creating their own games, of the standard of those out there? Since most of the current crop are so 2 dimentional (in concept!) that it makes me wanna create games that would satifiy my own requirements in gaming!
  2. Ade

    Autopilot help

    I had the same sort of problem, no matter what I selected in the top part of the HUD display I would be taken back to a previous point I selected. I had cleared the passive lock target (which I'm sure isn't a factor here but I did it anyway) cleared the waypoints of the CC in the Tacops (which I'm thinking is what you lot are talking about in your fancy speak! with all the 'f' things) and that didn't work. I think what was wrong with mine was that the the nav comp was slightly damaged and the nav officer was off-line so I just put it down to that! when both were correct all went well! I have now started to use the ships icon on the of the screen for the CC navigation, makes it easier for me!!! There is a question I'd like to ask, I went to pluto and sent a shuttle to deploy a drone. All went well untill I decided to do some sight seeing in the CC. Went down there myself and as soon as I entered the atmosphere the ship took damage, got out of there quickly!!! There were no bases on the planet, not from the tacops mzones anyway and I was TER/MIL ,also no enemys in space so I should hve been safe. Do some of the planets have erosive atmos? Is this info in the star stations screen? I couldn't remember seeing it there but this post is from memory!!!!
  3. Ade

    Losing experience

    I'm a newbie myself but refering to the holy grail (manual) you have to do something to lose EXP points. Running away shouldn't do it. Taking illegal cargo into a 'legal' star station will lose it for you. I had done a cargo sweep with a shuttle and forgot to check the illegal tab of the shuttles cargo hold! I'm not sure what the Cre/Cri are but if they are of the passive profession (medic, trader etc.) then scuppering him would get you some loss!
  4. WOW SC there are some guys out there that don't seem to like you. The game was slated without actually being about the game!!! Not sure if I've ever seen that before! I read both the reviews linked from other posts in this thread and what I say is it's a shame they didn't play the game. They may have turned it on and ran it but they in no way played it! I have no idea if you a nice guy SC and frankly I just don't care, it's the game gonna be spending my time with not the developer. Saying that, I had never heard of any of the BC series of games before BCMG and was literally drooling at the concept of the game when it was reviewed by PC game selling site. (Amazon, I think!) and was thinking that at last there was a game that was designed for me. This is going to sound sad but I have never wanted a game so much since I was a nipper. The game didn't fail to live up the anticipation! I have to admit that what sold it for me was the concept and scope described. Enough for me to order it on-line which I have never done before, since I couldn't find it anywhere in the local games shops! The guys who wrote the reviews obviously aren't strategy buffs and prefer the throw away games that seem to have flooded the market(after completeing them in a week!). It is impossible to take anything away from those reviews other than a personnal vendetta towards Derek Smart and since they have obviously no ability to see what makes a good game and how to play it, goes to show how limited their field of vision is and that they are the wet dreams of the companies who make games that are quick and easy to complete. The fact that the game is hard to get into at first with all the controls shows that there is alot more to the game than a simple hack-un-slash attitude. If the time is taken to learn the basics the rewards of the game show through. I was baffled at first with the controls, having downloaded the demo (no manual!) but after a day of playing the whole game was surprised to realise how easy it had become to navigate through. BCMG has instantly become one of my top 10 games with the concept and scope something that puts all others to shame. [ 08-01-2003, 07:29 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]