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  1. Well, I can see the caution and your point fully SC, but I guess after a round of dumbness there are people who see those kind of games as more rewarding and more fun.

    I can't say that there is a market for them, it's a niche as it has been but just cutting consoles out of the deal refine the playerbase a lot IMHO.

    Crowdfunding seems the right way to go to avoid getting a hit from the lack of demand and to monitor interest and relevant infos.

    All in all, I hope all this thing takes off as those where some of the games I enjoyed the most.

  2. Sorry for the late reply BOSS, from my experience the only two things I notice as a PC user are about controls.

    The first one is the pointer precision that sometimes hampers a bit the ability to place soldiers well in cover especially if you need to place them close to each other.

    The second one is a more general one about control as there are multiple ways to issue orders and select soldiers in the game, by clicking on the portrait or on the soldier itself but no way to select more than one at a time. You can only order all to move to a location but there is no way you can order the same thing to 2 soldiers only. Splitting fire teams is a useful thing and doing it with half the cliks in a tight situation can be a life saver (especially when your heavy has a rocket launcher).

    It may be better to have a single way to access a certain path of orders so that a little misplaced click don't makes you have to cancel and re-do again.

    Now that I think of it, firing solutions for the heavy with a missile launcher or grenade launcher are a bit harmful when in cover as he often hit crates or other objects in front of him or near other team members; he need a lot of micro managing that may be avoided if tolerances were lessened.

    Just my two cents.

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