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  1. hmmm.... starting to look lonely around here...
  2. Happy one Show! Sorry for the belated post but I got it in time on FB.
  3. LOL! Don't tell me I even dragged the BOSS himself in line.
  4. Sorry to hear that Kal. Get back to a better doctor and get well soon.
  5. Howdy Echo! Nice to see you from time to time. All those mails are just some bandits that got into the perimeter and got shot down.
  6. Hmmm... sounds interesting... LOL! I hope we can at least keep it all together until GCO to have canon fleets rolling from the start.
  7. Lol! There comes Proto... No news from Most since a long time. Last time I knew of him he was stationed in Japan when the big earthquake struk. We believe nothing happened to him but we don't have any recent information.
  8. Lol! Well, basically there's only me and Kal from time to time to answer it, so we sorta let it down between the paperworks...
  9. LOL! I was trying to impress the boss. ;-)
  10. Congratulations on the newcomer!!! Check your PMs for Marv's address.
  11. Oh and Marvin says hello Remo; he's glad to hear your well. You should have his e-mail if you wanna get in touch or just tell me and I'll pass it on to you.
  12. LOL! See... they even respond from other fleets.
  13. Nice pics Remo! That little sweet girl made you nut for sure. And nice horses too!
  14. Nice turn Remo, I really look forward to see those pics!
  15. Kal is actually the PF lead but basically we're the only two members still active and we're not doing any activity waiting more on the GCO side than LOD. I think you'll be welcome to get back whenever you wish, or at least that's good for me.
  16. I guess such a topic don't even exists.... but may be a good time to start it.
  17. Hey Ben and Race! Nice to see some good ol' folks back and well.
  18. All report and stand up! Not a joke...not a drill.
  19. Remo! How nice to hear you're fine and well. I remember those times with pleasure too, we got lots of activity and fun. Who knows, it may be as such again with GCO...
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