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  1. Happy BD Wolferz! Have a nice one!
  2. Good initiative commander, I was just posting the roll call. You just forgot the PF forum though.
  3. Good, feel free to ask whatever may be your need.
  4. Not a post from Cesar Pim that is however active on the board (and not in PF one). Waiting a couple of days before notifying him (or if FL Kalshion wants to he just jave to let me know).
  5. Seeing the cost of a PSU and the fact that they become less efficient in time, my suggestion would be to get a new one too along with the card. start from a 450W and you'll be fine. 500W even better but get one with hogh efficiency, 80% or more.
  6. I have a 7900 GTX and it's nothing that can run without a 150W more of power. I think you'd better upgrade that too... dunno if there is something more powerful than what you have that can fit in that power limit.
  7. *raise head and salute*
  8. Geez guys, having that kind of discussion on a CD/DVD in a readr seems a little odd here. Just leave the disk in so you can play in a second without worrying...... or are you the kind that plays a different game each day? Well..no problem the same, you'll only have to put the disk in once. you're free to do as you wish in regard to cracks and that kind of stuff, just remember that those things are illegal and talking about it in the maker forum may not be the smartest thing to do. No need to go on.....discussion closed.
  9. I can only say that I got both romance awards with Morrigan and Eliana in my first playthough. Just refused Zevran for the sake of roleplay as my elf magi is etero only. Otherwise I would have only Alistair left out. Will have those badges later....
  10. That is what I like in this kind of games. No matter how I carefully take each road in front of me not to miss anything, there still will be something I could not have seen due to character race/class or skill. This adds to replayability. I'm just before the archdemon battle with my first character, an elf mage. Only to get all the achievements of mages I'll have to replay the game 4 times with said class, to master all the spells of each magic school.
  11. Happy birthday FL! Have a good one Kal! Happy BD DarkNSF!
  13. LOL! Still, we're all here.
  14. Yup, I used to be a fan of Ubisoft back in the days they made some good products and had some good support......yup...I'm getting old. LOL!
  15. That day won't come, so for now the only thing we can do is stick with those game maker that goes to the market with good games, good support and always an eye to the needs of their customers. I'm now playing Dragon Age Origins and I'm pretty much happy with Bioware's products since Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights.
  16. Congratulations BOSS! I didn't payd much attention to this game as I'm more the kind of player that plays online with Neverwinter Nights shards and not with WOW kind games. Your participation will raise an interest in me about the game and I'll check the game mechanics with more interest now. A change in the kind of games you made may benefit you and 3000AD too and this is another good side of all this. Godspeed BOSS and good working.
  17. I have a little shop that has earn my trust and that has some nice prices. I pick the component with their advice and they assemble and test all.
  18. You know the drill, isn't it? The FL is away due to PC malfunction, he'll be back soon... don't make yourself at ease too much...
  19. Remeber the philosophy here...... "It's ready when it's ready....and now it ain't ready....."
  20. This reminds me of Ghost Recon too. First mission. First twenty meters walked..... a friend of mine complained that he did that for half a day being killed everytime..... af if it was a random occurrence. Doing the exact same thing resulted in the exact end and he complained.... my head isn't good enough for this... Battlefield was not so large there, but you got a nice defensive post just on the other slope of the valley between the hills that was just in range to shot you and not so visible. I admit to have been shot the very first time as I expected more of a trining mission for the first one, instead I got a warning from the devs not to take that as a FPS but as a real time, first person strategy game. No need to say that getting prone and shooting the guy with your sniper did the job pretty easily. You wonder why the yput you in a team with a rifleman, a machine gunner and a sniper....
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