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  1. Congratulations to both of you!
  2. Lord Of The Rings online do that. Montly fee for VIP playing and FTP with microtransaction for the rest. It is working pretty fine it seems.
  3. Line Of Defense will be a FPS game, the MMO you're talking about will be Galcom Online.
  4. It may be worth to think about AI support too, as we already have drones there could be CAS and cavalry reinforcements that players can call by radio.
  5. It is, but any multiplayer game is. Line of Defence will be too if I'm correct; it's a MMO (Massively Multiplay Online)
  6. I doubt it Kal, probably they will be treated as any other vehicle/craft in the game with transport capabilities and maybe some weapon systems.
  7. I use FB games and what I can say is that there are some pretty childish ones and some that are more challenging. I agree with the SC, it all comes down to the kind of product you'll make. I really look forward to that game too.
  8. Stand at attention and be ready for inspection!
  9. Not to be a stickler, but if we are able to see this post wouldn't that mean we wouldn't need a link to this 'new' forum? The forum is accessible from the main site linked right there...and it points right here.
  10. You forgot to report in the PF forum Proto. Just to remind you.
  11. Still cleaning booze but here.
  12. A late welcome back Echo! Really nice to see you around.
  13. I'm playing it since Morrowind and enjoying Oblivion too. This is something I'll watch carefully along with The Witcher 2 and Dragon Age 2.
  14. I'm keeping an eye on that one being subscribed to the mailing list and having tried the first demo release. Unfortunately, my system was barely able to handle it so it's only a thought until I can get a new rig.
  15. Report and show that you're alive and kicking.
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