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  1. Here and ready....as always.
  2. WOW! Talk about a long awaited feature....
  3. DennyMala


    Happy new year! *from the back of Canshow*
  4. WOW! Missed it entirely.... I'm here.
  5. NP boss, I hope you got some luck with jobs.
  6. Where do you think you are?!! On vacation?!! Insurgents never go in vacation...
  7. Readyand rollin'! Yup, sorry Chief, I got a little busy yesterday.
  8. Not an open world like Obliqion or Morrowind, you can go around quite a bit but the routes are pretty much those and the storyline is making you go about the same steps. What changes are decision you make and effect they have in the long term in the game. I did it twice just to check alternate build of my character and endings/partial choices results.
  9. DennyMala


    That's my line of thouht too as news didn't say anything about casualties or injured military personnel there. It would have been nice to hear from him though.
  10. True, got an E-mail from the staff there for a password change.
  11. I totaly concur. Enjoyed the Witcher a couple of times and it's really a well done game.
  12. DennyMala


    Yup, I'm getting worried too.
  13. Oblivion was not a great game in combat but the story and whole game itself was great IMHO. The sequel now in development, Skyrim, will have a more realistic ombat enviroment and the sotry seems to be even better.
  14. Don't forget to report on PF forums too.
  15. There we go again. Stand up and be counted.
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