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  1. Sorry, Cmdr Chavik, for the error. I was recalling the name from memory.
  2. A CAV is like a Humvee, CAB a 3 wheeler, the Hav and Lav are wheeled tanks with different cargo capacity, they also differ in many other ways. Just look a the appendix for more specific details.
  3. I am playing the TER/MIL campaign. It seems that I am experiencing a problem with the AI of a neutral tow ship, the Vagrant. It's mission is to tow a disabled ship while I patrol the area. Anyway, the tow ship enters the area and is shown with the status -attack- and it appears to be attacking the wormhole from arima to alpha centauri . I wait and it just hangs by the opening of the wormhole. Is this part of the mission, a glitch, or should I just wait it out and see what happens? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I'll try that and come back if it doesn't go well.
  5. If you want missions try a campaign. You can start one by starting a new game and going to the Miscon computer before you log out of the station. There is a Terrian military or insurgent campaing. When you select either one log out of the station and a mission should start soon after. If you can't wait hit Alt+Ctrl+C to start a mission.
  6. I tried to capture is myself but when I docked the login screen just came up. I shot at it to make it send an SOS. It didn't send one so I assume that there is another way to capture it. Help is appretiated.
  7. The training missions don't really give you instructions or objectives. It's really a learn by doing type of thing. Read the manual at the same time as you use the training program and it will help you figure things out in a "hands on" way.
  8. I don't know how to hail anyone but I do know how to read messages. In the comlink computer notice the small blue up arrow. Click on that until you see the message. Hope this solves at least one of your problems.
  9. I am currently playing the TER/MIL scenerio. During my first station capture mission (when access to fleet command is given) at spacestation Zerin I come up against a major frustration. During the mission the TER/MIL cruiser Vegabond has to dock with station Zerin. It's my job to monitor the neighboring sectors. I send out probes, destroy a couple of raider cruisers, and wait for the Vegabond to dock. But the problem is that it flies circles around the station and never actually docks. I wait for about and hour, flying aimlessly and such. Finally it says that I have failed the mission (-2500 exp.) Is this problem a glitch or do I have to give the Vegabond a special order? Thanks in advance for any help. [ 08-05-2003, 10:49 AM: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
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